Person:Joel Walker (8)

Joel Walker
b.17 Feb 1813 Canada West
m. Abt. 1792
  1. Joel Walker1813 - 1857
Facts and Events
Name Joel Walker
Gender Male
Birth[1] 17 Feb 1813 Canada West
Death? 8 Sep 1857 Wyandotte, Kansas, United States


Source:Connelley, 1899 See Journals of William Walker


From:Source:Connelley, 1899

Joel Walker was also a brother of Governor Walker. He was born in Canada West. The three dates of his birth that I have found are all different. In the family Bible of his father the date is July 17, 1813. In Governor Walker's Journal the date is February 18, 1813. On his monument it is February 17, 1813. His Indian name was Wâh'-wahs (Way-wahs) and means "lost turtle, or "turtle in a lost place" and was given to commemorate his birth which was on this wise: His mother, Catherine Walker, like all her maternal ancestors, was familiar with the languages of many of the tribes of the Northwest, and she had great influence with them. Her presence was required at many of the Councils of consequence. At one time she was sent for to act as interpreter in an important meeting that would determine some question for some tribe, relating to the war of 1812. Her period of maternity was fulfilled, or nearly so, and she desired not to go. But as the Council could not proceed without her the warriors procured a wagon and team and having bundled her into this rough conveyance started away in the darkness, over rough roads. In the black darkness of the cloudy night the horses left the way. and they were soon driving aimlessly about through the dark woods. The result was as she had feared. She was seized with parturient pains and a son was born to her while she was lost in the forest. His name was to keep this event in memory.

When Wyandott City (now Kansas City, Kansas) was laid out a street was named Wawas, for Joel Walker. Strangers called it "Wäh'-wahs" street, but the proper pronunciation is "Wa'-wahs" (Way'-wähs). Some years ago a City Council, wholly ignorant of the City's history and the history of its founders, changed the name of the street to "Freeman Avenue," because one Freeman built a fine residence on it. The old name should be restored.

Joel Walker was married to Mary Ann Ladd (born July 1, 1819, died January 8, 1886) in Franklin County, Ohio, May 19, 1844. Their children were:
1. Florence, born March 20, 1845, died Oct. 6, 1845;
2. Maria W., born June 17, 1647, died Feb'y 26, 1891;
3. Justin, born April 6, 1849;
4. Ida E., born Feb'y 22, 1851, died Feb'y 16, 1866;
5. Everett, born August 27, 1853, died March 30, 1888.
Only Maria W. was married; she was married to Nicholas McAlpine (born in County Down, Ireland, April 5, 1835) June 21, 1866. Their children are:
1. Robert L., born May 8, 1867;
2. Jessie S., born July 19, 1874;
3. Mary A., born January 24, 1882;
4. John W., born June 30, 1887.
On the monument over his grave in the old Huron Place Cemetery is the following:

In Memoriam Joel Walker Born in Canada West Feb 17 1813 Died In Wyandott Kansas Sept 8 1857.

  1. According to Source:Connelley, 1899 his mother was traveling to attend a Native American Council held in Canada during the War of 1812. She gave birth to her son enroute in the wilderness. His native American name "Wah-wahs", meaning "turtle in a lost place" is meant to commemorate this.