Person:James Duncanson (2)

James Duncanson
b.est. 1765-1785
m. 1766
  1. James DuncansonEst 1765 to 1785 -
  2. Mary 'Polly' DuncansonBef 1778 -
  3. Finella Duncanson
  1. William DuncansonEst 1810 to 1820 -
Facts and Events
Name James Duncanson
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1765-1785

Information on James Duncanson

From "The Bowie's and their Kindred", by Walter Worthington Bowie, pub. 1899:

June 12, 1866, Allen B. Bowie married Elizabeth Lovel Duncanson, daughter of William Duncanson and his wife, Martha Finney. Mr. Duncanson resided in Culpeper County, and his wife was the daughter of Page Finney and his wife, Jane, daughter of Col. William Gray, William Duncanson was the son of James Duncanson of Fredericksburgh, and his wife, Elizabeth, a daughter of Capt. John Lovel, of the Revolutionary Army. James Duncanson was a wealthy planter, and resided during the summer in the old colonial house built by his father. Col. James Duncanson, who emigrated to Virginia about 1746 in consequence of having participated in the Stewart Uprising. He settled in Fredericksburg and married :Mary Macauley, the daughter of Dr. Macauley, of Edinburgh, a near relative of the historian, T. B. Macauley. Colonel Duncanson served under Washington in the Braddock Expedition, and was wounded in the throat so that he ever after spoke in a whisper. He participated in the Revolution, and was one of the wealthiest men in that portion of Virginia. He constructed the large brick mansion on his plantation in Culpeper County which was so long owned by his descendants, and which after the Civil War passed to the Barbours. It was known as "Clover Hill." He is buried at Fredericksburg, and on his tombstone is this inscription : "Weed his grave clean, ye men of honor, for he was your countryman." His only son, Capt. James Duncanson, raised and equipped a company of men at his own expense when war was declared against England in 1812, but just as he was about to march to the seat of war, died suddenly, and is buried at Fredericksburg.