Person:Jean Buchanan (10)

Jean Buchanan
b.Btw 1637-1660
d.Btw 1680-1748
  • HJohn Buchanan, IIAFT 1650 - 1681-1741
  • WJean BuchananBtw 1637-1660 - Btw 1680-1748
m. WFT Est 1665-1699
  1. George BuchananBtw 1671-1700 - Btw 1677-1779
  2. William Buchanan1671-1700 - 1677-1779
  3. Samuel Buchanan1671-1700 - 1677-1779
  4. Archibald BuchananBtw 1671-1700 - Btw 1677-1779
  5. Alexander BuchananABT 1677 -
Facts and Events
Name Jean Buchanan
Gender Female
Birth? Btw 1637-1660
Marriage WFT Est 1665-1699 to John Buchanan, II
Death? Btw 1680-1748

“Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, Extracted From the Original Court Records Augusta County Virginia 1745-1800” is public domain and can be downloaded from Google Books. It is simply an index of the court records.

Page 47 3d August 1747 Jean Bohannan Will Son John granddaughter Mary Bohanan daughter of John eldest daughter Elizabeth Bohanan granddaughter Jean Bohannan second daughter Margaret Campbell the tablecloth I brought from Ireland granddaughter the bay colt that was lately put to Elizabeth Bochanan granddaughter Mary Boch anan Executors Joseph Culton and Robert Edmiston Teste Joseph Culton Robert Edmiston Francis McCown John Betty Proved 19th August 1747 by Francis McCown

Page 241 6th April 1749 Robert Edmiston's will Wife Jean legatee Jean Edmiston daughter Dorothy Edmiston son James son William Executors Thos McSpaden Wm Edmiston Teste Jno Edmiston Samuel Buchanan Proved 22d May 1750 by Buchanan and Edmiston summoned

Is Robert's wife Jean one of the Jean Bohanans? If so which, the Jean Bohahan who lest the will, or her granddaughter? Another granddaughter is Elizabeth Bochanan. If no relation to James then why is he executor of will her will and why is Sam Buchanan executor of his? James will only states wife as Jean, a legal gaff that had to be resolved in records. Women didn't typically leave will's in the 1750's and usually couldn't hold titled property. Is that why the colt and tablecloth are listed in the index record? Did they not resolve a maiden name because it didn't matter legally anyway? Will we ever know? I think the fact Jean has a daughter “Mar Campbell” resolves another question for the group. Her legal name must be Margret Buchanon Campbell. Is this the wife of John Edmiston (2)?

  1.   Matthew Buchanan.FTW.

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