Person:Jared Irwin (1)

Facts and Events
Name Jared IRWIN
Gender Male
Birth? 1750 Mecklenburg Co. Nc
Marriage to Isabella ERWIN
Death? 1 Mar 1818 Union Hill, Washington Co. GA
Burial? Southwest of Tenille near Ohoopee Church, Sandersville, Washington Co. GA
Reference Number? Q889123?

Per Bill Timmons' manuscript and Elson Irwin's data: Jared Irwinwas later Governor of Georgia.

Per Elson Irwin's files:

GOV. JARED IRWIN OF GEORGIA: He is buried at Sandersville,Georgia. Buried Southwest of Tenille near Ohoopee Church,Washington County, Georgia. Inscription on tombstone reads: "Gov. Jared Irwin Col in Amer Revolution Brig. Gen in Indian War Three times Gov of Georgia Signer of famous Yazoo deed rescinding the Yazoo Fraud Died at Union Hill, his county seat"


BEST SOURCE: homas Irwin came first to Philadelphia, Pa., ca1750 then to Rowan County, North Carolina and on to MecklenburgCounty, North Carolina. Shows up in Georgia about 1756-58. NOTE ON REBECCA: Rebecca Lawson d/o Hugh Lawson, Lawson familyalso prominent in Georgia history. Some sources say Hugh Irwinwas Jared's Fa but this is no longer believed so. (See notebelow.) In his book, Jared I. Irwin states that hisgreat-grandfather was Hugh Irwin, but he admits he was "not sureif that was his true name." He says his great-grandfathersettled in Mecklenburg County and "lived there until several children were born; three boys andone girl: Margaret, John, William and Jared.

When Jared was six or seven years old the family moved to BurkeCounty, Georgia. He adds: "We find later on these threebrothers, John L. Irwin, William Irwin and Jared Irwin movedfrom Burke County and settled in Washington County, nearSandersville, Georgia.

WILL OF WILLIAM ALEXANDER mentions Thomas Irwin, Fa of JaredIrwin, about age 10 in 1760 William Alexander, Hallifax St.George Parish, Gent.

To wife Marey, 21 pounds sterling, a horse and saddle, a featherbed, and furniture. To brother David, clothes, saddle and bridle, a silver watch -remainder of estate to be sold to pay debts with what is left tobe divided among my three children Ann, Alirmer, and Jean-- Will mentions Thomas Irwin's son - Jared Irwin to receive a"mair" a cow and calf to him.

Executors of will: -- Thomas Irwin and brother David Alexanderdated 21 Apr 1760 --- probated 5 May 1760 --- recorded 22 June1761 pp 56-57. (SOURCE FOR WILL (Elson Irwin): That's all of my hand writtennotes. I wish I had kept better notes. Jared would have been abt10 years old. I guess that would have been a nice gift for asmall boy. - James B. Kent -

SOURCE FOR CHILDREN: Jared I. Irwin's book written for hisdaughter Mary Sallie Irwin Wood in 1892. He was an intelligent man but some of his remembrances were abit hazy. His book is entitled: "Irwin Family" published byChapman and Durloo in Sandersville, Ga. in 1892. He does NOT,however, offer any birth dates, death dates or marriage dates.In the book, Jared I. Irwin refers to Jane as Gov. Jared Irwin's"youngest daughter." He says Jane died an "old maid."

(QUERY: Claudine Putnam in Atlanta, Georgia: "I believe thefirst three, Isabellah, Mary E. and William are children ofSimon and Mary Elizabeth (Irwin) Whitaker. And, since the lastsix were born after Simon's marriage to Nancy Pearce, they arechildren of that union. (SOURCE: Georgia Census: 18 Nov 1850, Fayette County, GeorgiaCensus, 29th Dist., pages 119, 903/903) (QUERY: Claudine Putnam in Atlanta, GA

(SOURCE: GEORGIA CENSUS: 19 Nov 1850, Fayette Co., 29th Dist.,pages 61, 911/921) (SOURCE: "The Jim And Mary Wesley Memory Book": (The sourcegiven in the Memory Book is "Dictionary of Georgia Biography."University of Georgia Press, Volume One (A-5), pages 508-509.) (SOURCE: DAR Lineage Books - DAR ID Number 77453 - Mrs. FannieWhittaker Smith) (ADDED SOURCE: Since receiving the above query, Irwin Indexreceived a post from Susan Stuckey, an Irwin researcher in theSouth: Among her references is a tome entitle "Souvenir SketchesGeorgia and Florida" - 1888 and it has a biographical sketch:"Col. William S. Whitaker, son of Simon T. Whitaker and NancyStubbs. Simon T. was son of Simon Whitaker and wife...who wasGov. Jared's daughter..."

NOTES ON JARED IRWIN, THE GOVERNOR: Jared was born in N.C. about two years after parents arrivedfrom Ireland. Had brothers William, Hugh and John Lawson,Alexander and one sister, Margaret. Parents believed to beThomas Irwin/Rebecca Lawson. Family moved to Burke County,Georgia when Jared was six or seven years old or ca 1756. Later, all brothers moved to Washington Co., Ga. and all becamefarmers and raised large families. Jared lived near what is now Sandersville, Ga. Then, it was acountry of "vast wilderness populated by Indians and savagebeasts."

Jared was a Brigadier General in the Revolutionary War. (Heentered military as a captain and was quickly made a colonel andadvanced up the ladder.) Jared also fought wars against CreekIndians.

Jared and two brothers built a fort near Union Hill, Georgia andit was called Fort Irwin and was of "great protection for thesettlers in the area."

Jared represented Washington County in State legislature -1790's. Jared was governor of Georgia 1796-1798 and 1806-1809.

The Jared Irwins lived in Louisville, Ga. when that was thestate capital.

The state of Georgia erected a monument to cover Jared's remainsat Sandersville, Ga. in 1856, in front of the courthouse. Thismarble obelisk decribes each of his different careers on itsfour sides: public servant, Revolutionary patriot and belovedprivate citizen. There is an Irwin County named for him and atown called Irwinton, Georgia.

GOV. JARED IRWIN Jared was a Colonel in the Revolutionary War. He distinguishedhimself in the sieges of Savannah and Augusta and other battles.He was a state Senator for Ga until 1796 when he was electedGovernor of GA. He served in two state capitols, First inLouisville and then in Milledgeville. In Washington Co., Ga theOhoopee Baptist Church is located on ground donated by Jared.This is where his grave is located. A monument was erected bythe State of GA in 1856 located in the Courthouse Square inSandersville, and the Governor Jared Irwin Park is at theJunction of South Harris and South Smith Streets inSandersville. Jared's official portrait hangs in the StateCapitol placed there in a ceremony in 1951. Also both the cityof Irwinton (Eufala) and Irwin County, Georgia are named forhim. Jared was Governor of the State of Georgia between 1796 and1809. Whitaker information shows that Jared is buried at OhoopeeBaptist Church in Washington County, Georgia in a Familycemetery near there. (SOURCE: "The McDowells and Connections" - published 1918

GOV. JARED IRWIN SR. Jared Irwin Sr. (brother to the other three--William Sr.,Alexander Sr.,and John Lawson Sr.), was a farmer and merchant;married a Miss Stewart, sister to Gen. Daniel Stewart, who wasborn in Liberty, County in 1761 and died in 1829 and who livednear Ohoopie Church.

Jared was instrumental in building a fort around the spring andupon the ground where the church now stands, as a protection ofthe white people against depredations and murder from hostileIndians who ranged through that section of the state. After theremoval of the Indians he gave the plot of ground for a BaptistChurch - was first called Brier Patch, then changed to Ohoopie.He was twice elected governor of the State of Georgia when itwas considered to be an honorable position for the people to sochoose one of their number to be chief of state and a defenderof their liberties and sacred honor. McDowell states onedaughter married a Mr. Dorkey, that Jane never married.

Jared Irwin adopted his brother Alexander's son Jared Jr.

ADDED NOTE ON JARED'S TWO SONS: Jared Jr. and John were among first graduates of high school inAthens, Georgia (SOURCE: For birth, death and burial information on MaryElizabeth Irwin from "Cowetta County, Georgia, Cemeteries," Page 508 list the MobleyFamily Cemetery located in NE Cowetta County.) (SOURCE: An extract from Jim and Mary Wesley Memory Book 1996copyrighted by James Wesley Jr. and Eva Mary Wesley. It refersto an authoratative history of the Whitaker Family available atthe Georgia State Archives. This book traces the history of theWhitaker Family back to England, starting with Thomas Whitakerof Holme, living in 1431.) (SOURCE: "A Genealogical History of the Irwin Family and FamilyConnections From the First Settlers of the United States to thePresent Day," by Jared I. Irwin to his daughter Mrs. Mary SallieIrwin Wood, wife of J.S. Wood of Savannah, Georgia February 11,1892; Printed by Chapman and Durloo, Sandersville, Georgia. (SOURCE: Sherwood Gazeteer of the State of Georgia, 2nd edition,page 35.) (SOURCE: White's "Statistics of Georgia" - 1848) (SOURCE: Book "White Columns of Georgia" by Medora FieldPerkinson published by Bonanza Books, division of CrownPublishers, copyright 1953.) (SOURCE" "White Columns in Georgia," by Medora Field Perkinson,Bonanza Books, New York - Library of Congress Catalog CardNumber: - 52-5572 - 1953. Chapter 10 (Page 64) (SOURCE: Research for Irwin Index by Helen Stuckey of Florida.) (SOURCE: "History of Henry County, Alabama" by Mrs Marvin Scott) (SOURCE: "Irwin Family File" Georgia Archives.) (SOURCE: "This Is Your Georgia," Viewpoint Publications, Inc.,Montgomery, Alabama 36111, Copywright 1972, page 311.) Thissource relates humorous oxcart story told in "White Columns ofGeorgia," printed in 1953.) (SOURCE: "The Jim and Mary Memory Book," a history of thefamilies of James Wyatt Wesley Jr., and Era Mary PhillipsWesley, with research and editing done by Aubrey Morris.Copywright 1995 by James W. Wesley. Additional copies can beordered by writing to PO Box 76972, Atlanta, Georgia, 30358. NOTES ON ABOVE SOURCE: The "Jim and Mary Memory Book" gives as asource "The Dictionary of Georgia Biography," University ofGeorgia Press, Volume One (A-J), pages 503-509, which states: "Through one of Governor Irwin's daughters, Mary Elizabeth Irwin(April 4, 1793-November 25, 1830), this branch of the Cashfamily also has kinship with the Whitaker family...One member ofthat family (namely) Jared Irwin Whitaker, born May 4, 1818,became mayor of Atlanta and publisher of the AtlantaIntelligencer, the forerunner of the Atlanta Constitution..." ADDED NOTE: This source also states that: "Though unpublished, agreat deal of Irwin family history is contained in the "IrwinFamily Folder" at the Georgia Department of Archives and Historyin Atlanta, Ga. It is claimed here (and the Irwin Index will bequestioning this source) that the parents of Gov. Jared Irwin were Thomas Irwin and Rebecca Lawson. Rebecca was daughter ofHugh Lawson, also prominent in Georgia history.

MORE NOTES TAKEN FROM "JIM AND MARY MEMORY BOOK" "The Irwin file at the Georgia Archives states that Thomas Irwinwas born in Ireland about 1725 and came to Virginia beforemigrating to Anson County, North Carolina, and from there toSpartanburg District, South Carolina. Thomas then obtained landgrants in St. George Parish, Province of Georgia in February of1758." (SOURCE: (For Whitaker Family: "Our Children's Ancestry," bySusan Caney Whitaker Allen at Georgia State Archives. Thissource also lists Mary Elizabeth Irwin as Gov. Jared Irwin'sdaughter.) (QUERY: From Martin Stipe SPFR61A - Prodigy (Address: 2112 RayAvenue, Bossier City, La., 71112).) (SOURCE: "Souvenir Sketches - Georgia and Florida - 1888" a tomein hands of Susan Stuckey HPKN47A which lists a bio of some ofthe Whitaker family in reference to Gov. Jared Irwin.) (ADDED SOURCE: "The South in the Building Of A Nation," Vol XI,1909, page 537.) (SOURCE: "History of Irwin County," by J.B. Clements, 1932) (SOURCE: "Survey of Irwin County, Georgia Cemeteries," 1993 byPaulk.

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