Person:John Ferrell (2)

Facts and Events
Name John Ferrell
Gender Male
Birth? 1710 ,Franklin,North Carolina,USA
Marriage 1734 ,Franklin,North Carolina,USAto Ann Fish
Alt Marriage 1735 to Ann Fish
Death? Abt Jan 1786 Franklin County, North Carolina

Will of John Ferrell

The Will Of John Ferrell Sr., written January 7, 1786.
Will of John Ferrell, Weake in body.
To my wife ANN, lend to her the plantation where I now live, negroes Lewis, Primos, Hanner, Nell , and all the remainder of my estate during her life. And after her death to be divided among my three sons BRIENT, JOHN, and WILLIAM. Sons BRIENT and JOHN have already recieved their shares of my estate.
To my son WILLIAM 315 acres called my mill land;negroes Bob and Seser, the land and plantation where I now live after the death of his mother.
My daughters ELIZA FERRELL, SARAH FRASHER, POLLY FERRELL, PATTY ALFORD, REBECKER ALFORD have received their parts of my estate.
My daughter ANN ALFORD has received her part except for negro boy Peter.
My daughter TEMPER ROSS has received her part of my estate except for negro Craford' boy Simon.
My daughter FRANKEY CLARK has received her partof my estate and 200 pounds in lieu of negro man Leven.
To my daughter CLARY NORWOOD, 4 cows and calves, bed and furniture, negro boys Gidgen and Sam.
To my daughter PENALIPA FERRELL, negroes Annaka and Bob,…
To my Grandson ANSEL FARRELL, negro boy Primos the son of Fillis.
To my granddaughter UNUS EDARDS, negro girl Barbary.
To my grandson JAMES FERRELL negro girl Leathaba. Negro Annakey is now with child and should it be born my granddaughter ELIZA FERRELL the daughter of JOHN FERRELL and his wife SARAH to have it.
To my grandson CURCHBURT FERRELL the second child Annakey may have. Other legacies and provisions.
(Signed) John Ferrell.
[Source: Franklin County, NC Will Book B, #12, written Jan. 7, 1786, no probate date].