Person:James Young (18)

James Young
d.24 Dec 1886
  1. Isaac Young
  2. James Young1830 - 1886
m. 1850
  1. Sarah Young1851 - 1851
  2. Thomas Young1853 - 1858
  3. James Young1855 -
  4. Elizabeth Young1856 - 1943
  5. Brackston "Breck" Young1861 -
  6. Jane Young1862 -
  7. Elisha Young1863 -
  8. Mary Young1867 -
  9. Benjamin Young1871 - 1950
  10. Horace Greely Young1874 - 1942
  11. Lucinda "Cindy" Young1877 - 1917
Facts and Events
Name James Young
Gender Male
Birth? 1830
Marriage 1850 to Sally Emaline Caudill
Death? 24 Dec 1886
Burial? Ted's Welding, Rt. 15, Breathitt County, KY

Childrens names from 1880 Census (St. Louis, MO library) Breathitt Co.., KY p.606

From photo and caption in Jackson paper

    THE YOUNG OF FROZEN...pictured about 1917 or 1918, these are the sons and daughters of James and Emmaline Young of Frozen.  Left to right, Greely Young, Kenmont, KY.  Ben Young of Panbowl, Mary (Young) Smith wife of Henry Smith of Frozen and James (Jeems) Young of Frozen, all now deceased according to our information.  (Ben was Bradley Young' s father.)  Thanks for the photo to Greely Smith, Star Rt. 1, Jackson, the son of Mary.

Is there a daughter Elizabeth (Betty) Young in this family? Is her name Mary Elizabeth Young?

MARRIAGE: James and Sally Emmaline Caudill were married 8/8/1850 in Letcher Co.


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A few years ago I went to the graveyard on Memorial Day with my mother and her sister and brother and some cousins. Mom is Ben Youngs granddaughter and her sister, Kimball Young Henson. Her brother is "Sonny" Young now deceased. Mom (Hazel Young) is still alive, age 85 and Kimball is still alive age 82. Kimball Henson lives in Breathitt, Mom in Cincinnati Ohio. This was the first time I had been to the graveyard. Mom said they used to go every Memorial Day when she was a kid and have dinner on the ground and spend the day there. I had asked her who was buried there. This is in Breathitt Co. She told me Ben and Becky (Gillum) were buried there and other relatives. So we went with wreaths and flowers for the graves. I asked her about Benjamins parents but she knew nothing. When we got there the first grave we decorated was Bradley and Sarah (Raleigh) Young, mom and Kimballs parents. They had flowers also for Tommie Young who was Benjamins son who died when he was about 10. I looked around for Ben and Rebeccas grave but didnt see it. Mom knew nothing. Aunt Kimball told me that they had no marker. I couldnt believe it. When I got back to Cincinnati I got the addresses of all the grandchildren of Ben and Rebecca and wrote and asked for a contribution for a stone. Everyone I wrote sent money. It was wonderful. I ordered a marker and had it set. Anyway, while I was at the graveyard I began to browse. It wasnt long before I found James and Emaline. Mom and Kimball didnt even know who they were and had never decorated it. As I recall, mom mentioned the name of the graveyard as Smith Graveyard. There are a lot of Smiths buried there. Ben's two sisters had married Smiths, I believe they were brothers, not sure. I have 7 volumes of cemetery books from Breathitt but this graveyard was not included in them.

attached photo of James and Emaline marker.

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Chris and Crystal,

I have not worked on my Youngs and Gillums in a long time. I have been doing a lot of volunteer lookups.

First I would love also to have any Young or Gillum photos. A few years ago I acquired Ben (my gr grandfather) and his brother Greely Young, together. I would love to see Brack. Are we talking about Ben and Greely's brother Brack? I remember mom telling me about Brack. She said he would often drink buttermilk when he was at Ben Young and Becky's (Gillum). She laughed as she recalled how he would suck the buttermilk from his mustache. Also I do have a photo of James Young and Emalines graves, if anybody wants it. As I recall, there were two small rocks on each side of that grave with initials carved into them, as I recall the two children who died young. One was Thomas, I would have to look at my records for the other one, a female first or second child as memory recalls (maybe Elizabeth?). I have a photo of Dora Gillum Hatton, sister to Becky Gillum. I have a photo of Betty Young Smith (another sibling) with her son Edin Smith and his wife. I have a photo of William Jackson Cope who was a brother to Wiley. I have a photo of Delilah Strong Cope, sister to Susan Strong, Melissa Strong Back sister to Susan, and Thomas Jefferson Strong a brother to Susan Strong Cope. Some arent real clear but good enough to see what they looked like.

There is no doubt in my mind that Thomas Young is the father of our James although some people reject that.

Nice to hear from you Sharon, and glad to meet you Chris.


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