Person:Jane Honnyng (1)

Jane Honnyng
b.4 Aug 1542
m. c. 1542
  1. Jane Honnyng1542 - 1557
  2. Elzabethe Honnyng1544 -
  3. Catterin Honnyng
  4. Franncis Honnyng
  5. Anne Honnyng1548 -
  6. Edward Honnyng1550 - 1609
  7. William Honnyng1552 - after 1610
  8. Henry Honnyng1553 - 1635
  9. Nicholas Honnyng1555 - after 1585
  10. Joan Honnyng1556 - 1556
  11. Captain John Honnyng1557/8 - 1585
  12. Thomas Honnyng1559 - 1572
  13. Franncis Honnyng1560 - 1618
  14. Jemes Honnyng1562 - after 1605
  15. Charles Honnyng1563 - 1589
  16. Roger Honnyng1564 - after 1566
  17. Robert Honnyng1566 - after 1588
Facts and Events
Name Jane Honnyng
Gender Female
Birth? 4 Aug 1542
Death? 1557

Born on 4th August 1542, soon after her parents’ marriage. At the age of only fifteen, if Davy is to be believed, she died on her wedding day. There is no record of whom she married, nor the cause of death - fright perhaps, she being so young! She was pictured as a young lady in red hair, neatly dressed in black and white, her right hand pointing to the clouds, denoting that this eldest child was deceased. She was buried at Eye on 19th August 1557.

A separate portrait of her was painted, probably in 1585 when the family picture was made, in which she is described: The young lady wears a black-and-white dress; her light brown hair is enclosed in a net, with a rich “billiment” or circlet of goldsmiths’ work around her head. A massive gold chain passes thrice round her neck. In her left hand she holds a green scarf; and in her right, a rose, upon which falls a ray, probably intended for a blast of wind issuing from clouds in the upper corner of the picture.

Image Gallery
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