Person:John Death (5)

  • HJohn Death1651 - 1690
  • WMary PeabodyEst 1650 - Aft 1689
m. 1675
  1. Thomas Death1670 -
  2. Oliver Death1674 - 1705
  3. John Death1676/77 - 1754
  4. Hepzibah Death1680 - 1769
  5. Lydia Death1682 - 1797
  6. Samuel Death1684 -
  7. Mary Death
  8. Ruth Death1688 -
Facts and Events
Name John Death
Gender Male
Birth? 1651 Of Framingham, Middlesex, Ma
Marriage 1675 Topsfield, Essex, Massachusettsto Mary Peabody
Death? 1690 Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts

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