Person:Jerome Merritt (1)

Jerome F. Mwrritt
m. Abt 16 Apr 1866
  1. Cora Lena Merritt1867 - 1963
  2. Leota Leona Merritt1870 - 1971
Facts and Events
Name Jerome F. Mwrritt
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1817 Georgia, United States
Marriage Abt 16 Apr 1866 Claiborne, Louisiana, United States to Margaret Alexander
Divorce Bef Jan 1880 from Margaret Alexander
Occupation? Mechanic, gunsmith

Jerome F. Merritt purchased lots 96, 73, 74 in the city of Homer25 Dec. 1866 from John Young, by deed recorded in Vol. H. P.79 deed records of Claiborne Parish. On 21Oct. 1870 he bought lot 95, in Homer from W.

B. Egan, deed recorded in Vol. 1 P.274 deed records ClaiborneParish, this property would have been in the community property of Jerome and Margaret Merritt. The lots forma city in Homer and are located 2 blocks south of the present courthouse in Homer. Margaret Merrittmarried Morgan Hall 29, Jan 1880, Claiborne Parish, La. recorded Vol. 2 P. 173 Claiborne Parish, Marriage records. On August 18m 1884 Margaret Hall joined by her husband Morganconveyed lots 73, 74, 95 and 96 in Homer to H. S. Taylor, warranting the title to the property except as tothe claims Lon Merritt and Emma Wilson. Margaret was also joined in the conveyance by Mrs. G. C. Moreland andhusband J. F. Moreland and Mrs. L. J. Raney (Lorenda J.) As listed in the 1870 census. Per Nancy McLeroy, July 28, 2000: "JEROME F. MERITT, was born in 1817 in Georgia, and died between1870 and 1880 in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana. He was in De Soto Parish, Louisiana in 1855-1860. Helater appeared in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana, in the 1870 census. He was 43 years old in the 1860 De SotoParish, La. census and 53 years old in the 1870 Claiborne Parish census. He was listed with a Mansfield PostOffice, as as mechanic in De Soto Parish in 1860 census, and with a Homer Post Office and as a gunsmith inClaiborne Parish in 1870 census. His first wife was Elizabeth, age 25 in 1860, born, South Carolina, and twochildren are listed in the 1860 census, James, age 6 and

J.C. age 2, both born in Louisiana. A bond of marriage withMARGARET CRIPPS was entered into by J. F. Merritt, as principal and W.J. Merritt as a surety, on April 28,1866. The bond is filed as an original instrument in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana, and does not appear int he recordsof licenses issured and is not in the index to marriages. It is shown in a separate index of marriage recordsapparently compiled by other than the clerk, as original instrument no. 704. The original bond is on file asindicated in the index. The bond recites that a licese for J. F. Merritt and Margaret has been issued but did not statewhat Parish issued the same. The license was not returned executed. It could have been issued in a Parish otherthan Claiborne. However it is likely that it was issued in Claiborne Parish and not returned to be filed by theminister or person performing the ceremony, as is often the case."


i. JAMES5 MERRITT, b. Abt. 185440. Notes for JAMES MERRITT: The following information sent to me from Sue Wilkinson,6-13-2000. Source: 1860 census of DeSota Parish, La. P 825 Family #1 Jamesis listed as being 6 years old.

ii. J.S. MERRITT, b. Abt. 185840. Notes for J.S. MERRITT: The following information sent to me from Sue Wilkinson,6-13-2000: Source: 1860 census of DeSota Parish, La. P.825 Family #1 J. S.a male is listed as being 2 years old.

Left Margaret and went to AR per Ria Hendrix Living with wife Eliza and sons James and J. L. in DeSoto parishin 1860

  1. 1870 Claiborne Parish, Louisiana Census.