Person:Johann Vornlocker (3)

Facts and Events
Alt Name[1] Johann FORNLOCKER
Gender Male
Birth[2] 07 NOV 1725 Frimmersdorf, Erlangen-Höchstadt, Bavaria, Germany
Residence[4] 1754 Frimmersdorf, Erlangen-Höchstadt, Bavaria, Germany
Marriage 05 FEB 1754 Schlüsselfeld, Bavaria, Germanyto Anna Margaretha HAERING
Death[3] 06 AUG 1772 Elsendorf, Schlüsselfeld, Bavaria, Germany

in the wedding record of Johann Lorenz the name is spelled Fornlocker

  1. Carolin Ott - Researcher. Archiv des Erzbistums Bamberg.
  2. Annemarie Mueller - Archivist. Archive of the Bavarian Evangelical Lutheran Church.

    Hans Fahrnluger [the Younger] Farmer of Frimmersdorf
    christened 18/02/1693 (Lonnerstadt 185-1, 1693 p. 449 n. 5), as a younger son of the farmer Hans Fahrnluger of Frimmersdorf;
    died 11/05/1769 (Lonnerstadt 185-13, 1769 68-69 No. 13) as a farmer in Frimmersdorf
    Age of 76 years, 3 months, 9 days less;

    married 28/01/1721 (Lonnerstadt 185-2, 1721, p. 69 No. 3) as a bachelor and
    Son of the farmer Johann Fahrnloger of Frimmersdorf:

    Kunigunda Schaub, daughter of farmer George Schaub of
    Großenseebach, [probably baptized in Kairlindach] +

    [Could not] be determined;

    Children including:

    - John christened 07/11/1725 (Lonnerstadt 185-2, 1725 p. 296), the son of farmer John Fahrnluger of Frömmersdorf and Kunigunda [the Catholic wedding this Child was sent as a starting date].

  3. Carolin Ott - Researcher. Archiv des Erzbistums Bamberg.

    Johann Vornlocher died on August 6th 1772 in Elsendorf at the age of 44
    years. In his death record is his second name Lorenz not mentioned
    (Schlüsselfeld F 108 S. 219).

  4. In the wedding record of Johann Lorenz Vornlocker was mentioned that he was from Frimmersdorf.