Person:Jesse Murphree (1)

  • HJesse Levi MURPHREE1857 - 1936
  • WJulia E. NIX1862 - Abt 1936
m. 20 Nov 1885
  1. Elise MURPHREE1886 - 1887
  2. Luther MURPHREE1888 - 1888
  3. Flossie MURPHREE1894 - 1894
  4. Esther MURPHREE1895 - 1895
Facts and Events
Name Jesse Levi MURPHREE
Gender Male
Birth? 26 May 1857 Blount County, Alabama
Marriage 20 Nov 1885 Etowah County, Alabamato Julia E. NIX
Death? 17 Apr 1936 Blount County, Alabama (78y, 10m, 23d) (Old Mount Moriah)
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ID: I1926

  • Name: Jesse Levi MURPHREE
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 26 MAY 1857
  • Burial: buried APR 1936 Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Blount Co., AL
  • Death: 17 APR 1936 in AL

Father: William Bynum MURPHREE b: 6 DEC 1820 in Blount Co., AL Mother: Lucinda Carolina MURPHREE b: 22 MAR 1824

From Marriages of Etowah County, Alabama Prior to 1900 Vol I . Earlene found it in Gadsden some where and I have a copy of the two pages with NIX Marriages. Book C Page 033-B. Record shows her MI as E. not A. But this has been a problem with all of the records. Never sure of her MI.

Cited in the Alabama Death Records; April 1936 Blount County, Alabama. Vol 18 Role 3 Page 86. Jesse L. Murphree

Matches 1 - 9 Name Date Acres Location State Notes/PostEms �MURPHREE, JESSE �15 11 1852 �59.0000 �t:10S r:1E s:13 �AL More Info �MURPHREE, JESSE �01 08 1853 �39.9900 �t:12S r:2E s:12 �AL More Info �MURPHREE, JESSE �01 03 1858 �40.2800 �t:12S r:2E s:7 �AL More Info �MURPHREE, JESSE �01 03 1860 �0.0000 �t:12S r:2E s:12 �AL More Info �MURPHREE, JESSE �01 03 1860 �0.0000 �t:12S r:2E s:13 �AL More Info �MURPHREE, JESSE �01 03 1860 �239.6500 �t:12S r:2E s:14 �AL More Info �MURPHREE, JESSE �01 03 1860 �0.0000 �t:12S r:2E s:9 �AL More Info �MURPHREE, JESSE �01 03 1860 �0.0000 �t:12S r:2E s:9 �AL More Info �MURPHREE, JESSE �06 09 1905 �80.1200 �t:16S r:7E s:22 �AL More Info

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Buried Old Mount Moriah Cemetery, Blount County, Alabama

Murphree, Levi B � View Image Online � Age: 42 Year: 1920 � Birthplace: AL Roll: T625_3 � Race: W Page: 16B � State: Alabama ED: 162 � County: Blount Image: 863 � Township: Oneonta

OLD MOUNT MORIAH CEMETERY, BLOUNT COUNTY, ALABAMA This was done 1985. Located north of Oneonta, nearly four miles on County Highway 39 in Murphree Valley, off Highway 75. On private property. The Old Mouriah Church was moved to Fridays Crossing in Blount County, Alabama. There were two separate sites. One just has a mound of rocks, the other I found had at least twenty graves that I was able to get information from. These are not in any set order.

  NAME                                   BORN                       DIED

Ellie T. Huey Sept.26,1877 Jan.06,1878 NA Robinett Aug.02,1822 Sept.27,1899 Ester Murphree Sept.02,1895 Sept.12,1895 Elsie Murphree Dec.10,1886 Jan.25,1887 Julia E. Murphree Aug.22,1862 UNK Jesse L. Murphree May 26,1857 April 17,1836 Luther Murphree Aug.01,1888 Aug.24,1888 Son of T.A. & E.A.Murphree UNK UNK Clifton Sept.20, 1899 Sept.30,1899 Emma A. Alexander wife of T.A. July 29,1868 Sept.30,1899 William R. Murphree Dec.16,1890 Dec.18,1892 Martha E. Murphree May 13, 1847 Feb.06,1895 Rebecca E. Hyatt May 25,1854 Nov.28,1894 Tapleigh Stephens June 24,1819 July 31,1890 Nancy A. Allgood 1852 1880 Bannister Allgood 1809 1879 Guzzy Allgood 1813 1892 J.T.Smith May 07,1822 July 20,1917 Wife Tressie 1860 1896 Caleb A. Murphree Aug. 21,1860 UNK

This cemetery joins land that we live on. This valley was founded by my husband's ancestors.

Murphree, Elsie, 10 Dec 1886 � 25 Jan 1887, [box type tomb with hand carved inscription on top], [daughter of Jesse Levi Murphree and Julia E. Nix]

Murphree, Esther, 3 Sep 1895 � 12 Sep 1895, [box type tomb with hand carved inscription on top], [daughter of Jesse Levi Murphree and Julia E. Nix]

Murphree, Flossie, 23 Jul 1894 � 5 Aug 1894, [broken stone; box type tomb with hand carved inscription on top], [daughter of Jesse Levi Murphree and Julia E. Nix]

Murphree, Jessie L., 26 May 1857 � 17 Apr 1936; SS Julia E. Murphree, [Jesse Levi Murphree is son of William Bynum Murphree and Lucinda Carolina Murphree; Jesse married Julia E. Nix]

Murphree, Julia E., 22 Aug 1862 � [rest of date missing]; SS Jesse Murphree, [Julia married Jesse Levi Murphree; she died in 1936 as the last person buried in this cemetery, this date is not inscribed on the stone]

Old Mt. Moriah Cemetery

Township 12 South, Range 2 East, Section 11

Location: Off County Road 39 on private property about four miles Northwest of Oneonta in Murphree's Valley. The cemetery is in two separate parts; a smaller set of graves is located several yards to the Northeast from the main cemetery. Only a few readable stones are located in the smaller set, these are in purple.

Reported by Elbert Johnson (page 206); surveyed by Melvin Jones in the 1970s; completely resurveyed by Robin Sterling 14 Oct 2002.

This cemetery was also reported in Northeast Alabama Settlers Journal, Volume XVIII, Number 4, Apr 1980, page 96; research performed by Carroll Y. Linder, Cherry Hill Farm, Route 4, Box 156, Oneonta, Alabama 35121

Some of the genealogical notes for the Old Mt. Moriah Cemetery are courtesy of Bruce Jordan [] and are listed below in blue.