Person:Johann Petteri (1)

John Petro
  • HJohn PetroAbt 1723 - 1813
  • WMary Starn1716 - 1762
m. 17 Aug 1745
  1. Leonard PetroAbt 1750 - 1826
Facts and Events
Name[1] John Petro
Immigrant Name[1] Johann Bernhardt Pederri
Alt Name[1] John Petre
Alt Name[1] John Petry
Gender Male
Birth? abt 1723 Alsace-Lorraine, Francesource = OLT, needs verification
Emigration[1] bef 27 Aug 1739 Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands"John Petro came to colonial America on the ship "Samuel", sailing from Rotterdam, Holland, with a shipload of Protestant Palatine refugees"Citation needed
Immigration[1] 27 Aug 1739 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United Statesage 16 - "Landed at Philadelphia"Citation needed
Naturalization[1] 1743 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United Statesage 21 - "John Perdo was naturalized"Citation needed
Marriage 17 Aug 1745 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United StatesChrist's Church
to Mary Starn
Residence[1] 1798 Warren, Ohio, United States"John and Mary went with their son, Leonard, to the Northwest Territory that in 1803 became Warren County,Ohio"
Death? 22 Dec 1813 Warren, Ohio, United Statessource = OLT, needs verification
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    SOURCE: Marriage records, Pennsylvania Archives, Series, 2, Vol 8;Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio Census and land records;Pennsylvania Historical Magazine, Vol 39, pp187-293. NOTES: There were probably 2 daughters. In 1782 census of HampshireCounty we find Leonard, his parents, and apprently 2 sisters. How and whythe surname was changed from Peterri (or Petri or Petry) to Petro is notknown for sure. It is believed that Johann Bernhardt Peterri (JohnPetro) because of being a minor only 16 years of age when he arrived inAmerica, did not take the oath of allegiance to the British Crown. He wasnot accompanied by his parents because he was the only one by thatsurname listed on the ship's passenger list. His name was written intothe ship's passenger list in his own handwriting as Johann BernhardtPederri. Another listing of the same passenger list, but written by theship's clerk, an Englishman, gives John's surname as Petre and another asPetry--a classic example of how the surnames of these early immigrantswere altered by the English-speaking colonists. John did not writeEnglish. John Petro came to colonial America on the ship "Samuel", sailing fromRotterdam, Holland, with a shipload of Protestant Palatine refugees.Landed at Philadelphia 27 Aug 1739. A record exists in PhiladelphiaCounty where a John Perdo was naturalized in 1743. This could very wellhave been the naturalization ceremony of Johann Bernhardt Peterri who inthat year became 21 years of age, and who had by that time altered hisname to John Pedro. His surname could so easily have been incorrectlyrecorded when the English-speakin colonists were faced with the task ofrecording names in another tongue. Marriage records of Christ's Church, Philadelphia gives his name as JohnPedrow Thus, Johann "Bernhardt Pedderi became John Pedro, and eventually JohnPetro. During the French and Indian War, in 1756, Shawnee Indians capturedNicholas an Philip. They were released 8 years later by a militaryexpe dition under Britis commander Colonel Henry Bouquet with many othercaptive children. Leonard was captured by the Mingo Indians in 1777 and held captive for 4years. Marriage records have not been found for any of these brothers. Marriagerecords for Hampshire County until 1865 are non-existant, having beendestroyed by federal troops during the CivilWar. John and Mary and sons went from Virginia to Fayette County, Kentuckyabout 1790-1792. In 1798 John and Mary went with their son, Leonard, tothe Northwes Territory that in 1803 became Warren County,Ohio. John was literate in his native language, but evidently neither he norany of his sons learned to write English
    [need to find all primary sources, cite, create transcripts, etc.]