Person:Jane Harrison (2)

Jane Harrison
Facts and Events
Name Jane Harrison
Gender Female
Birth[1] 1735 , Rockingham, Virginia
Marriage 1751 Virginia, United Statesto Col. Daniel Smith, Sr., of North River and Linville Creek, VA
Death[1] 1796 , Rockingham, Virginia

Ancestral File Number:<AFN> N572-01

Possible kin of Jane Harrison: Augusta County, Virginia Court minutes of September 1, 1748, in regards to the estate sale of Joseph Harrison, (mentioned earlier, Isaiah Harrison, Junior exec). It says that the estate sale was held at the house of Samuel Stewart of goods of Joseph Harrison, deceased, sold by Jeremiah Harrison. It adds: Among the purchasers were Timothy Convey, Samuel Harrison, Samuel Monsey, Arthur Johnson (he lived on Linville Creek, as did Samuel Harrison), Abraham Smith, Samuel Hull, Edward McGinnes, TUNIS HOOD, and others....

Jane HARRISON 1735 - 1796 Repository ID Number: I263

RESIDENCE: DE>Augusta> Rockingham Co., VA

BIRTH: 1735, Sussex Co., DE DEATH: 1796 RESOURCES: See: [S67] Father: Daniel HARRISON Sr. Mother: Margaret CRAVENS

Family 1 : Daniel SMITH MARRIAGE: 1751

 Benjamin SMITH 
 Robert SMITH

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    Records sent to Sandra Smith Gwilliam by Guy R. Smith