Person:Johannes Rohrer (1)

Johannes Jakob Rohrer
m. 6 Jun 1688
  1. Hans Jakob Rohrer1689 - 1760
  2. Hans Michael Rohrer1691 -
  3. Verena Rohrer1693 -
  4. Johannes Jakob Rohrer1696 - 1771
  5. Anna Maria Rohrer1697/98 - 1701
  6. Johannes Michael Rohrer1701 - 1772
  7. David Rohrer1703/04 -
  • HJohannes Jakob Rohrer1696 - 1771
  • WMaria Souder1715/16 - 1769
m. 1733
  1. Jacob Rohrer1734 - 1803
  2. Anna Maria Rohrer1737/38 -
  3. Christian Rohrer1741 - 1741
  4. Elizabeth Rohrer1744 - 1818
  5. John Rohrer1745/46 -
  6. Maria Rohrer1748/49 - 1812
  7. Martin Rohrer1751 - 1806
  8. Susanna Rohrer1756 - 1815
Facts and Events
Name Johannes Jakob Rohrer
Gender Male
Birth[1] 13 May 1696 Sainte Marie Aux Mines, Haut Rhin, France
Immigration[3] 1733
Marriage 1733 , Mannheim, Wurttemberg, Germanyto Maria Souder
Death[2] 28 Nov 1771 Lampeter, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

«i»A biographical history of Lancaster County: being a history of early settlers and eminent men of the county, as also much other unpublished historical information, chiefly of a local character«/i» Lancaster, Pa.: Elias Barr & Co.., 1872, page 501

ROHRER (JOHN'S) FAMILY. John Rohrer was born in Alsace, Germany, (lately a part of France), in the year 1696. When about the age of fourteen, the scourge of religious persecution drove his father and his family from his native land; and John being sent back to obtain and bring the family goods, was captured and lost sight of his parents entirely. He found his way to England, where he studied veterinary sur and afterwards sailed for America and settled in Lancaster county. After some years residence in his new home, and having acquired some real estate, he in 1732 married Maria Souder, All this time he had lost sight of his parents. Being in Philadelphia, and hearing of the landing of a vessel he started for the landing, and one of the first of the passengers whom he met, turned out to be his father. John immediately recognized his parent, but the latter did not know his son. His mother had died and his father was married again, and had two or three sons by his second wife. They were destitute of means and expected to be sold for their passage money. He paid the demands, brought his father and his family with him, and aided his half brothers to property near Hagerstown, Maryland. John Rohrer had four sons, viz: Martin, Daniel, John, and Christian; and four daughters, viz: one married to a Houser, one to a Smith, one to a Bachman, and another to Peter Miller. His third son, John, was a member of the Legislature in the years 1818, 1819-20.

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