Person:John Adams (13)

  • HJohn AdamsEst 1500 - Bet 1539 & 1543
  • WAlice _____Est 1505 -
m. Est 1530
  1. Henry AdamsAbt 1531 - Bef 1596
Facts and Events
Name John Adams
Gender Male
Birth[1] Est 1500 Barton St. David, Somerset, England
Marriage Est 1530 to Alice _____
Death[1] Bet 1539 and 1543 Barton St. David, Somerset, England

He lived all his life at Barton St. David. He is the earliest known member of this Adams family line. He is listed in the Muster Roll for the tything of Barton in 1539 as "able bylman fyndyng harnys". He was charged with the duty of providing one "bowe" (bow) with a sheath of arrows as a tax on his goods.[1]

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    'JOHN ADAMS of Barton David, born probably about 1500 to 1505, is named in the Muster Roll for the Tithing of Barton, Somersetshire, 1539, ... ' In the subsidy rolls for 1542 and 1543, in the section for Barton, are listed Robert "Adamps" and Alys Adams, widow - presumed to be the widow of John Adams.
    On page 22, the author implies that his father (first name unknown) was living in Barton St David in 1500.

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    'The "Ap Adams" story is one of the most embarrassing nineteenth-century forgeries. It first appeared in The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, vol. 7 (Jan. 1853), claiming descent from a landed Adams family at Stoke-Gabriel, co. Devon. ... The Ap Adams fiction was DISPROVED in print as long ago as 1927 when Josiah Gardner Bartlett published the known, documented English origins of Henry Adams ...'