Person:James Richardson (10)

m. 24 Sep 1728
  1. Major James Richardson1729 - 1795
  2. William Richardson1731 - 1814
  3. Sarah Richardson1732 - Bef 1762
  4. Lt. Luke Richardson1734 - 1812
  5. John Richardson1736 - 1739
  6. Esther Richardson1738/39 - 1812
  7. John Richardson1741 - 1814
  8. Joseph Richardson1744 -
  9. Josiah Richardson1746 - 1820
  • HMajor James Richardson1729 - 1795
  • WHannah House1734 - 1811
m. 10 Jan 1753
  1. James Richardson1755 -
  2. Hannah Richardson1757 -
  3. Joseph Richardson1759 -
  4. Salmon Richardson1761 -
  5. Catherine Richardson1763 - 1842
  6. Dorothy Richardson1764 -
  7. Esther Richardson1767 -
  8. Rebecca Richardson1769 -
m. 11 Oct 1773
Facts and Events
Name[2] Major James Richardson
Gender Male
Birth[1] 25 Dec 1729 Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage 10 Jan 1753 Lancaster, Worcester, Massachusetts, United Statesto Hannah House
Divorce Abt 7 Oct 1772 from Hannah House
Marriage 11 Oct 1773 to Priscilla Reed
Death[3][4] 9 Jun 1795 Leominster, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
  1. Johnson, Edward F. Woburn Records of Births, Deaths, and Marriages . (Woburn, Massachusetts: Andrews, Cutler & Co., 1890-1919)
    Vol. 1, p. 214.

    RICHARDSON, James, s. of James and Sarah, [born] Dec. 25, 1729.

  2. Vinton, John Adams; Franklin Richardson; and Isaac Richardson. The Richardson Memorial: Comprising a Full History and Genealogy of the Posterity of the Three Brothers, Ezekiel, Samuel and Thomas Richardson, Who Came from England and United with Others in the Foundation of Woburn, Massachusetts in the Year 1641; of John Richardson of Medfield, 1679; of Amos Richardson of Boston, 1640; of Edward and William Richardson of Newbury, 1643; with Notices of Richardsons in Endland and Elsewhere. (Portland, Maine: Brown Thurston & Co., 1876)
    p. 571.

    Major James Richardson [#5407], s/o James Richardson and Sarah Fowle, b. Woburn 25 Dec 1729, m. 12 Feb 1749-50 Hannah Reed.

  3. Leominster, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States. Vital records of Leominster, Massachusetts to the end of the year 1849. (Worcester, Massachusetts: Franklin P. Rice, 1911)
    p. 349.

    RICHARDSON, Maj. James, [died] June 9, 1795, a. 65. Paralysis. CR [June 10 in 67th y., GS]
    [Birth either 1729 or 1730.]

  4. Massachusetts. Supreme Judicial Court (Worcester County). Probate records, 1798-1854. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1971).

    [Note: as "Hannah, wid. Maj. James" did not die until 1811, the James Richardson who is married to Priscilla, and is described by the following docket, may not be this James Richardson, though the dates appear to match well with his death record.]
    FHL film 0858554 Worcester Docket 50313 James Richardson Leominster 1795
    Priscilla Richardson & Thomas Legate Jr. appointed Admrs.
    Sept 17 Bond $10000 Thomas Legate & Metaphon Chace sureties 178:285
    Sept 17 Letter 122:286
    Sept 17 Warrant of Appraisal 621:256
    Sept 17 Order of Notice of Appointment 274:297
    1796 May 17 Inventory Pers. $174.53
    May 17 $40 Allowed Widow
    May 17 List of Debts
    June 17 Commission of Insolvency issued to Nehemiah Clap & Ephraim Lincoln 5 mos further time to prove Claims. Allowed Dec. 6. Report filed Dec. 4, 1798, 573:157
    1801 Jan. 14 Pet. for further time to settle Estate
    Feb. 4 Account Bal. $82.25 Allowed & distribution to creditors ordered Feb. 4 30:107

    Film 0856315 Vol. 27, p. 38 "An Inventory of the Estate of James Richardson late of Leominster in the County of Worcester esq'r deceased" totaled $174.53, taken by Thomas Gowing, David Wilder, and John Wood. "40 Dollars allowed the widow."
    17 May 1796: "Personally appeared Mr Thomas Legate Jr and Prissilla Richardson and made Solemn Oath to the foregoing Inventory in due & usual form".

  5.   This page undoubtedly contains some errors.

    Vinton, who is normally fairly competent, may have hopelessly confused the genealogy of the James Richardsons of Leominster and Woburn. There may be up to three James and Hannah Richardsons, but he assumed only two. The records do not directly contradict Vinton, but neither do all the pieces fit. The basic items to consider are briefly as follows:
    1. James Richardson m. in Woburn 1749/50 Hannah Read and had a son James and daughter Hannah. So far, all that is from the records, but not found are death records for the two children who Vinton assumes died because he thinks this couple becomes couple #2. Further, there are two James Richardsons b. Woburn in 1729 and this one moved to Leominster in 1735 so how did Vinton know it was him that married Hannah Read in Woburn?
    2. Vinton then adds all the children born to a James and Hannah Richardson in Leominster to couple #1, apparently unaware of a marriage in Lancaster in 1753 of James Richardson of Leominster and Hannah House. One would suspect the James of Leominster, who married Hannah House, is probably this James Richardson, since parents James and Sarah Richardson had moved to Leominster in 1735.
    3. In Woburn, in 1759, a James and Hannah Richardson have a daughter Ruhamah. This is the James who died in Woburn 1773 and whose probate mentions widow Hannah and heir Ruhamah. Vinton only identifies the wife as "Hannah ---".
    4. The probate docket in 1795 Leominster for James Richardson mentions widow Priscilla Richardson. This is the same year Major James Richardson died. But Major James Richardson's wife Hannah was still alive, so either two James Richardsons died in Leominster the same year, or Major James had divorced Hannah and remarried Priscilla. The docket (being just a summary) does not mention heirs, but as the estate is insolvent, and as Priscilla was b. 1749, this certainly could belong to a younger James Richardson, such as the presumed dead son James of couple #1, or a James Richardson from another town, of which there were many?

    Currently, this page generally reflects Vinton and most sources, but the assessment of Jrich is that it is wrong: that James, s/o Phineas married Hannah Read, that this James married Hannah House, that another James married Priscilla, and I don't care to speculate who was the father of Ruhamah (either a fourth James or the s/o Phineas).