Person:James Hamilton (193)

James Hamilton, 1st of Stonehouse, 4th of Raploch
  1. James Hamilton, 1st of Stonehouse, 4th of Raploch - 1548
  2. John Hamilton, 1st of Neilsland
  • HJames Hamilton, 1st of Stonehouse, 4th of Raploch - 1548
  • WMargaret Mowat
  1. Margaret Hamilton
  2. Janet Hamilton
  • HJames Hamilton, 1st of Stonehouse, 4th of Raploch - 1548
  • WGrizzel Semple - 1575
m. bef 10 Mar 1539-40
  1. James Hamilton - 1548
  2. John Hamilton, 2nd of StonehouseAbt 1533 - Abt 1579
  3. Robert Hamilton - 1565
  4. Thomas Hamilton
  5. Alexander Hamilton
  6. Archibald Hamilton
  7. Grizel Hamilton - 1562
  8. Elizabeth Hamilton
  9. Janet Hamilton
Facts and Events
Name James Hamilton, 1st of Stonehouse, 4th of Raploch
Gender Male
Marriage bef 10 Mar 1539-40 to Grizzel Semple
Death[3] 1548 Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland Provost of Edinburgh and Captain of Edinburgh Castle, he was slain, along with his eldest son James, his deputy, in attempting to quell a riot between the citizens of Edinburgh and the French auxiliaries.
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    James Hamilton 1st married to Margaret Mowat, daughter and sole heiress of Alexander Mowat, as has been stated, a son of Balquhyllie, and a favourite of King James II.

    Issue of this marriage, two daughters -

    1. Margaret, successively married 1st to Robert Hamilton of Milburn:
    Married 2nd to Patrick Hamilton, youngest son of Sir David Hamilton of Preston and captain of Arran:
    Married 3rd to Paul Hamilton of Coates, who also became captain of that island.

    2. Janet, married 1st to Inglis of Murdistoun.
    Married 2nd to Baillie of Carfin.

    James Hamilton of Stonehouse and 2nd Marriage to Grizzel Semple had issue --

    1. James, his heir apparent captain of Edinburgh Castle, deputy under his father, and a director of chancery. He had a charter under the Great Seal, to James Hamilton and Elizabeth Tours his spouse, of the lands of Kittymuir, dated 21st February, 1546. As mentioned, he was slain at Edinburgh in 1548, along with his father and others, leaving a daughter and heiress named Barbara.
    2. John, who succeeded to the estate.
    3. Robert, who was denounced, along with his brother-in-law Patrick Hamilton, at the instance of George Hamilton of Preston, for the capture and detention of Thomas Inglis of Murdistoun, and his eschait given to John Hamilton of Airdrie in 1595. He appears to have been a churchman, for he had a grant of the abbacy of Failfurde, in the diocese of Glasgow, dated 1543, having previously been vicar of Kilmarnock.
    4. Archibald.
    5. Alexander.
    6. Thomas.
    7. Grizzel, who had a charter of her life-rent of the lands of Cassiltown and Castlewallis, in the county of Ayr, dated 1st March, 1556.
    8. Janet.
    9. Daughter
    10. Daughter
    11. Daughter

    These FIVE Daughter’s married respectively to:

    1. Kilpatrick of Closeburn
    2. Lockhart of Cleghorn
    3. Cunningham of Robertland
    4. Crawford of Ferne, and
    5. Hamilton of Silvertonhill

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