Person:John Davies (1)

John Davies
m. 3 Apr 1831
  1. Thomas Davies1825 - 1905
  2. Charles Davies1832 - 1892
  3. John Davies1836 - 1903
  4. James Davies1839 - 1876
m. 1 Jan 1855
  1. Sarah Jane Davies1855 -
  2. William Davies1858 - 1885
  3. Mary Elizabeth Daviesabt 1859 -
  4. Amelia Davies1865 -
  5. John Davies1866 - 1867
  6. Albert Davies1868 -
  7. Agnes Davies1869 - 1957
  8. Edward Davies1872 - 1940
  9. James Henry Davies1874 -
  10. Walter Davies1877 - 1878
m. 16 Feb 1879
  1. Thomas Harold Davies1881 - 1948
  2. Wilfrid Davies1883 - 1963
  3. Hannah Duckworth Davies1884 - 1887
  4. Lilian Davies1886 - 1985
  5. Fred Davies1886 - 1941
  6. Leonard Davies1890 - 1967
  7. William Duckworth Davies1891 - 1982
  8. Frank Davies1893 - bef 1893
  9. Elsie Davies1896 - 1896
  10. May Davies1896 - 1899
  11. Edith Davies1899 - 1899
Facts and Events
Name John Davies
Gender Male
Birth? 13 Feb 1836 Halton, Cheshire, England
Christening? 27 Mar 1836 Halton, Cheshire, England
Marriage 1 Jan 1855 Farnworth (near Prescot), Lancashire, Englandto Margaret Fairhurst
Marriage 16 Feb 1879 Everton, Lancashire, Englandto Esther Letitia Brown
Death? 7 Oct 1903 Birkenhead, Cheshire, England

John Davies was considerably older than Esther Letitia Brown but his actual birthdate is unclear. The family bible has his date of birth as February 13, 1838 but registration of births in England was required by 1938 but there is no record of his birth in the Runcorn district in the first or second quarter of 1938. In the 1881 census for Runcorn, Cheshire, England his age is listed as 45, born in Halton which would make his year of birth 1836. In the 1891 census his age was 54, born in Runcorn which would make his year of birth 1837. On the "Certified copy of an entry of Death" for John Davies it is reported that he died on the seventh of October, 1903 at age 66 which put his birth year 1937, the informant on the death certificate was Esther Letitia Davies. In the Bishop's Transcripts for the parish of Halton there is a John Davies christened on March 27, 1836, son of Thomas and Jane Davies. From all this I am presuming his date of birth to be February 13, 1836.

He had a previous wife and family. In the 1881 census for Runcorn, Cheshire the following lived in the home at 34 Penketh Lane: Davies, John aged 45, a labourer, born Halton; Esther L. aged 19, wife, born Manchester; Albert aged 13, scholar; Agnes aged 11, scholar; John aged 9, scholar; Edward aged 8, scholar; James H. aged 7, scholar; (all children born in Runcorn) William Brown aged 16, brother-in-law, labourer, born Manchester; and John Wood aged 18, a boarder, born in Runcorn.

In the 1891 census for Runcorn, Cheshire, two of John's sons by his previous marriage still lived at home: John, aged 19, a Chemical laborer, and James H, aged 17, a General laborer. Also living at 34 Penketh Lane was a servant, Eliza Jordan, aged 14 and lodgers, Frederick and Maria Snape and their two young children. Frederick was an actor and Maria was an actress.

According to his death certificate, John Davies died of Carcinoma Ventriculi Asthenia (Cancer of stomach, weakness) at age 66. He died at home, 56 Market Street, Birkenhead. The Letters of Administration were as follows:

BE IT KNOWN that John Davies of No. 56 Market Street, Birkenhead in the County of Chester who at the time of his death had a fixed place of abode at Birkenhead aforesaid within the District of the County of Chester died on the 7th day of October 1903 at Birkenhead aforesaid intestate AND BE IT FURTHER KNOWN that at the date hereunder written Letters of Administration of all the estate which by law devolves to and vests in the personal representative of the said intestate were granted by His Majesty's High Court of Justice at the District Probate Registry thereof at Chester to Esther Letitia Davies of No. 56 Market Street aforesaid the lawful Widow and Relict of the said intestate. Dated the 6th day of November, 1903. Gross value of Estate £110.