Person:James Lanman (1)

James Lanman
m. 1751
  1. James Lanman1752 - 1841
m. Abt 1776
  1. Elizabeth Lanman1777 - 1865
  2. Sarah Lanman1779 - 1832
  3. John Taylor Lanman1783 - 1874
  4. Sophia LanmanBet 1787 & 1789 - 1872
  5. George Lanman1794 - 1873
  6. James Lanman, JrBet 1795 & 1797 - Aft 1860
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3][5] James Lanman
Alt Name James Taylor Lanman
Gender Male
Birth[2][16] 11 Jun 1752 Fairfax County, Virginia
Military[4] Bef Jul 1776 (?) Caswell County, North Carolina
Military[1][5] Jul 1776 Charleston, South Carolina
Marriage Abt 1776 Caswell County, North Carolinato Sythe Blake Sommers
Residence? From 1777 to 1798 (?) Caswell County, North Carolina
Military? 3 Mar 1781 Hillsborough, North Carolina
Residence? From 1798 to 1806 Washington County, Kentucky
Residence[4] From 1806 to 1815 Breckinridge County, Kentucky(lived near his Smith stepbrothers)
Census[6] 1810 Breckinridge County, Kentucky
Other? Bef 1817 Perry County, IndianaMigration
Census[7] 1820 Perry County, Indiana
Census[8] 1830 Morgan County, Illinois
Pension? 29 Apr 1832
Pension? Mar 1834 Perry County, Indiana
Pension? 5 Dec 1838 Perry County, Indiana
Census[15] 1840 Perry County, Indiana
Death[3][16] 4 Mar 1841 Perry County, Indiana
Burial[3][16] Mt. Gilead Cemetery (a/k/a Lanman Cemetery), Perry County, Indiana(modern military marker; any original marker is now missing)

Revolutionary War Service

6th South Carolina Regt record book; see line 3

James apparently enlisted in the militia (in Virginia?) before his Revolutionary War service in South Carolina.[4]

Declaration to Obtain Pension[17]

State of Illinois Schuyler County

On this third day of September A.D. 1832, personally appeared before the county commissioners court of Schuyler County, James Lanman, a resident of said county of Schuyler in the State of Illinois, aged 81 years, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following declatation. . . . That he enlisted in the army of the United States at Charleston, South Carolina in July 1776 as Orderly Sergeant, and served in the First Regiment of Rifle men in the South Carolina line for one year under Capt. John Hampton, Lieut. Presly Hampton, Ensign Mark Jackson, Col. Yougher[?], Genl. Williams, and Major General Henderson, and was marched in the fall of 1776 to the Cherokee Nation and was in the battle near Valley Town at the mouth of Silver Creek, on the Tennessee River. From thence marched to a fort on a river called Toughler[?], which enters into the Savannah River, from thence to Charleston, thence to Lunberg[?] in the State of Georgia, thence back to Charleston where he was discharged. He enlisted a second time as Orderly Sergeant on the third day of March 1781 near a town in North Carolina called Hillsborough under Capt. tillman dickson of the Horse Troops for two years and was attached to a troop of Horse under Capt. william butler, Lieut. Grigsby, Ensign David Hart in the First Regiment of Horse commanded by Col. william Henderson under Genl. Nathaniel Greene. He was in the Battle of Guilford [Courthouse] and from thence marched to South Carolina and was in the Battle of Eutaw Springs, in which he was wounded in the thigh and Genl. Henderson was also wounded, and both were taken to the Widow Nelson's on Santee River where he remained until he recovered of his wound and was then discharged by Genl. Henderson about two months before his time of service was out. He sent his discharge to Abraham Satem a deputy paymaster at Halifax in North Carolina for his pay, who kept it. The paymaster's name was Mumford. . . .

[signed] James Lanman

And the said court do hereby declare their opinion that the above named applicant was a Revolutionary Soldier and served as he states.

[signed] Hart Fellows, Clerk

[War Department statement, 29 Apr 1833]

First service: Entered, 24 May 1776; Sergeant, 27 Aug 1776; not on rolls after 16 Dec 1776.

Service rendered: From Jul 1776 (1 yr), rank of orderly sergeant (aged 21 years). From Mar 1781 (1 yr 10 mos) at Charleston, SC (Horse).

James Lanman of Schuyler County, Illinois, who was a private in the company commanded by Capt. Hampton in the regiment commanded by Col. Henderson on the South Carolina line. Certificate of Pension issued 22 Apr 1834.

State of Indiana Perry County

On this twenty-fifth day of December 1838, before me the subscriber, a justice of the peace for said County of Perry, personally appeared James Landman who on his oath declares that he is the same person who formerly belonged to the company commanded by Captains Hart, Dickson, and Francis Prince in the regiment commanded by Colonel Henry Dixon in the service of the United States; that his name was placed on the pension roll of the State of Illinois from whence he has lately moved, that he now resides in the State of Indiana where he intends to remain, and wishes his pension to be there payable in future, and that his reasons for moving to the State of Indiana are that he lost his wife in said State of Illinois and was left without family of family connexions in said last mentioned state, and that he is contemplating to spend the remainder of his days among his children and grandchildren in Indiana.

[signed] James Lanman

Sworn and subscribed to before me the day and year aforesaid

[signed] Samuel Fisher JP

James's file also includes a tabulated service statement, dated 29 April 1832, for Samuel Lanman. However, the commanding officers, units, and actions engaged in are exactly as described by James Lanman, so this is probably a clerical error.

July 1797, Caswell County, North Carolina: He received at least several voucher payments.

He was granted pension of $28.50 per year as of March 1834 (cert. no. S31812). Paid to 4 March 1841; the agent was "notified 30 September 1841" [of his death].


Breckinridge County, Kentucky, 1810 census:[6]

Lanman, James
10-16 - 2
over 45 - 1
10-16 - 1
over 45 - 1

Perry County, Indiana, 1820 census:[7]

Lanman, James (agriculture - 1)
16-25 - 1
over 44 - 1
under 10 - 1
16-25 - 1
over 44 - 1

Morgan County, Illinois, 1830 census:[8]

Landman, James
70-80 - 1
60-70 - 1

Perry County, Indiana, 1840 census:[15]

under 5 - 1
10-15 - 1
15-20 - 1
20-30 - 1
40-50 - 1
90-100 - 1*
Females:5-10 - 1
10-15 - 2
15-20 - 1
30-40 - 1
  • Revolutionary Pensioner: James Lanman, age 90


Sumner Footprints says:[10]

"Probably from New York, New Holland area" . . . "formerly lived in Charleston, South Carolina, at the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence" . . . settled in Perry County, Indiana; also in Spencer Co, Indiana." Apparently moved to Schuyler County, Illinois, c1830. [It's very unlikely James was from New York, as his family is documented in Virginia for several generations before him.]

Perry County, Indiana, June 1815: Appears on the tax list.[11]

Perry County, Indiana, 1815-1819: Served as one of the three county commissioners.[14]

Perry County, Indiana, 27 Nov 1819: Voted in a JP election, one of 15 ballots cast.[13]

Perry County, 1820: Appears on the list of voters in Anderson Township.[12]


James Lanman was Maried to Sythe Blake Sommers on the 20th day of febuary 1777 and Departed this Life on the 3d day of April 1822, Being Sixty Six years of age one Month and 3 d[ays]

Elizabeth Lanman Daughter of James Lanman and Sythe his wife was born Decembr ye 2d 1777 -- and Salley Lanman Daughter of the above was born November 10th 1779

John Lanman Son of the above was born ye 20th May 1783

Sopha Lanman Daughter of the above was born april 13th 1786

Nancy Lanman was born april 5th 1789

George Lanman was born June ye 19 1792

James Lanman was born ye 10th May 1795

James Lanman Senr was born ye 11th day of June 1752 being in all 70 years of age

NOTE: The last line appears to imply that this record (whose provenance is unknown) was made in 1822. There's also a problem with it.

The two parts of the first entry both appear to refer to James: "James Lanman was maried . . . and departed this life." But if James Lanman Sr., born 1752, died in 1822, then he could not be the James Lanman who filed an application for a Rev War pension in Illinois in 1832, and again in 1838, and who died in Indiana in 1841. (That application mentions no names of other family members, unfortunately.)

The only way this works is if "and departed this life" refers to Sytha -- i.e., that it should be read as "who departed this life." This seems to be the assumption most family members make, probably because they want that Rev War connection.

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