Person:John Garfield (4)

John Garfield
b.Est 1750
Facts and Events
Name[1] John Garfield
Gender Male
Birth? Est 1750
Marriage 15 Oct 1769 St Clement's Church, Hastings, Sussex, Englandto Mary Swaine
Death? Y
  1. Manwaring Bains notes. (Copy of handwritten material.).
  2.   FMB.


    Mary SWAINE b1750
    Now you have her as marrying John GATFIELD, however, none of that name on the index, and the date you have goes along with the marriage of John GAFFIELD. What I think was the query by Manwaring Baines is the fact that we then find a marriage 1 Oct 1773 at AS to Mary SWAIN. Did she marry without her parents permission, and there was an objection to it, I wonder?

    The first children were born AS:-
    Jemima 23 March 1770
    Sarah 5 Nov 1771

    Then we go back to SC where we have Elizabeth bapt as GAFFILL 12 Feb 1775.

    After that is Ann at AS 1 Dec 1776

    Then there is a big gap before the arrival of Mercy 13 March 1793 AS

    Very useful - I only have the second volume of Hastings Baptisms K - Z so couldn't follow these through. I'll get a copy at the next fair.

    I thought I'd go to the marriages, and found a marriage for Jemima under GARFIELD, also Philadelphia, and thought this looks too much of a coincidence, so looked for other baptisms under GARFIELD for the right time, and yes, they fit in nicely. Can now sort out the other marriages as I have these details.

    The following are at AS:-
    Mary 10 Dec 1773
    Hannah 27 Dec 1778
    John 21 Jan 1781
    Philadelphia 3 April 1783

    After that we have at SC William 13 Nov 1785

    So not such a large gap now before the arrival of Mercy, but as she was a late arrival, did she survive, as there appears to be no marriage for her.
    Actually though could have been the child of one of the daughters and raised as John & Mary's and eventually taken on another surname??

    The marriages found Ann to Edward RIDLEY AS 1 Dec 1794 Elizabeth to Richard MILLER Fairlight 9 June 1799 Jemima to Peter DAY SC 7 April 1817 Sarah to Thomas GALLOP 8 March 1795

    But the first one that alerted me to possibly more baptisms, Philadelphia, to Charles LEMAR of the Kent Militia, at Seaford 12 Aug 1799 would make her just turned 16, or maybe 17. What do you think. Yes, she could have gone to Seaford to work, or could she have gone over there to be away from her parents, so that they wouldn't know where to find her?

    Appreciate your comments on these, although I have added them to my tree, to make sure I don't forget the details, but can soon remove them.