Person:Janet O'Neal (1)

Janet 'Jane' O'Neal
b.13 June 1742
m. bef. 1742
  1. Janet 'Jane' O'Neal1742 -
  2. Margaret O'Neal1743 -
Facts and Events
Name Janet 'Jane' O'Neal
Alt Name Janet Mathes, Adopted ("Bound Out") to the Mathews 'Mathes' Family
Alt Name Janet 'Jean' O'Neal
Gender Female
Birth? 13 June 1742 [as listed in will of John Wiley, step-father]
Alt Birth? July 1742
Adoption? 1750-1764 By the Mathews Family


Not to be confused with Janet Mathes, the biological daughter of Alexander Mathes and his wife Grissel.

Adoptive Parents

Alexander Mathes and his wife Grizzel:

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 113.--11th December, 1748. John Willey (Wiley)'s will--Daughters, Jean and Margaret; son, George. Executors, Alexander Mathews and George Leath. Jean is aged 7 years 13th of next June. Margaret is aged 5 years 23d of next April. George is aged 2 years 23d of next April. Teste: Thos. Brown, William Beames. (Note: this record establishes Jean's birthdate as 13 June 1742).
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 22, 1750. - (360) Church Wardens to bind out Jane O'Neal, Margaret O'Neal, and George Wiley, orphans of John Wiley, decd. (Note: Jane appears to be the step-child of John Wiley).
  • Vol. 2 - Page 63.--28th August, 1750: Orphan Jane O'Neal bound to Alex. Mathews (aged 8 years last July). (Note: this record conflicts with the month listed as "July" vs. "June" in the previous record, but the year of birth is still the same, in 1742).