Person:Johannes Mertz (1)

  1. Johannes Heinrich Mertz1708 - 1772
m. Abt 1737
  1. John Philip Mertz1738 - Aft 1812
  2. William Martz1739 - 1803
  3. Johann Jacob Martz1740 - 1803
  4. Barbara Mary Martz1742 - 1819
  5. Maria Catherine Mertz1743 - 1824
  6. Anna Rosina Mertz1745 -
  7. Heinrich David Martz1746 - 1822
  8. Eva Catherine Martz1746/47 -
  9. John George Valentine Martz1752 -
  10. George Henrich Martz1755 -
  11. Maria Elizabeth Mertz1757 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] Johannes Heinrich Mertz
Gender Male
Birth? 1708 Stockhausen,Konigreiches,Wurttenburg,Germany
Emigration? Bef Sep 1737 From Europe
Marriage Abt 1737 Rockland Township,Berks,Pennsylvaniato Anna Maria Rossman
Death? 7 Jul 1772 Longswamp Township,Berks,Pennsylvania

Johann (or Johan) Heinrich Mertz whose wife was Anna Maria Rosemann (Rossman, if you prefer) was the founder of Mertz Church in Rockland Township, Berks County, PA, baptized quite a number of children there with wife Anna Maria and was the immigrant Mertz ancestor for many people named Mertz and Martz today. For that reason, he was an important man.

This profile as it exists now is simply wrong in quite a number of respects:

1. His name was Johann Heinrich (or Henrich), it was not Johannes Heinrich. He would have been called Heinrich or Henry.

2. He was not born in Stockhausen. That is a myth based on a fact. The fact is that In the church records of the Moselem Lutheran Church in Berks County, PA, upon the marriage of Johannes Mertz to Rosina Haffa, the record stated that Johannes was the son of Johannes “aus dem Wurtenburgishem Stochenhausen”. So that record pertains to a different man entirely than Johann Heinrich Mertz. And Johannes was not Johann Heinrich's brother. It is simply a fact, but one that has nothing to do with Johann Heinrich.

3. Johan Heirich was in fact baptized by his father Johan Heinrich Merz (or Mertz), the baptism recorded in the records of the Ober-Ramstadt Church near Frankenhausen, German where the family lived. The baptism occurred on 3 Dec 1709, the record did not specifically state a birth date. There is a large cenotaph in the cemetery of the Mertz Church that gives the dates 1708-1788 but there is no real basis for the 1708 date. Based on the fact that Jost Mertz, Henry's brother, was baptized the same day he was born, I suspect 1709 is a better guess at Henry's birth year than 1708.

4. Henry absolutely did not die in 1772. And he absolutely did not die in Longswamp Township -- the home base of an entirely different and totally unrelated Mertz family. He wrote his will 20 Jun 1786 and it proved 31 Mar 1788. His will probated in Northampton County (where he had several sons and daughters living) so the truth of things is that is likely where he died on a date not too much earlier than 31 Mar 1788.

Oakey Mertz

  1. Harold Bower