Person:James Dugger (17)

James Dugger
m. Before 1787
  1. Anna Dugger1782 -
  2. James Dugger1784 - 1814
  3. Mark Dugger1784 - 1827
  4. Julius Dugger1790 - After 1825
m. 1 Jun 1809
  1. William Cones Dugger1810 - After 1860
  2. James Dugger1814 - 1897
Facts and Events
Name James Dugger
Gender Male
Birth? 1784/1787 Carter, Tennessee, United States
Marriage 1 Jun 1809 Knox, Kentucky, United Statesto Margaret Ross
Death? 6 Jun 1814 Knox, Kentucky, United States

Special thanks to Anita Von Ahsen, James L. Dugger, Wayne Dugger, Bill Ferguson, Karen Woxberg and others for data shared on this family.

James Dugger was born ca 1784/87 in Washington Co, TN (now Carter County). He is a proven son of William Dugger (1750-1839) and his 1st wife (name unknown).

James Dugger was in Knox Co, KY at least by 1808.

James L. Dugger gave us an interesting story as told by Alexander F. Dugger (born 1884) about how William Dugger's three sons by his first wife ran away from home when they were still fairly young (15 and under). It was probably around 1805-1808 timeframe:

"... Three boys Julius, James and Mark Dugger had a stepmother and lived in Tenn. A mischievous boy or boys in the community committed some sort of misdemeanor and laid it on to the eldest one or the Duggers boys a fifteen year old lad. His father a strict disciplinarian took his son to task. The boy denied the blame, Later the conversation at a woman`s meeting (probably a quilting) centered on the mis-deed and all blamed the Dugger boy. Again, the father called his fifteen year old son and quizzed him. The son denied guilt. The father told him that circumstances pointed to him and that he was going to whip him. The son said to his father, "If you whip me it will be the last time that you will ever whip me." The father whipped him. At the evening meal no boys showed up, when they failed to appear by late bed time, the father and his neighbors searched the forest throughout the night for the boys. In the early morning hours the father stood on a large log and called loudly to his boys without reply. The log was hollow and the boys were spending the night in it, yet they did not answer the fathers calls. The boys found their way through the forest to what is know Knox county, Kentucky and their father never located them until all were grown and married. I do not remember which boy was oldest, but James became my g gf . My gf James was born in Knox co. ky. in 1814. He had a brother William older than he. my g gf was thrown from a horse and killed before gf was born. In 1817 his mother moved to Greene co. Ind. were Dugger relatives had previously located. Records in Bloomfield the co seat of Greene co. show that a Julius and Mark Dugger filed on land in 1816. Thus two of the run-away boys and the widow the third one were located in Green co. in the early 1800`s where my gf grew up and married and where my father was born in 1844, My father`s name was Andrew Ferguson Dugger born in clay co. nb. in 1884. I am Alexander F. Dugger born in clay co. nb in 1884 ..."

James Dugger was listed on the 1808 Tax list in Knox Co, KY and listed as living on Lynn Creek. Assuming he was at least 21 by this time, his birth date would have to be ca 1787 or earlier.

James was also listed on the 1809 and 1810 tax list in Knox Co, KY, both times on Lynn Creek.

James Dugger obtained a marriage bond on 1 June 1809 in Knox Co, KY to marry Margaret Ross (listed as "Peggy Rosson").

James Dugger was listed on the 1810 census in Knox Co, KY. He had an extra male with him in the same age group, and this is probably his brother Mark Dugger or his brother Julius Dugger. Can't be sure which it is. Analysis:

  • Knox Co., KY page 70 James Dugger 00200-00100
  • 2 males 16-25 (1784/1794)=1-James Dugger; 2-Mark or Julius Dugger, brother
  • 1 female 16-25 (1784/1794)=Margaret Ross Dugger (c1790) wife

James Dugger was listed on the 1811 Knox Co, KY tax list.

James Dugger died 6 Jun 1814 (source?) in Knox Co, KY. Someone told me he was killed by being thrown from a horse.

See his widow's record for additional information.

Though James Dugger was already dead, he was named in his father William Dugger's Will in 10 Apr 1839 in Carter Co, TN: "I give and bequeath to my son, James Dugger, five dollars."

I don't know if William Dugger was aware that his son had died. The Will did not indicate any such knowledge.