Person:Janette Young (2)

Janette Peggie Young
m. 12 Nov 1926
  1. Janette Peggie Young1927 - 2010
Facts and Events
Name Janette Peggie Young
Gender Female
Birth[1][2] 10 Mar 1927 820 Springburn Road, Glasgow19:40
Baptism? 20 Apr 1927 Springburn Parish Church, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Death? 2 Dec 2010 Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Janette Peggie Young Birth Certificate

Marriage Certificate of John Brock Brown (Junior) and Janette Peggie Young

  1. Registrar, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Birth Certificate of Janette Peggie Young
    Birth Certificate of Janette Peggie Young, 23 Mar 1927.

    EXTRACT ENTRY OF BIRTH: 17 & 18 Victoriae Cap. 80, § 37. No. 279 (1) Name and Surname. Janette Peggie Young (2) When and Where Born. 1927. March Tenth 7h 40m, p.m. 820 Springburn Road, Glasgow (3) Sex. F (4) Name, Surname, and Rank or Profession of Father. Name, and Maiden Surname of Mother. Date and Place of Marriage. John Young Railway Porter Annie Yeudall Young m.s. Fyfe 1926 November 12th Glasgow (5) Signature and Qualification of Informant, and Residence, if out of the House in which the Birth occurred. (Signed) John Young Father (6) When and Where Registered, and Signature of Registrar. 1927. March 23rd At Glasgow (Signed) John Little. Assist. Registrar. (Initd.) W.G.D. EXTRACTED from the REGISTER BOOK OF BIRTHS, for the DISTRICT of SPRINGBURN, in the COUNTY of LANARK, this Twenty-third day of MARCH Nineteen Hundred and Twenty-seven. W.G. Donaldson Registrar.

  2. Janette Peggie Young Birth Certificate