Person:John Frakes (6)

John Frakes, Jr.
d.12 Apr 1865 Perry County, Indiana
m. abt 1784
  1. John Frakes, Jr.1786 - 1865
  2. Catherine Frakes1788 - 1865
  3. Peter Frakesabt 1790 - aft 1816
  4. Philip Frakesabt 1791 - 1862
  5. Frederick Frakes1792 - abt 1851
  6. Nancy Frakesabt 1794 - aft 1850
  7. Esther Frakesabt 1795 - 1846
  8. Conrad Frakesabt 1798 - abt 1880
  9. Sarah Frakes1805 - aft 1880
  10. Elizabeth Frakes1807 - 1885
  11. Mary Frakes1808 - 1877
m. 07 Feb 1808
  1. Grayson Frakes1809 - 1870
  2. John Dodson Frakes1811 - 1874
  3. Frederick Frakes1814 - 1882
  4. James L. Frakes1817 - 1818
  5. Abisha Frakes1819 - 1865
  6. Nancy Jane Frakes1822 - 1889
  7. Philip Frakes1825 - 1878
  8. Ewing Frakes1829 - 1849
  9. Thomas S. Frakes1834 - 1902
  • HJohn Frakes, Jr.1786 - 1865
Facts and Events
Name John Frakes, Jr.
Alt Name[1] Jack Frakes
Gender Male
Birth[2][13] 5 Mar 1786 Nelson County?, Kentucky
Other 06 Feb 1808 Nelson County, KentuckyMarr Bond (he signed with his mark)
Marriage 07 Feb 1808 Nelson County, Kentuckyto Elizabeth Dodson
Census[3] 1810 Hardin County, Kentucky
Military[4] 18 Sep 1812 Kentucky
Census[5] 1820 Harrison County?, Indiana
Census[6] 1830 Oil Twp, Perry County, Indiana
Census[7] 1840 Oil Twp, Perry County, Indiana
Census[8] 1850 Leopold Twp, Perry County, Indiana
Census[9] 1860 Leopold Twp, Perry County, Indiana
Will[10] 29 Feb 1864 Perry County, Indiana
Death[2][13] 12 Apr 1865 Perry County, Indiana
Probate[10] 19 Mar 1866 Perry County, Indiana
Burial[13] Frakes Cemetery, Perry County, Indiana

18 Sep 1812: He appears as a private on the roll of Capt. Robert Berry's Company, Lieut. Col. James Allen's Regiment, Kentucky Mounted Vol. Militia. No other details are known regarding his service.S4


Hardin County, Kentucky, 1810 census:S3

Frakes, John
under 10 - 1
16-25 - 1
16 - 25 - 1

Harrison County, Indiana, 1820 census:S5

Frakes, John (agriculture = 2)
under 10 - 4
10-15 - 1
26-45 - 1
26-45 - 1

Perry County, Indiana, 1830 census:S6

Frakes, John
under 5 - 2
5-10 - 1
10-15 - 1
15-20 - 1
20-30 - 1
40-50 - 1
5-10 - 1
30-40 - 1

Perry County, Indiana, 1840 census:S7 Frakes, John :(agriculture = 2)

under 5 - 1
5-10 - 1
10-15 - 1
50-60 - 1
40-50 - 1

Perry County, Indiana, 1850 census:S8

Frakes, John 64 yrs [no occupation] (real estate = $500)b. KY
      Elizabeth 57 yrsb. KY (cannot read/write)
      Thomas 15 yrs Farmer b. IN

Perry County, Indiana, 1860 census:S9

Frakes, John, Sr. 74 yrs Farmer (re=$765; pe=$150) b. KY
      Elizabeth 68 yrs b. KY
      Elisha R. 5 yrs [grandson?] b. IN


1817 Oil Twp (Old Smith Twp), Perry County, Indiana: He entered land: Twp 4 South, Range 1 West, Section 31.S12

1820, 6 Nov, Harrison County, Indiana: Having made full payment, he received the SE quarter of Section 33, in Township 5 South, Range 3 East -- 160 AcresS11



In the name of the Benevolent Father of all: I John Frakes Senr. of the County of Perry in the State of Indiana do make and publish this my last Will and Testament.

Item 1st: I give and devise to my son Thomas S. Frakes the following described lot of land in Perry County: the West half of the South East quarter of the North East quarter of Section (96) in Township four south of range two west, in case he shall live to come home discharged fromf the Army but in case my said son Thomas should never return home then said land shall go to his children.

Item 2: And I give and bequeath to my son Thomas's two sons Abisha and John each one feather bed.

Item 3: I give and bequeath to my son Philip all my personal property of whatsoever nature, and also the following described parcel of land: all that part of the South West quarter of the South West quarter of Section thirty in township four South of range one West that lies north of a line running due east from the South East corner of Section twenty-five in Township four South of range two West and west of the main channel of Oil Creek, estimated to contain five acres more or less.

Item 4th: It is my will and desire that my son Erving's remains shall be disinterred and buried on my farm where my wife is buried and that one-fourth of an acre of land be laid off in a square around said grave which shall never be sold but remain for a family burying ground and that said lot be fenced in with a good paling fence and that a set of good marble tomb stones be provided for each of the graves of my family that are burried in said lot.

Item 5th: It is my will and desire that after my decease my Executor or administrator shall sell all my real estate not otherwise appropriate[d] and after paying the expenses of the burying ground and Tomb Stones, court expenses &c that the balance of the proceeds be equally divided between all my children that may then be living and that and that if any of my said children shall be dead their children shall take their parents share.

The extra bequeath of my son Philip above is to remunerate him for taking care of me since I became helpless and the extra bequeath to my said son Thomas is to make him even with the rest of my children for lands and money before given to the rest of them.

Signed, Sealed, dated this 29th day of February 1864.

[signed] John Frakes Sen
Signed sealed and acknowleged by the
said John Frakes sen. in our presence
and signed by us in his presence.
R. W. Reily
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