Person:Johann Reiner (6)

Johann Christoph 'Christian' Reiner
d.BEF 15 DEC 1783 Culpeper County, Virginia
m. 09 Oct 1715
  1. Johann Christoph 'Christian' Reiner1718 - BEF 1783
  2. Mary Magdalena Reiner1720 -
  3. Mary Sarah Reiner1724 - bef 1775
  4. Georg Phillip Reiner1727 -
  5. Anna Maria Reiner1728 -
  6. Johannes Reiner1730 -
  7. Eberhard Fredrich Reiner1732/33 - Abt 1803
m. 1758
  1. Mary Reiner1758-1773 -
  2. Sarah Reiner1758-1773 -
  3. Elizabeth Reiner1758-1773 -
  4. John ReinerAFT 1758 - ABT 1820
  5. Daniel Reiner1760 - 1839
  6. Christian ReinerABT 1761 -
Facts and Events
Name Johann Christoph 'Christian' Reiner
Gender Male
Birth[1] 10 APR 1718 Schwaigern, Wuttemberg, Germany
Alt Birth[1] ABT 1735
Marriage 1758 Virginiato Elizabeth Fleischman
Death[1] BEF 15 DEC 1783 Culpeper County, Virginia

From "Thomas Wayland "Wieland" and related lines (

Christian REINER was born about 1735. He married Elizabeth FLESHMAN in 1758 in Virginia.

The below was posted 8/99, John Blankenbaker's Note #685:

Only one of the two surviving Reiner sons married, namely Christian. Anyone who has the surname Reiner, or its variants in spelling, would also be a descendant of Christian's wife who was Elizabeth Fleshman. She was the daughter of Peter Fleshman (Sr.) and his wife. Peter was the son of Cyriacus Fleshman and Anna Barbara Schön. (Recently, there were comments about the number of people and/or families who were descended from Anna Barbara. We can include essentially all of the surname Reiner in this group.)

The daughter, Mary Magdalena Reiner, married Nicholas Smith. Nicholas was not yet born when his parents left Gemmingen in 1717. Magdalena was born in 1720 and Nicholas was probably of a similar age. Since the Reiners came to America in 1749, probably both Nicholas and Magdalena were about thirty years of age when they married. That they did marry is borne out by the sponsorships at the German Lutheran Church. They were sponsors for George and Mary Sarah (Reiner) Cook in 1751, 1753, 1756, 1758, and 1768. The two wives were sisters.

Nicholas and Magdalena were communicants in 1775 and 1776. Nicholas died in 1797 and his will left his property to his sons, John, Nicholas, Michael, and Godfrey. In addition to these four sons, there may have been daughters. Tentatively, I have entered Barbara as a daughter of Nicholas and Magdalena.

Though it is a digression from the main theme of the note, it is noteworthy that Matthew Smith, the immigrant, had a joint land grant with Christopher Barlow. In the 1787 tax list, Michael Barlow was in the household of Nicholas Smith, Sr. There may be complications in the Smith ancestry that we do not understand.

Very little is known about Mary Margaret Reiner except that her brother's will (written 1803) refers to her as a "Withauer" or "Witham." This brother was Eberhard who never married. He left property to Margaret Witham (50 acres) and to his nephew Peter Witham (215 acres). In 1789, Peter Witham was a second tithable in the family of Eberhard. Peter Witham and his wife, May, deeded away on 28 Aug 1806 the land that his uncle left him.

Reiners are to be found in the church records of Schwaigern back to about 1600. Zimmerman and Cerny in the Before Germanna booklets have more information on this early history.

John Blankenbaker (

Nr. 686:

The only Reiner son of Johann Dietrich Reiner, the immigrant, to have children was Johann Christian who is sometimes called Christian or even Christopher. Johann Christian married Elizabeth Fleshman, daughter of Peter Fleshman. He wrote his will on 3 Sep 1777, though it was not probated until 1783. In the will he mentions his wife Elizabeth, his sons, John, Daniel, and Christian (noted as the youngest), and his daughters Mary, Elizabeth, and Sarah. Executors were his wife, Elizabeth, John Fleshman (Elizabeth's brother), Jacob Mosley, and his (Johann Christian's) son John Riner.

The son, John Reiner, was born about 1755 to 1760 and he died in Madison County, VA about 1820. His wife was named Lydia. She and the children moved to Monroe Co., VA (now WV) after John Reiner's death. Apparently John left no will, and the distribution of his estate was made by the court. Lydia Riner ("Riner" is a popular spelling variation) was to receive one-third of the property and the remainder was to be divided, in equal parts, among Simeon; Elizabeth; Hannah; Polly; Zachariah Broyle, from the rights of his wife Susanna Riner; Absalom Broyles, from the rights of his wife Lucy; John McDaniel, from the rights of his wife Sally; Fanny; and Pheba. Five of the daughters were not married when their father, John Reiner, died.

The son, Daniel, of Christian Reiner, and brother of the John in the preceding paragraph, married Elizabeth Fleshman, his first cousin. (She was the daughter of John Fleshman and Elizabeth Blankenbaker.) Daniel was born about 1761, as he was confirmed at church in 1785 at the age of 23. In the census of 1850, Elizabeth (Fleshman) Reiner was still living in Madison Co., and she gave her age as 94. This would put her birth at about 1756, making her about five years older than her husband. While this is possible, it should also be taken as a warning that some of the dates may not be correct. The will of Daniel was dated 1839, and probated in March 1839. In the will, the wife Elizabeth is mentioned, plus the son Jacob, and the daughter Margaret Riner. Other children are John, Aaron, and Ephraim. Though the daughter Sarah is not mentioned in the will, her birth is recorded at the Hebron church on 29 Nov 1791.

In the family of Daniel, above, Margaret Reiner is in the 1850 census, in her mother's household and unmarried. She was born in 1788, according to the church records, so it appears she left no descendants. Ephraim was also in his mother's household, in the 1850 census. There is no known record of a marriage of Ephriam. (There was a Nancy Reiner, age 25, in the household of Elizabeth Reiner in the 1850 census, who was possibly a granddaughter of Elizabeth, but her line of descent is unknown.)

The note today repeats some of the information that Dan Cook submitted recently.

The six hundred and eighty-eighth note in a series on the Germanna Colonies

Prof. Holtzclaw had some information on the later generations of Riners, most of it from correspondents. We are now in the fourth generation from Johann Dietrich, the immigrant who is the first generation.

Simeon Reiner (John, Christian, Johann Dietrich) was born in 1799 (by the census) and died after 1850 in Monroe Co., now a part of WV. It is said that he went to WV with his mother and seven sisters. He married, first, Mary Thompson and, second, Jane Brown in 1847. By the first marriage he had eleven children. One of these, a girl, married Allen Fleshman. By the second marriage there were three children. In the 1850 census, the family was Simeon Riner (51), Jane (30), Catherine (23), Nancy (18), John (16), Samuel (14), Lewis (12), Emeline (11), James (9) and Henry (1). Other children were Jureta who married Allen Fleshman (John, Peter, Peter, Cyriacus) and three more from the first marriage whose names are unknown. From the second marriage, there were Henry and two others, names unknown.

John Reiner (Daniel, Christian, Johann Dietrich) was born 8 Jul 1789, in Madison Co., VA and died 4 Oct 1872 in Franklin Co., KY. He served in the War of 1812. He married, first, in Orange Co., VA Frances Ann Overton (14 Aug 1798) on 12 Dec 1817. She was the daughter of Obadiah and Eleanor (Crow) Overton. John married, second, in Franklin Co., KY Mrs. Elizabeth Kephart, a widow formerly of Maryland, by whom he had no children.

Issue of John Reiner and Frances Ann Overton:

Horace Madison Reiner, b. 24 Feb 1819, m. Lydia Lecompte, Mildred Ellin Reiner, b. 4 Jan 1821, m. George Lusby, James Albert Reiner, b. 4 Aug 1823, m. 8 Feb 1849, Angelina Gibson, Louisa Elizabeth Reiner, b. 1 Nov 1825, m. Sim Buford, Jane Amady Reiner, b. 4 Mar 1827 (the last child born in VA), m. John E. Wright, John Monroe Reiner, b. 14 Mar 1829 in Franklin Co., KY, m. 15 Dec 1863 Margaret A. Smither, America Frances Reiner, b. 7 Dec 1831, m. 27 Dec 1855, Robert F. Penn, Sidney Reiner, b. 1833 (some say she was a twin of James Albert), m. Matthew Clark, Thomas Davis Reiner, b. 7 Dec 1835, Charles Noah Reiner, b. 28 Oct 1840, m. Mary E. Johnson.

John Blankenbaker ( P.O. Box 120, Chadds Ford, PA 19317-0120

Elizabeth FLESHMAN [Parents] was born about 1738. She married Christian REINER in 1758 in Virginia.

Posted 8/99:

This is a bit of what I've pieced together on this particular Reiner family, but I'm looking for more on any Reiner's if anyone would just happen to have any loose ends that I'm missing. I believe the son John (#5) to be the John Riner that moved to Monroe Co. Virginia (WVa.) before 1819 and 3 of his daughters married son's of Peter Broyles (b. abt. 1837) s/o Jacob Broyles b. 1705, Germany, so anything that relates to this John (my 4x's gr grandfather) would be much appreciated. Dan Cook COOKERLP@@AOL.COM

1. Elizabeth FLEISCHMANN, daughter of Johann (Hans) Peter FLEISCHMANN and Maria Elizabeth BROYLES, was born in Culpeper Co., Virginia about 1738. She married Johann Christian REINER in Virginia, 1758. Christian and Elisabetha REINER were communicants at Hebron Church 1777-1782. Christian was born in Schwaigern, Wüttemberg, Germany April 10, 1718. Johann was the son of Johann (Hans) Dieterich REINER and Maria Margaretha SCHLEICHER. Johann died before December 15, 1783 in Culpepper County, Virginia. Referred to as John Christopher or Christopher by some researchers.

Elizabeth FLEISCHMANN and Christian REINER had the following children all mentioned in his will:

2 i. Mary REINER. She married George RYAN. 3 ii. Elizabeth REINER. She married Jacob BLANKENBAKER. 4 iii. Sarah REINER. 5 iv. John RINER was born after 1758. John's brother Daniel Reiner and his wife Elizabeth were sponsers at John's daughter Susannahs' Baptism. 6 v. Daniel REINER was born in Culpeper Co., Virginia January 1, 1760. Daniel died about 1839 in Madison, Virginia. He married Elizabeth FLEISCHMANN in Madison, Virginia, October 17, 1786. 7 vi. Christian REINER was born in Virginia about 1760/61.

They had the following children:

  M i Daniel REINER
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