Person:John Long (110)

Facts and Events
Name John Long
Gender Male
Birth? Virginia, United States
Death? 1780 Ruddle's Station, Mercer, Kentucky, USA


Draper MSS, Volume 29, Series Jp18 Birds Expeddition - Ruddles and Martins Forts Taken 1780 From Mrs. Rhoda Ground, Warren County, Kentucky. Trans. Form 325393, October 1844, Icde.

Ruddles station taken June __ 1780 - The Indians first came and attacked the station, were repulsed. Sometime afterward they caime again, with canon and attacked, with the canon. An old man Goodnight was killed - Simon Girth and Miajah Calloway were with the enemy. Capt. Ruddles family - John Longs family consisting of himself, wife and five children, John Conaway, wife and seven children -- one of the latter a small boy was scalped, John Denton, wife and one daughter, recollects and perhaps other children; also a family of Sellars.

From "Along the Licking":

John Long and his wife Polly had come up with his in-laws, John Conway and his wife Elizabeth from Henrico County, Virginia. Conway's son John had spent two years of his time with Virginia troops protecting Boonesboro. He had helped chase away the Shawnees and Mingoes and then spent a lot of time exploring. He had been looking for Indians, but he got a look at the Kentuck. He loved the country and traveled back home to get his wife, Ann, and their children to bring them to make their home in the new land Virginia had opened up. But in doing so, he persuaded his parents who had Jesse, nineteen, Joseph, sixteen, Nancy, twelve, and Sally, ten, at home; his sister Elizabeth and her husband William Daugherty; and his sister Polly and her husband John Long, along with some other families.