Person:Johann Creager (1)

Johann Henrich Creager
b.14 Jul 1767 Frederick Co,Maryland
m. Abt 1765
  1. Adam Creager
  2. Michael Creager
  3. Johann Henrich Creager1767 - 1844
  4. Elisabeth Creager1769 - 1834
  5. Johann Jacob Creager1771 - 1844
  6. Susannah Susan Creager1775 - 1838
  7. Catharina Creager1777 - 1854
  8. Danial Creager1779 - 1854
  9. Anna Maria Creager1783 -
  10. Cornelius Creager1788 - 1839
  1. Mary Polly Creager
  2. Anna Maria Creager1792 -
  3. Thomas Creager1794 - 1849
  4. Rebecca Creager1800 - 1844
  5. Valentine Creager1804 - 1826
  6. Solomon Creager1809 - 1886
Facts and Events
Name Johann Henrich Creager
Gender Male
Birth? 14 Jul 1767 Frederick Co,Maryland
Marriage Frederick County,Marylandto Susannah Wolf
Death? 18 Feb 1844 Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, United States
Burial? Creager Cemetary,Montgomery,Ohio
Other[1] John Henry CreigherName ?

Source: Audrey Shields Hancock RootsWeb WorldConnect Project dated 13 October 2004

Note: Johann Henrich/Henry Creager, son of Conrad Creager and Anna Marie "Mary" Edar (Eadar), was born 14 July 1767 in Frederick County, Maryland. He married Susannah Wolf in Frederick County, Maryland. Henry sold his property consisting of more than 340 acres, and then he and his family removed to Montgomery County, Ohio in 1810. Here he acquired large amount of land in Washington Township between the Great Miami River and the Little Miami River. The Creager family were very active participants in the establishment of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Montgomery County. This church was known as David's Church. Here they remained their entire lives with Susanna dying in 1837 and Henry following 7 hears later in 1844. They were originally buried on a section of their farm known as the Creager Family Cemetery or Burial Grounds, and later reinterred at the David's Church Cemetery across the road. In his manuscript of December, 1986, William A. Creager, Jr. states that he visited their grave site on which stood the partially readable gravestone for Henry and Anna Marie.

  1. Laurie Shaft