Person:James Treat (2)

Lieutenant James Treat
m. 27 Apr 1615
  1. Honor Treat1616/17 - Bef 1690
  2. Johanna Treat1618 - 1694
  3. Sarah TreatAbt 1619 - Aft 1673
  4. Ens. Richard Treat1622/23 - 1693
  5. Governor Robert Treat1624/25 - 1710
  6. Elizabeth Treat1627 - 1706
  7. Susanna Treat1629 - Bet 1705 & 1709
  8. Alice Treat1631/32 - 1633
  9. Lieutenant James Treat1634 - 1708/09
  10. Katharine Treat1637 -
m. 26 Jan 1665
  1. James Treat1666 - 1741/42
  2. Samuel TreatBet 1668 & 1669 - 1732
  3. Jemima Treat1667/68 - 1742
  4. Salmon TreatBet 1672 & 1673 - 1762
  5. Richard TreatAbt 1675 - 1713
  6. Jerusha TreatCal 1678 - 1754
  7. Joseph TreatBet 1679 & 1680 - 1756
  8. Mabel TreatAbt 1681 -
  9. Rebecca TreatAbt 1686 - 1753
  10. Mabel TreatAbt 1688 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Lieutenant James Treat
Gender Male
Christening[1] 20 Jul 1634 Pitminster, Somerset, England
Marriage 26 Jan 1665 Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticutto Rebecca Latimer
Will[2] 9 Jan 1708/09
Death[1][2] 12 Feb 1708/09 Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Burial[3] Village Cemetery, Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Estate Inventory[2] 3 Mar 1708/09 £1235-14-02. Taken by Jonathan Belden, Edward Bulkeley and John Lattimer.
Probate[2] 7 Mar 1708/09 Will proved.
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    "James (Treat), bapt. (Pitminster) 20 July 1634; d. at Wethersfield, 12 Feb. 1708/9 in 75th yr.; m. at Wethersfield, 26 Jan. 1664/5, Rebecca Lattimer, b. at Wethersfield, 6 Oct. 1646, d. there 23 Aug. 1734 ae. 88 (g. s.), dau. of John and Ann (_____) Lattimer. He served as Deputy for Wethersfield, May 1672, May and Oct. 1673, May 1674, May and Oct. 1682, Oct. and Nov. 1683, May, July and Oct. 1686, Jan. 1687, Sept. and Oct. 1689, May, Sept. and Oct. 1693, Feb., May and Oct. 1694, May and Oct. 1695, May and Oct. 1696, May and Oct. 1701, Oct. 1702, May and Oct. 1706, and Apr. 1707; commissioned Lieutenant of the Wethersfield Train Band, Oct. 1679; Commissioner, later Justice, 1693 to 1706 inclusive."

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    WILL: Dated Jan. 9, 1708/9; Inventory taken March 3, 1708/9; died Feb. 12, 1708/9 names wife Rebecca; sons: eldest James, 2nd Samuel, Salmon, Richard & Joseph; daughters: Jerusha wife Capt. Thomas Wells, Rebecca wife Ebenezer Deming & Mabel Treat; grandsons: William Wells & Joseph Deming. [Early CT Probate Records Vol 2, p. 127-8, by Manwaring] A DIGEST OF THE EARLY CONNECTICUT PROBATE RECORDS. 1700 to 1710. Page 213-14-15-16 Name: James Treat, Sen. Location: Wethersfield Died 12 February, 1708-9. Invt. œ1235-14-02. Taken 3 March, 1708-9, by Jonathan Belden, Edward Bulkeley and John Lattimer. Will dated 9 January, 1708-9. The last will and testament of James Treat, Sen., of Wethersfield: I give unto my eldest son James Treat a double share or portion of my land lying in Wethersfield. I give unto my 2nd son Samuel Treat the homelot with the house thereon standing, which lot of land I purchased of John Edwards and his mother according as sd. lott is bounded in the Records. I give my sd. son 10 acres of land in the Plaine, bounded upon Mr. Nathaniel Stanly's heirs, on land of John Chester, on sundry homelots, and my own land in the Great Plaine; 4 acres of land in the Great Swamp, next to Thomas Hollister, decd.; 2 acres of land in the Great Plaine next to the land of James Steele. I give unto my son Salmon Treat 200 acres of land which lyeth near the Great Pond near the road leading towards Colchester, for which 200 acres of land I have a Grant from the General Assembly; and also gave or paid the Native Purchase, and the same was laid out to me by order of Court. I give unto my son Salmon an equal share of my personal estate, which I leave in the hands of my wife. I give to my son Richard Treat, moreover and above what I have already given to him sd. Richard as by deed of guift sheweth, I say I give unto him a single share of the estate I leave in the hands of his mother. I give to my son Joseph Treat 1-2 of my lot lying on the West Field Hill, containing 6 acres or more, which piece of land is to be between my sons Richard and Joseph. And I leave the partition to be made by my sd. sons as may best accommodate and suit each other. Also, I give unto my sd. son Joseph Treat my now dwelling house and homelot, with all the buildings thereon, after the decease of his mother. I give unto my daughter Jerusha, the wife of Capt. Thomas Welles, to be to her and her eldest son William Welles forever, 3 score acres of land lying on Cow Plaine, to be on the north side of my lot, which Estate I give to be an addition to my daughter to what I have already given her. I give unto my daughter Rebeckah, the wife of Ebenezer Deming, to be to her and her son Joseph Deming forever, the remainder of my lot on the Cow Plaine, being about 54 acres on the south side. I give to my daughter Mabel Treat œ100 current country pay. I give, or my mind is that my loving wife Rebeckah Treat shall have, the improvement of all my lands that I have not given to any of my children in this my last will or by deed of guift heretofore, that my wife have the use of sd. lands for her maintenance, subsistence and comfort during her natural life. I give unto my four sons, James Treat, Samuel Treat, Richard Treat and Joseph Treat, all those lands which I leave in the hands of my wife. I do appoint my sons James Treat and Samuel Treat to be executors. I give my purchase of 200 acres of land near the Stone House beyond the bounds of Glastonbury, and also a right I purchased in the lands at Oweantinuck, both which I give to my executors, James and Samuel Treat and their heirs forever. Witness: Samuel Boreman, Ebenezer Kilbourn. James Treat Sen., ls. Court Record, Page 122--7 March, 1708-9: Will proven. This Court grant letters of Adms. to James Treat and Samuel Treat, executors, with the will annexed. Page 34 (Vol. XII) 1st October, 1735: It appearing to this Court that, in order to a dist. of the estate of James Treat according to his last will, an invt. of the lands by deed of guift to his sons James Treat and Richard Treat should be taken: Whereas, John Lattimer and Jonathan Belding, formerly appointed to take sd. invt., are deceased, this Court now appoint Jonathan Belding, Lt. Joshua Robbins and Capt. Edward Bulkeley to apprise sd. lands at the value when the former inventory was taken, 3rd March, 1708-9. Page 35--4 November, 1735: James Treat, one of the heirs to the estate of James Treat, late decd., and one of the executors of the will, informs this Court that the heirs did not and would not agree among themselves to divide the land or real estate of the sd. deceased, and that Samuel Treat, one of the executors and son of the sd. deceased, being deceased, he, the sd. James Treat, executor, had not power alone to divide sd. realestate, therefore cited the heirs to appear before the Court to object if they see cause why freeholders to divide the estate should not be appointed at the hearing. This Court decides that there cannot be equal division unless there be a new apprisal, forasmuch as the deceased, in and by his will, left the real estate in the possession of his widow, and after her decease to be divided by their sons, and the sd. widow being lately deceased, and the dwelling house decayed, this Court order a new apprisal of sd. estate. James Treat, heir and executor, appealed from this decree to the Superior Court.

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