Person:Jaques Coutandin (1)

m. Abt 1679
  1. Pierre CoutandinAbt 1680 -
  2. Jaques Coutandin1681 - 1730
  • HJaques Coutandin1681 - 1730
  • WMarie Balce1683/84 -
m. 8 Jun 1705
  1. Antoine Coutandin1706 - 1749
  2. Pierre Coutandin1709 - 1750
  3. Jaques Coutandin1713 - 1776
  4. Jeanne Coutandin1716 -
  5. Jean Jaques Coutandin1717 - 1740
  6. Jean (Johann) Coutandin1719 -
  7. Henri Jaques Coutandin1722 - 1723
  8. Marie Coutandin1727 -
Facts and Events
Name Jaques Coutandin
Gender Male
Birth? 1681/1683 of Mean, Val Cluson, Piemont, France
Marriage 8 Jun 1705 Mutschelbach, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germanyto Marie Balce
Death? 5 Feb 1730 Mutschelbach, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany

info from photocopy of Archive record The endowment date could be 12 mar rather than 12 may Son's TIC (Johann) shows the spelling of the first name as Jakob rather than

 Jaques. (not changed).

!BIRTH: FHL#1189474 (marriage entry) indicates he was 23 years of age when he

       married. There is also the year 1682 annotated under his name.
       The surname is spelled COUTANDIN (not CONSTANTIN) changed - 27 Aug 96.
       The entry is written in french. A death date is also annotated -
       5 Feb 1730.

!MARRIAGE: FHL#1189474 wife's name is Marie BALCE, not BALZER. This record

       gives his father's name as Pierre. It does not list the mother's name.
       It lists the wife's parent's name as Antoine. The prior researcher
       seems to have mistakenly assumed that Antoine Balce was the name of
       Jaques mother. The pastor performing the marriage was Santos. The
       record indicates they were married in Hauerbach, but they were both
       resident at Mutschelbach. (Could not locate a Hauerbach or something
       even close to that in the general vicinity, (visual search of MAP) or
       with the help of parish registers, or gazetteers.

!DEATH: FHL#1189474 (marriage entry) list the date of death as an annotation.

!HISTORICAL_NOTE: The pastor Abramo SANDOZ is listed as the pastor of a

       Waldenser (Huguenot subgroup) congregation at Palmbach (which includes
       Untermutschelbach). There is a notation that 28 families moved into this
       area in 1701. See Le Colonie Valdesi in Germania  nel 250 anniversario
       della loro fondazione    cellebrazyoni del Centenario del 1848
       FHL#  Europe  943  F2ja , pg 10.  This note also indicates that these
       "28 famiglie valdesi della media Val Chisone, proveneienti da
       Moerfelden (Assia-Darmstadt)" and that Pasore was also the pastor of
       a group at Auerbach.
           The Waldenser (Valdesi) community was started by a former merchant,
       Pietro Valdo (or Petrus Waldus,in german) who gave his goods to the
       poor of Lyon, had some of the bible translated and became a preacher.