Person:John Bond (10)

John Daniel Bond
b.29 Oct 1920 Toronto, ON, Canada
Facts and Events
Name John Daniel Bond
Alt Name Jack _____
Gender Male
Birth? 29 Oct 1920 Toronto, ON, Canada
Residence? BET OCT 1920 AND 22 Roncesvalles Avenue & Geoffrey, Toronto, ON, CanadaSecondary date: 30 OCT 1920
Residence? BET 1922 AND 23 Dufferin & College, Toronto, ON, Canada
Residence? 1923/24 17 Lumberville Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Residence? 1925 449 Lansdown Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Residence? 1926 74 Hillsdale, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Occupation? 1936 Car Jockey for Ontario Automobile - for tips
Occupation? 1938 Final Tester for Mohawk Radio - 0.25/hour
Occupation? 1939 Repairman for Mohawk Radio - 0.42/hour
Occupation? 1940 Radar Technician for Research Enterprises 0.50/hr
Occupation? 1941 Insp. Department for Toronto Ship Building - 0.75/hr
Occupation? 1942 Technician for Research Enterprises 1.00/hr
Occupation? 1945 Owner of Sound Appl. Co. Ltd.  ?
Occupation? 1947 Unemployment Insurance
Occupation? 1948 Toronto, ON, CanadaRepair Canadian Auto Radio $35/wk
Occupation? 1948 Toronto, ON, CanadaSupervisor Canadian Arsenals 7000/yr
Occupation? 1948 Toronto, ON, CanadaTechnician Canadian Arsenals 1.50/hr
Occupation? 1962 Toronto, ON, CanadaMemeber of Band: Picidilly Road Club (played trumpet) - 10% owner of Avenue Road Club
Occupation? 1964 Manager Avenue Road Club
Occupation? 1965 Toronto, ON, CanadaMusic Teacher Phil LaPenna
Occupation? 1965 Toronto, ON, CanadaQuality Control Sampson Dominion 7000/yr
Occupation? 1965 Toronto, ON, CanadaSalesman/Teach Lowery Organ Studio com.
Occupation? 1970 Self Employed Music Teacher
Residence? 1990 92 Alma Street, Norwood, ON, Canada
Death[1] 21 Jun 2000 Campbellford, ON, Canada
Cremation[2] 23 Jun 2000 Highland Park Crematorium, Peterborough, ON, Canada
Burial? 23 Jun 2000 Little Lake Cemetery, Peterborough, ON, Canada
Other? medium Complexion
Other? blue Eye Colour
Other? redish brown Hair Colour
Other? amateur radio and electronics Hobbies
Other? Toronto, ON, CanadaNorthern Vocational School (Business course) High School
Other? Toronto, ON, CanadaBrock Avenue Public School (K to 6) Davisville PS (7 & 8)
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