Person:James Walkup (2)

Capt. James Alexander Walkup
m. Abt. 1719
  1. Joseph Walkup, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA1719 - 1787
  2. Margaret "Mary" Walkupbef 1722 - ABT 1795
  3. Capt. James Alexander Walkup1724 - 1798
  4. Elizabeth WalkupAbt 1725 -
  5. Florence Walkup1730 - Bef 1763
  6. Arthur Walkup1734 - 1834
m. ABT 1757
  1. Samuel Walkup1758 -
  2. John Walkup1760 - 1823
  3. James Walkup1763 - 1784
  4. Martha Walkup1768 - 1820
  5. Israel Walkup1769 - 1827
  6. William Walkup1770 -
  7. Joseph Walkup1776 - 1829
  8. Nancy Walkup1778 -
  9. Robert Walkup1780 - 1846
  10. Margarette Walkup1783 -
Facts and Events
Name Capt. James Alexander Walkup
Gender Male
Birth? 15 Nov 1724 On A Ship Crossing the Atlantic Ocean from Ireland
Marriage ABT 1757 North Carolinato Margaret Pickens
Death? 3 FEB 1798 Prob. North Carolina


This material came originally from articles done by Clara Lane for the OUR HERITAGE articles for the John Foster Chapter of the D.A.R. for

The Monroe Enquirer.

These are transcripts of some of the articles that pertain to the Pickens or Allied families. They are present as they were written. This material is for RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY and for DOCUMENTATION PURPOSES ONLY, copyright are still owned by the John Foster Chapter of the D.A.R. The material came from the book OUR HERITAGE SERIES published in the Monroe Enquirer by CLARA LANEY, Complied by Frances R. Small, and pub. by Historical Publications, Inc. 103 W. Franklin St., Monroe, N.C. 28110

"December 18, 1958


---Samuel Walkup and his wife Nancy Alexander came from Ireland and settled in Pennsylvania. ---Their children were: ---John, James, reared in Penn. move to Va, m. Margaret Pickens, dau. of Israel Pickens: Elizabeth m. McWhorter; Joseph; ______, Mrs. Grimes, who lived in VA. ---Children of James and Margaret P. Walkup; James, b. 9-17-1763, d. 3-30-1784; Samuel, b. 1758 m. Elizabeth Guthrie, 2-1-1790 m. Nancy Patterson 8-4-1801; John b. 12-8-1760, m. 2-15-1796, d. 4-12-1823; William, b. 11-22-1770 m. Hannah Orr 3-12-1798; Israel, b. 9-17-1769 m. Peggy _____ 3-8-1795; Joseph b. 1776 m. Jane Orr 2-10-1803 d. 4-2-1829. Jane died 8-21-1229; Robert Orr, b. 12-7-1773 m. Elizabeth Howie (4 sons burned to death) 2-7-1823; Margaret Brown, b. 8-10-1783 d. 12-22-1793; Nancy Crocket, b. 1780 (or did she marry a Crocket?): Martha, b 2-10-1768 m. Findley 2-2-1790 d. 9-3-1820. ---Children of Joseph and Jane Orr Walkup; Arpeliza Jane, b 5-7-1804 m. J.B. Kerr 3-10-1825 d 1873; Peggy Harriet, b 1-19-1808 Nancy b. 2-5-1808 m. J.H McMurray 7-26-1827 m. Taylor _____ d. 5-9-1896 Elizabeth Huey b. 12-21-1814 (or did she marry a Huey?: Martha (another list gives no Martha, but Patsy, b. 12-2-1812 m. 1st Wm. Stitt, 2nd Aaron Huey; Melinda Emeline, b. 1-7-1822 m. Wm. Boyce 1-2-1852 d. 12-13-1898 Robert Orr, b. 1-20-1810; James Ralston, b. 2-3-1817; Esther Douglas David Walkup, b. 4-29-1820 d. 12-8-1820


Joseph and Jane (Orr) Walkup, m. February 10, 1803 John Finalley (or Findley) m. Martha, February 2, 1790 Samuel and Elizabeth Walkup, m. February 1, 1790, first wife. Samuel Walkup and Nancy Paterson, m. August 4, 1801 second wife. John and ______ Walkup, m. Feb. 15, 1796 Israel and Peggy m. March 5, 1795. Wm. Walkup and Hanah Orr m. March 12, 1795 Arpeliza Jane Walkup m. J.B. Kerr march 10, 1825 Nancy P. Walkup was married to her husband, W.H. Murray on July 26, 1827. Later m. Taylor. Emeline Walkup and Wm. Boyce m. Jan. 2, 1852 Josephine E. Kerr m. Rev. Henry Thompson Sloan, Jan. 2, 1851, by Rev. Jas Watt. Nancy Jane Kerr and John L. Brown m. Aug 23, 1853 by Rev. H. Thompson Sloan.


Arpeliza Jane Wakup, b. May 7, 1804 Nancy Patterson Walkup, b. Feb. 5, 1808 Robert Orr Walkup, b. Jan. 20, 1810 Patsey Findlay Walkup, b. Dec 2, 1812 (sometimes called Margha Findley). Betsy Huey Walkup, b. Dec. 21, 1814 James Holston Walkup, b. Feb. 3, 1817 Esther Douglas Davis Walkup, b. April 29, 1820 Malinda Emmaline,b. Jan. 4, 1822 (Birth dates of Kerr children omitted here) John Walkup, Dec 6, 1760 James, Sept. 17, 1763 Israel Walkup, b. Sept. 17, 1768 William Walkup, b. Nov. 22, 1770 Robert Orr, Dec. 7, 1773 Joseph Walkup, 1776 Nancy Crockett, 1780 Margaret Brown August 1783

(Other children, taken from Tree, are Samuel, 1758 (to Nancy Patterson August 4, 1810; Robert Orr, 1773, Dec 7, (to Elizabeth Howie whose sons were born; Nancy, 1780, to (Crockett).

Deaths James Walkup, d. Feb.3, 1798 Margaret Walkup senior d. Dec. 22, 1793 James walkup Jr., D. March 20, 1784 James Walkup Crockett, d Jan. 1, 1797 Elilzabeth Walkup, senior, D. Sept. 25, 1797 William Crockett, d. Nov. 1, 1806. James Walkup, Junior second, d. Aug 19, 1797 Margaret Walkup, Junior d. Mch, 23, 1808 Sally Walkup d. Dec. 15, 1807 Martha Findly, d. Sept. 3, 1820 (--) Peggey (---) McCorkle, d. Sept. 29, 1822

Robert Walkup's family, James, John, Joseph and Robert was taken from this world by fire Feb. 7, 1823. All buried in one grave at Old Washaw church. Joseph W. Kerr, d. May 20, 1827 Jane Harriet Kerr, d. April 12, 1832 Arpeliza Jane Kerr, d. ___ 1873. Nancy P. Taylor d. May 9, 1896 Joseph Walkup d. April 2, 1829 Jane Walkup, d. June 21, 1829 Easter Davis Walkup, d. Dec 8, 1820 Peggy Harriet Walkup d. Oct. 20,1820 Kayra Habe /bitcem d, Ict, __ 1757 (Written at the close of Apocrypha of The Walkup Bible.) Samuel Walkup family's ages, his wives and children: First wife, Elizabeth Guthrie, was born the 25th day of Dec. 1761 Second wife, Nancy Patterson, was born the 25th day of Jan. 1774 or 1779.

Children by first wife:

Margaret Walkup, b. 11th day of Nov. 1780. James Walkup, b. the 2nd day of July 1782 (or 4) William G. Walkup, b. 5th of Sept. 1786 Robert Walkup b. 20th March 1791 Samuel Walkup Junior, b. Jan. 11, 1793

Children of his second wife:

Thomas Walkup b. April 28, 1802 Patsey Walkup, b. April 27, 1804 Salley Walkup, b. Jan. 16, 1807 Polly Walkup, b. March 11, 1808 Peggey Pickens Findley was born the 30th day of July, anno domini 1785 James P. Walkup, b. 20th of Nov. 1786 Peggy Pickens Walkup, b. 21st day of July 1890 (re-written, probably wrong date); Laura ___ Eliza Walkup, b. Apr. 30, 1801 ___ Walkup, b. Dec. 1804 Robert Walkup, b. Sept. 26, 1806 (re-written) William Hollings- 1809 William Crockett, b. Nov. 27, 17-- ___ Crockett, b 1st of Dec James Walkup Crockett, b. Oct. 8, 1795 ___ (Seems another born same date). Then follow several illegible names, seemingly Crocketts, with dates as best can be made out: 1798; 1800;1800; 1802; 18--


---Wanted: To locate or information on a diary written by Hon. Thomas Walker Huey who died April 23, 1754, age 56 years and was buried at Tizah Presbyterian church --"

"Thursday, May 7, 1959 Walkup Family Genealogy

___Tradition: Samuel Walkup married Nancy Alexander and they came from Carrick-Fergus, Ireland in 1727, having gone to Ireland from Scotland during The Protestant persecution. ___Their second son James A. Walkup married Margaret Pickens who was a daughter of Israel Pickens. Israel Pickens was a brother of Andrew Pickens the father of General Andrew Pickens (who was born in Bucks county, Penn. Sept. 13, 1739, died in Pendelton Dist, S.C. Aug, 17, 1817.) ___James A. Walkup b. 1724 d. 1798 married Margaret Pickens b. 1740 d. 1793. Their Children: Samuel Walkup b. 1758 m. Elizabeth Guthrie, 2nd: Nancy Patterson; John Walkup b. 1760; James Walkup, Jr. b. 1763; Martha Walkup b. 1766 m. John Finley; Israel Walkup b. 1768 m. Peggy Morrow (Question by L. H. McMurray - Would they be parents of David Morrow Walkkup ?); William Walkup b. 1770 m. Hannah Orr; Joseph Walkup b. 1776 m. Jane Orr; Agnes Nancy Walkup b. 1778 m. William Crockett: __Robert Walkup b, 1780 d. 1846 m. 1st Elizabeth Huey, b. 1786 d. 1826, 2nd Dorcas Montgomery b. 1805 d. 1891. __Children of Robert Walkup and Elizabeth Huey (or Huey); James Alexander Walkup b. 1807 - burned to death; John Hoey Walkup b. 1809- burned to death; Joseph Walkup b. 1812 - burned to death; Robert Erwin Walkup b. 1814 - burned to death; Ann Walkup b. 1826 d. 1860 m Dickey Darling Anderson Belk b. 1829; Elizabeth Walkup b. 1805 m 1st Alexander Ingram - children: Elizabeth, Eugenia, m. 2nd Col. James A. Dunn, children; Robert Dunn: Samuel H. walkup b. 1818 d. 1876 m. Amelie Minnie Price, b. 1837 d. 1830, children: Alice, Lella, Minnie; Samuel Walkup b. 1820 d. 1892 m. Jane Elizabeth Miller b. 1830 d. 1893; Mary H. Walkup b. 1818 d. 1848 m. John (or Joseph) Douglas: Margaret Pickens Walkup b. 1810 d. 1831 m. Moses White: Jane Alexander Walkup b. 1823 d. 1844 no record. ___Children of Robert Walkup and Dorcas Montgomery, his 2nd wife: Robert Walkup b. 1780 d. 1846 m. 2nd Dorcas Mongtomgery b. 1805 d. 1891 ___Their children: Joseph R. Walkup b. 1828 d. 1819; Benjamin Walkup b. 1830 d. 1831: Martha E. Walkup b. 1834 d. 1905: M. James Houston b. 1817 d. 1901; Sara Narcissus Walkup b. 1836 d. 1932 m. 1st Able Nelson W. Belk. 2nd John R. Simpson; Robert Walkup b. 1839 d. 1839; Julia H. Walkup b. 1840 d. 1842; Henry Clay Walkup b. 1843 d. 1907 m. 1st Nannie Ivey b. 1846 d. 1889 m. 2nd Ira Wood b. ___ d. 1922 ___The above Walkup records were copied from the records sent to the writer by Leroy Huey Dunn, Palestine, Texas. Copied May 19, 1957, by Landry Huey McMurray, P.O. Box 954, Rock Hill, S.C. __The writer would like to get further information on the family of Israel Walkup and Peggy Morrow I cannot help but believe that David Morrow Walkup was their son. David Morrow Walkup married the youngest daughter of James and Jane (Walker) Huey. Jane was a sister of my great grandfather Thomas Walker Huey, Lancaster District, South Carolina. ___A number of Israel and Peggy Morrow Walkup's descendants live in the Unity community in northern Lancaster county S.C. Mr. Sam (uel) Walkup who operated a general mds. store for a number of years in the Unity community, _____ _____tain that some of this family ____ could have information that would be a great help in getting our records complete. Any help will be greatly appreciated. ___Also, in this Unity community I believe can be found both Huey and McMurray family records that our family does not have. I have located some Huey records in the Nath Hillman family and the Neals of Unity were also connected with our McMurray family sever generations back. Cousin Ed McDow of Cameron, Okla, things that an old lady Neal that nursed Uncle Joe (Joseph Ballard) McMurray after was partially paralyzed may have gotten the old Co. William Harper McMurray Bible. She was kin to our family and maybe cherished the old Bible with records of her ancestors in it. I have not been to get any thing on this but not being in contact with anyone still living in Unity, I have not had much chance to make many inquires. ___This column was complied by Mr. L. H. McMurray, P.O. Box 954 Rock hill, S.C. who is interested in genealogy and has a very valuable records on other families. CBI

Thursday, March 7, 1963 WALKUP

Copies by Davis L. McWhorter, Bethel, N.C. June 30, 1961. As sent to him by Prof. Raymond M. Bell, W. & J College, Washington, Pa. Mr. Bell was sent these letters by Marvin E. Perkins, 610 Cortland Ave. Mamaroneck, N.Y. (Nine letters to Samuel Walkup Sr., of Madison County Kentucky, dated from 1823-1846)

{There are only seven letters in this material. The five concerning the family are here. jcp}

Letters are from relatives living in Mecklenburg, North Carolina, Union county, North Carolina, Monroe County, Missouri. Revolutionary war soldiers named also statement about birthplaces of Andrew Jackson. Names contained in letters: brothers and sisters: 1. Samuel Walkup, oldest, married twice. 2. Robert Walkup, married twice, had 21 children, 3. Israel Walkup. 4. Joseph Walkup, 5. Nancy Walkup married William Brown, 6. John Walkup. 1. Samuel Walkup, first wife, Nancy _____ Children: Samuel Walkup, Thomas Walkup, James Walkup, Betsy Walkup married Zachariah Hernden. Children: Nancy married Griffith Tuggle, John Walkup married Lucinda ___. Children; Elizabeth, Robert Walkup, Grandson Findley Walkup. Comments by D.L. McWhorter: Prof. Bell is interested in the Pickens Family. Capt. James Walkup married Margaret Pickens, and they were the parents of the six and other children) above. Margaret Pickens was the daughter of Israel Pickens, who died in old Lunenburg Co. VA, but who earlier with brothers lived in old Augusta Co, where they were related to the Baskin Family. Mr. Bell is also interested in. The family of Israel Pickens removed t the present Cabarrus area of North Carolina. The copyist, D.L. McWhorter, is interested in the George McWhorter, who married Elizabeth Walkup, sister of Capt. James Walkup and lived adjoining in Waxhaws, N.C. 2. Robert Walkup, married Dorkes ______. Children James Walkup, John Walkup, Joseph Walkup, Robert Walkup, Samuel H. Walkup, Elizabeth Walkup, married _____Dunn. Jane walkup, Herny Clay Walkup, Mary Walkup, one daughter married Joe Douglas, her cousin, Betty Walkup, married ____Ingram. Children: Eugenia Ingram, daughter: 2. Israel Walkup. Children: David Walkup, had six children. Samuel Walkup, married twice James Walkup, Margaret Walkup, married. Elizabeth Walkup, married. Nancy Walkup, married Eliza Walkup. married. 4. Joseph Walkup. Children Robert Walkup. lived in Tennessee, James Walkup, lived in Tennessee, Jane Walkup, married ___Kerr, clerk of court of Mecklenburg Co. North Carolina. Nancy Walkup, married ___McMurray, Elizabeth Walkup married ____Belk, Patsey Walkup, married ____Hoey, Emeline Walkup. Israel Davis (widow and children moved to Tennessee and Mississippi). James Davis, Children; daug, married ____Craig; daughter, married_____Nesbit; daughter, married Sam Baker Robert Davis Children: Israel Davis, married _____Huey, James Huey, Children; Thomas Huey, Children daughter, married Robert Davis, Hercules Huey, Children, Joseph Huey, Sam Huey, brother of Polly Huey, Polly Huey, married. _____Garvery; Joe Douglas married sister of Robert Walkup's wife. children Joe Douglas married his cousin, daughter of Robert Walkup. Revolutionary Soldiers; Samuel Givens, Hugh Forbes, Thomas Kirpatrick, Andy Walker, Others mentioned: Robert Pickens, Nancy Williams and two daughters. Rev. S.C. Milton, Mr, Marten, Mr. Flynn, Mr. Morgan, Mr. Pollard, Mr. Tolbert, Zachariah Herndon, James Herndon, Grandfather Herndon, father of Zachariah, Richard Powers, I.I. Gillespy. Mike Faris, "Aunt" Glagow Farts, Andrew Jackson, George McAmies, James Crawford, Mrs. Lapley, aunt of Andrew Jackson, Mrs. Lathan, consign of Andrew Jackson McCains, Carns.

Some information on this family: Hooten Family (aka The Rock) Cemetery, Henry County, GA



Compiled and submitted to the UsGenWeb Archives by: Linda S. Sanders


This cemetery is located in Land Lot 147 of the 8th District, Henry County, GA. From I75 South, take exit 218. Go East on GA Hwy. 81, through McDonough and approximately 8 miles beyond. Cemetery is on the right, just past McClained Drive, about 800 feet from the highway across a pasture. An old rock wall surrounds it.

A bronze plaque located at the entrance states: "James Hooten born 4/14/1790 and wife Susannah Kidd born 1798 came to this area in the early 1800’s from S. Carolina. On 1/11/1838 James Hooten deeded this property for the sum of $1.00 to the trustees of the Ola Presbyterian Chuirch for the purpose of a cemetery. James is buried in the big mound just inside the gateway of the cemetery. Susannah is buried next to him and most of the graves in the cemetery are of his children and their families. James died on 10/28/1863. Susannah died in 1869. We hope that you will enjoy your visit to the cemetery and we prayerfully request that you help us honor the dead who are buried here. They are our ancestors."

History of those buried here as follows: James Hooten (son of Littleton Hooten?) married Susannah Kidd (daughter of Moses and Cary Powers Kidd). Their children/family buried here:

Moses Hooten, who married (1st) Nancy A. Hunt (daughter of John Singleton & Mary Gaines Hunt).

Frances Anderson Brown Hooten (wife of William A. Hooten), her parents William & Margarette Walkup Brown (daughter of Cpt. James Walkup & Margaret Pickens), their son James Says Hooten, and her sister Nancy Jane Brown Grant* (wife of Benjamin Grant). Would the Grant children be part of Nancy’s family?

Nancy Walkup Crockett* (widow of William Crockett, sister of Margarette Walkup), Melissa McClendon Crockett (wife of James Walkup Crockett (Nancy’s son)), and their infant.

Margaret Walkup Hooten* (daughter of Frances Anderson Brown & William Hooten). Of interest is the fact that records show that Margaret Walkup Hooten married Henry G. DeLamar. Supposedly they only had one child named Fanny (1856-1933). Based on the dates and inscription of Wiley DeLamer’s headstone, could he be their son?

No readily available information was available to connect the Lancaster or Morgan individuals to this family. In the event that it does become available, information will be revised.

  • According to records, buried here; however, no headstone found. There are several fieldstone

markers, which may be theirs.

Alphabetical IndexBirth DateDeath DateNotes

Brown, Margarette08/14/178303/28/1860 Brown, William178312/12/1840

Crockett, Melissa01/15/180107/26/1841and her infant child 7/25/1841

DeLamar, Wiley S.08/22/186109/19/1889s/o H.G. & M.W.

Grant, Mary Jane09/21/186202/15/1872d/o J.B. & M.E. Grant, Roscoe Wilkerson08/02/188409/12/1886grandson of J.B. & M.E.

Hooten, Fanny A. Brown04/30/181910/12/1859d/o W. & Margarette Hooten, James04/14/179010/28/1863no headstone, info from inscription Hooten, James S.06/17/183812/06/???? Hooten, Moses03/19/182310/17/1904 Hooten, Nancy A.182504/06/1895w/o Moses, age around 70 yrs. Hooten, Susannah Kidd17981869no headstone, info from inscription

Lancaster, Malia A. Spinks05/30/187208/20/1900 Lancaster, W.M.11/03/187206/12/1895

Morgan, Thomas J.08/09/187706/15/1883