Person:James Nelson (6)

James Wright Nelson
b.25 Feb 1790
d.Abt 1837 Ohio
  1. Robert F. Nelson1788 -
  2. James Wright Nelson1790 - Abt 1837
  3. John M. Nelson1791 -
  4. Polly Nelson1795 -
  5. Jane Nelson1796 - 1850
  6. Nancy A. Nelson1796 - Abt 1870
  7. Agnes Nelson1797 -
  8. Margaret "Peggy" Nelson1801 -
  9. Joseph Nelson1803 - 1898
  10. George E. Nelson1809 - Aft 1898
  11. William R. Nelson1812 -
  1. John R. Nelson1824 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] James Wright Nelson
Gender Male
Birth[3] 25 Feb 1790
Marriage to Margaret Unknown
Death[4] Abt 1837 Ohio

1882 History of Lagrange. p. 403 On the designated page (in the section on Newbury Twp. "JOHN R. NELSON is descended from Irish and English ancestors, and came to this county in 1838 with his mother and brother. He was born in Wayne County, Ohio in June 1824, and when about thirteen years old, his father James W. Nelson, died, leaving the family dependent upon their own resources. After their arrival here, his mother, Margaret Nelson, entered a tract of unimproved land in Section 27, of this township, where they settled, cleared a farm and established a home. Mr. Nelson remembers distinctly of crossing the Black Swamp in 1838, and of the abundance and variety of game that filled the forests at that time. He first bought a farm of forty acres in Clay Township, this county, and in 1853, invested in his property of eighty acres, in this township. His wife's maiden name was Miss Mary Boliard; she was born in Crawford County, Ohio, April 3, 1836, and married to Mr. Nelson in 1854, May 30. They have four children living, viz., John F., Rosetta, Montaville and Truben, and have buried two. Mrs. Nelson's parents were Daniel and Elizabeth Boliard; the latter was born in Ohio and the former in Pennsylvania. He came to this township in 1848, is seventy-five years old and lives in Middlebury. Mr. Nelson is much averse to secret societies and orders."

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