Person:Jane Tracy (1)

Jane Tracy
b.Feb 1623
d.16 Nov 1638
m. 2 Jan 1620/1621
  1. Sarah Tracyabt 1623 - 1702
  2. Jane Tracy1623 - 1638
  3. Rebecca Tracyabt 1625 - aft 1688/89
  4. Ruth TracyAbt 1628 -
  5. Susanna Tracy1629 -
  6. Mary Tracy1630 - 1655
  7. Lieutenant John Tracy1633 - 1718
Facts and Events
Name Jane Tracy
Gender Female
Birth[1] Feb 1623 conjecture
Death? 16 Nov 1638

Jane is really Sara

"... the late Donald Lines Jacobus in Descendants of Robert Waterman of Marshfield, Mass. 1:689, suggested that the Jane Trace in the published 1624 records of those granted licences to pass from England beyond the seas was actually an error for Sara. He was absolutely right!

"Mr. Alan W. Rolfe, F.G.S., of London, has examined the original in the Records of the Exchequer (E 157/13) and it actually says:

"1 May 1624 Trifoza Trace, 27 years, wife of Steephen Trace resident in Laiden, to the same, also her daughter Sara Trace, 15 months old.

"Mr. Rolfe states that the name Sara is exceptionally clear.

"So the pieces begin to fall into place. There was no daughter Jane and it was Sara who was born about January 1623. This also explains why Sara was not in the 1622 Poll Tax Record in Leiden, as she had not been born by that time.

"Tryphosa and Sara were almost surely not in Plymouth in 1623, so the question remains--who were the two people with Stephen Tracy that allowed him to be granted three acres in the 1623 division of land?"

  1. Tracy, Sherman Weld. The Tracy Genealogy: being some of the descendants of Stephen Tracy of Plymouth Colony, 1623; also ancestral sketches and chart. (Rutland, Vermont: Rutland, Vermont : Tuttle, c1936, c1936), 22.

    It has usually been assumed that STEPHEN brought with him on the “Ann” his wife TRYPHOSA as well as daughter Sarah, for at the division of land in 1623 when an acre was assigned for each member of a family, for garden purposes, STEPHEN was granted three acres on Wellingsley Brook. But a document is extant listing a number of people who had “Licences to Pass from England Beyond the Seas” and among these as of 3 May 1624 was “TRACE, TRIFOZA, (aged) 28, wife of STEPHEN TRACE, resident in Laiden, (to pass) to the same; also her daughter, Jane Trace, 15 months old.” (The Genealogist, New Series 1907-8, XXIV, 275.) There seem to be two reasonable possibilities to reconcile this long standing belief, that TRYPHOSA came in 1623 with STEPHEN,as against the license quoted: She may have come with STEPHEN and some one else may have made use of their names in order to leave England without question—for it was difficult to secure permission to leave that country and subterfuges were freely used to obtain the desired licenses. Or, it may be that TRYPHOSA had gone to her girlhood home in England for the birth of a daughter Jane about February 1623 and that some relative of theirs had come over with STEPHEN to care for Sarah2 and to thus ease the subsequent trip for TRYPHOSA when she should follow them. In such case of course Jane must have died early.

  2.   Wakefield, Robert S. Further on Tryphosa Tracy. The American Genealogist. (1975), 51:242.

    see above for transcription.