Person:John Collins (19)

John Collins
b.Bef 1539
m. Bef 1564
  1. John CollinsEst 1570 - 1613
  • HJohn CollinsBef 1539 - 1594
  • WAbigail RoseBef 1560 - 1622
m. Bef 1580
  1. Abigail CollinsEst 1566 - 1608
Facts and Events
Name[1] John Collins
Gender Male
Birth[1] Bef 1539 Based on estimated date of marriage.
Marriage Bef 1564 Based on estimated date of birth of eldest known child.
to Unknown Unknown
Marriage Bef 1580 Estimate based on date of birth of eldest known child.
to Abigail Rose
Burial[1][2] 14 Sep 1594 Bramford, Suffolk, England
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    "John Collins, evidently the man of this name who was buried at Bramford, Suffolk, England, 14 Sept. 1594, had in earlier life been a salter of London, according to the brief pedigree registered by his son Daniel."

  2. FAMILIES OF CATELYN AND BEADLE, in Miscellanea genealogica et heraldica

    The following entries relating to the families and Catelyn and Beadle are from an old Latin Bible, dated 1593, in my possession. The register of the family of Beadle, which commences in 1555, is written on the reverse side of the titlepage of the Bible, and is continuted to the year 1685 on a leaf at the end of the volume. On the last printed page of the Bible is written (apparenttly in the same hand as all the rest) the following entry:-
    Elizabeth Neale the daughter of John & Margarett his wife was born Thirsday the 21 1644 at ix of ye clocke in ye morninge. Baptized cod. die Nov. 44.
    James B. Strother,
    Vicar of Shaugh Prior.
    The Father of Mr Richarde Catelyn of Wolverton Esquire being dead that gave this booke, & the sonn Mr John Catelyn to whome it was given; Mrs Dionis Catelyn the mother in her widowhod, of her greate bountie & good will, bestowed it upon me Samuel Bedle minister there, to remayne to me and myne, as a monument of her love to her minister, & an addition to many other her greate & contynuall favoures.
    Mr. Samuel Beadel the sonne of Mr. Jo. Bedle of St. Georges in Canterbury borne 19 of March 1555. SAMUEL BEDLE.
    Mr Samuel Bedel & Abigayl Collins wear marred at Bramford in Suffolk, Aug. 16 1586
    Wil. Bedel their sonne, borne ibid. Octob. 22 1587.
    M. Samuel Bedell departed this life Jan. 18 1615 beinge Sunday about 2 of the clocke in the afternoone.
    Abigail his wife, left her life, March 19, 1608, they both ly buried in Wolverston in Suffolke.
    Abigal her daughter baptized code. die.
    Mr John Collins her father was buried at Bramford, Sept. 14, 1594.
    Mrs Abigal Collins her moother yeilded up her Spirit to God March 16 1622