Person:Johann Dieter (4)

Johann Georg Dieter
m. 19 NOV 1695
  1. Jacob Teter1696 - 1745
  2. Hans Michael Dieter1697 -
  3. Johann Georg Dieter1699 - 1742/43
  4. Matthaus Dieter1702 - Bef 1758
  5. Margaretha Juliana Dieter1704 -
  6. Eberhardina Dieter1709 -
  7. Maria Elizabetha DieterBET 1710 AND 1711 -
  8. Eberhard Wilhelem Dieter1712 -
  9. Johann Philip Dieter1717 -
  10. Maria Margaretha Dieter1719 -
  11. Gottlieb Dieter1721 -
m. 19 DEC 1720
  1. Johann Michael Dieter1722 -
  2. Maria Christina Dieter1726 - 1726
  3. Johann George 'Old George' Dieter, of South Branch, Potomac River1730 - Abt 1798
  4. Paul DieterAbt 1732 - 1784
  5. Maria Barbara Dieterbet 1733 - 1814
  6. Philip DieterBET 1735 AND 1736 - 1815
  7. Susannah Dieter1738 -
  8. Rosina DieterBET 1739 AND 1743 - Abt 1804
Facts and Events
Name Johann Georg Dieter
Gender Male
Birth? 7 JUN 1699 Schwaigern, Wurttemberg, Germany
Marriage 19 DEC 1720 Schwaigern, Wurttenburg, Germanyto Maria Magaretha Luttman
Death? 23 MAR 1742/43 Frederick or Orange County, Virginia

Johann Georg Dieter was one of the Early Settlers of Germanna Colony

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Importation to Virginia

  • Johann Georg Dieter arrived in Philadelphia on the Ship "Molly" in 1727.

Estate Records of George Dieter (Teater)

  • Pages 326-27. George Teater. Inventory. 23 May 1744. Total valuation £32.10.0. (signed) Michl. Cook, Michl. Kafer, Michl. Smith. 24 May 1744. Returned into Court. [Orange County Virginia Will Book 1, 1735-1743, Dorman, pg. 60].
  • Pages 339-41. Bond of Margret Teater, Michael Cloure and George Uts unto Robert Slaughter, Gent., justice. For £300. 22 March 1743 [1744]. Margret Teater is admx. of Georg Teater. (signed) Margret Teater, George Uts, Michael (X) Clore. Wit: James Porteus. 22 March 1743. Acknowledged. [Orange County Virginia Will Book 1, 1735-1743, Dorman, pg. 61].

Information on Johann Georg Dieter 1. From The Henckel - Teter Connection, pages 30-31:

"Johann Georg Dieter was born in Schwaigern, Wurttembourg on June 7, 1699 and married Maria Margaretha Lüttmann there on November 19, 1720. Their first two children were born at Schwaigern before they boarded the sailing ship 'Molly' enroute to Pennsylvania. They arrived in Philadelphia September 30, 1727, almost exactly ten (10) years after the arrival of the family of Rev. Anthony Jacob Henckel with whom their children intermarried. Johann George probably settled in or near New Hanover and thus affiliated with the Henckel family. On January 10, 1735-36, Johann Georg Dieter, the elder, obtained a grant of land in Robinson River, Orange County (now Frederick County), Virginia (Virginia Patent Book 16, page 475) where he died intestate in 1744. His widow and children then moved to Rowen County, North Carolina apparently along with members of the Henckel family. In 1760, because of Indian uprisings, they moved to present day Pendleton County, West Virginia with other members of that settlement."


From post:

Johann Georg Dieter Shelah (View posts) Posted: 31 Jan 2000 5:05PM GMT

Classification: Query Surnames: Dieter, Luttman, Norta, Frey, Schmidt, Norte I can take you back a little ways. johann Georg Dieter was born June 7, 1699 in Schwaigern, Wurttemberg, Germany. He married Maria Magaretha Luttman on Dec. 19, 1720. She was born June 1, 1701 in same place, and was the daughter of Johann Georg Luttman and Anna Dorothea Norta. His father was Johann Michael Dieter, born March 26, 1671, and married Maria Catharina Frey. He was the Mayor of Schwaigern. His father was Wolfgang Dieter, born Dec. 25, 1646. He married Anna Catharina. His father was Michael Dieter, born Sept. 22, 1613, and married Magdelena Schmidt. His father was Michael Dieter, born about 1583, and married Katherina Norte about 1586. His father was Quirinus Dieter, born 1555, and died before April 1606. Whose line do you follow after Johann George and Maria Magaretha Luttman? My husband goes down his son Philip.