Person:Jasper Hardison (1)

Jasper Hardison
  • HJasper HardisonAbt 1690 - Bef 1733
  • WMary UnknownAbt 1694 -
m. Abt 1720
  1. John HardisonAbt 1716 -
  2. Jasper HardisonAbt 1718 -
  3. Charles HardisonAbt 1720 -
  4. Richard HardisonAbt 1722 -
  5. Joseph HardisonBef 1724 -
Facts and Events
Name Jasper Hardison
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1690 of Tyrell Co., , North Carolina
Marriage Abt 1720 , of Tyrell, NCto Mary Unknown
Death? Bef 8 May 1733 , of Albermarle Co, North Carolina

!. Married Mary (no other information is give as to her are her parents) !SOURCES OF INFROMATION: !1. GS # 481061 Abs. North Carolina Wills 1690-1760 ( John # 1 Admin.

  of estate)

!2. GS # 1262972 T.I.B. !3. North Carolina Wills pt. 3, p A54 Onslow Co. Wills.

!4. Utah REDDS and Their Progenitors (Lurs REDD - Published family history)

  p 275



                • will/dated 8 may 1733
        will/P 5 Nov 1733
        ALL DATES  are calculated from this date
        All /Children are Documented to be alive on 8 May 1733 *********

!SUBMITTED by Karen W. Denhalter, 400 North 3500 West, West Point, Utah 84015 !5.Children's sources: 1395946 F856081 35

Will of JASPER HARDISON from NC State Archives below:In the name of God Amen the 8th Day of May 1733. I JESPER HARDISON of the County of Albemarle - Planter being Very Sick and Weak in Body but of Perfect mind & Memory --------I give and Bequeath to my well and dearly beloved Wife Mary Hardison a Negro and all my Goods and Chattles and all and Singular Debts and moveable efocts excepting what is under mentioned.I give and bequeath to John Hardison a tract of Land Containing 640 acres on the South Side of Deep Runn, 1 horse, 1 Dish, a Bason, a Case of bottles, 1 pot.To Mary Carkeet a Cow and Calf.I give and bequeath to Judah Sutton fifty pound Current money of Carolina and a Mare Branded B.To Jasper Hardison my Son a parcel containing 200 acres on Cheat Neck.To Charles Hardison a piece of Land Called Cheat Neck Island.To Josuah Hardison and Thos Hardison a parcel of Land from ye upper part of Mr Parkeats Line to Cheat Neck Branch.To Richard Hardison and Joseph Hardison the plantatiion and remainer part of ye Land after ye decease of my beloved Wife known by the name of Roses Plantation.I desire my Beloved wife Mary Hardison and John my son to be my whole and sole Executors of this my last will and testament.Wit: Joseph Hudson, Samul. DurranceSigned: Jasper Hardison(Source: NC State Archives, Loose Papers, Will Box) Jasper Hardison - 8 May 1733 5 Nov 1733 - Albemarle Co., NC. Sons: John (“land on South side of Deep run”), Jaspar (200 acres of land on Cheat Neck), Charles (“piece of land called Cheat Neck Island”). Josuah and Thomas (land on Cheat Neck branch). Richard and Joseph (“rest of plantation known by name of Roses Plantation”). Other legatees: Mary Carkeet, Judah Sutton. Executors: Mary Hardison (wife), John Hardison (son). Witnesses: Joseph Hudson, Samuel Durrance. Will proven before Geo. Burrington. (Abstract of NC Wills, Grimes) JASPER HARDISON planter 8 May 1733 probated 5 Nov 1733 Of Albemarle Co.” very sick & weak in body” Wife MARY HARDISON - a negro, goods & chattels. JOHN HARDISON-640 acres on ss of Deep Run.....MARY CARKEET - cow and calf; JUDAH SUTTON - 50 pds, mare; son JASPER HARDISON- 200 acres on Cheat Neck. CHARLES HARDISON - Cheat Neck..JOSHUA and THOMAS HARDISON, land joining MR. CARKEET....RICHARD & JOSEPH HARDISON- Roses Plantation after my wife’s decease. Ex: wife MARY HARDISON, son JOHN Wit: JOSEPH HUDSON, SAMUEL DURRANCE (Early Records of NC Vol V, Stephen Bradley)

Will information obtained from