Person:Johannes Vogt (3)

Johannes Vogt
m. bef 1750
  1. Peter Fite1753/54 - 1817
  2. Catharine Fite1754 - bef 1850
  3. Christina Fite1756 - 1855
  4. Rev John Fite1758 - 1852
  5. Leonard Fite1760 - 1842
  6. Mary Fite1765 - 1850
Facts and Events
Name[2] Johannes Vogt
Alt Name[3] John Fite
Gender Male
Birth[1] c 1714 Hessen-Kassel, Preußen, Germany
Marriage bef 1750 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United Statesto Catharine Unknown
Immigration[2][8][9] 28 Sept 1749 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United StatesJohannes Voft, Ship Ann
Immigration[5][10] 28 Sept 1749 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United StatesOath of Allegiance
Death[3][6][7] bef 23 June 1784 Sussex, New Jersey, United States

Heinrich, Johannes and Hans Jacob Vogt, said to be brothers, landed at Philadelphia September 28, 1749; they came on the ship Ann[2], via Rotterdam, from the province of Hesse-Kassel in Saxony[1]. "The fact of the three Vogts having come from Hesse-Kassel is established by the Maryland (Heinrich) branch, who has preserved the record of Heinrich Vogt's birth in Hesse-Kassel"[1].

Tradition says that Johannes traveled with Catharine, whom he married in Philadelphia upon the arrival of the ship Ann[1]. There are no women listed on the passenger list for the ship Ann so there is no proof she actually was on the ship. Johannes is listed as having taken the "Oath of Allegiance" to the King of Great Britain, King George Second, and a declaration of fidelity to the Proprietor of the province together with a promise to obey the laws of the province upon his arrival 28 Sept 1749, having been taken to give his oath immediately after the arrival of the ship[5][5].

Their marriage is established in John's (Johanne's) will which he wrote 5 April 1782 and was proved in Sussex, New Jersey on 23 June 1784. She is mentioned in the will as his "dear loving wife, Catherine Elizabeth" and is also appointed Executrix along with his oldest son Peter Fite[3]. John Fite mentions son Peter Fite, his Primogeniter, or first born, whom he leaves one English Crown. Youngest son Leonard, the sum of thirty pounds in gold or silver over and above his portion of the Mill and Lot. His other two sons, John Fite and Leonard, his Lot of Land and Mill situated in Oxford. Catharine Elizabeth, (his wife) the sum of one hundred pounds in gold or silver, one good bed and furniture belonging thereto and her choice of the best milk cow and Tea equipage. He also wills to his "three daughters: Catherine, the wife of Johannis Titman, Christina the wife of Lawrence Lamberson, and Mary, the wife of Henry Rumfelt and their heirs, all my stock of cattle, sheep and swine and all my household furniture of any denomination whatever not herein reserved for my wife"[3].

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