Person:Jeanne Motin (1)

Jeanne Motin
b.Est 1615
d.Est 1666 Cap de Sable
m. 1607
  1. Jeanne MotinEst 1615 - Est 1666
m. Jul 1653
  1. Marie Saint-Étienne de la TourAbt 1654 - 1739
  2. Jacques de Saint-Etienne, de La TourAbt 1655 - Bef 1698
  3. Marguerite de Saint-Etienne, de La TourAbt 1658 - 1748
  4. Anne de Saint-Etienne, de La TourAbt 1661 - Aft 1738
  5. Charles Saint-EtienneEst 1663 - 1731
Facts and Events
Name Jeanne Motin
Gender Female
Birth[1] Est 1615
Marriage Jul 1653 to Charles de Saint-Étienne de la Tour
Death[1] Est 1666 Cap de Sable

Jeanne Motin lady of Reux and Courcelles, born around 1615 in France and died around 1666 at Cape Sable in Acadia, was the daughter of Lord Louis Motin de Reux and Courcelles and Dame Marie de Salins.

Jeanne Motin would have embarked on 1 April 1636 aboard Saint John (Saint Jehan) from the port of La Rochelle for Acadia with her brothers, Claude and Jean, as well as her sister Anne and her brother-in-law, Nicolas Le Creux du Breuil. She marries first, Charles de Menou d'Aulnay de Charnisay, probably in Port-Royal in 1638. She has eight children of the first marriage: four sons enlisted in the army, combat deaths and four daughters became nuns.

Following the death of her husband in 1650, she noted that the estate was riddled with debts. Representatives of Emmanuel Le Borgne, one of her creditors, plunder her lands. In an attempt to recover some of the amounts owing, she tries to protect the interests of her family and children by claiming that Nicolas and Simon Denys had settled on lands on Cape Breton Island belonging to the d'Aulnay estate and she sends one of her officers to expel them. An agreement was signed in 1651 between her steward, Brice de Sainte-Croix, son of Madame de Brice, and César de Vendôme. This promises to repay half of the debts of Jeanne Motin in exchange for half of her estate and commercial activities but, since the agreement is not authorized, it complicates the situation.

In July 1653 , she married second husband Charles de Saint-Étienne de la Tour , the rival of her first husband. The couple live in Saint John (Saint-Jean) until 1656, when they settle at Cape Sable. The couple will have five children: 1) Marie (wife of Alexandre Le Borgne) 2) Jacques (husband of Anne Melanson, they will have a daughter named Agathe de Saint-Etienne de La Tour who will marry in turn with the officer Jean-Baptiste Bradstreet), 3) Marguerite (wife of Abraham Mius d'Entremont dit de Pleinmarais), 4) Anne (wife of Jacques Mius d'Entremont, Baron de Pobomcoup), and 5) Charles (husband of Angélique Loreau)

The date of Jeanne Motin's death is unknown but a petition submitted by her daughter Marie reveals that she died before 1667.

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