Person:James Dillon (9)

James Theophilus Dillon
b.about 1705
  • HJames Theophilus DillonAbt 1705 - Bef 1772
  • WMary Whitson - Aft 1759
  1. Richard Dillon1745 - 1833
Facts and Events
Name James Theophilus Dillon
Gender Male
Birth[2] about 1705
Death[1] before 19 Nov 1772 Nansemond, Virginia, United States

Goochland County, Virginia Court Orders: ---May Court 1730, Dudley Digges vs James Theophilus Dillon, Defendant ordered to pay to the plaintiff 8 pounds 1 shilling and 7 pence. ---June Court 1730, James Theophilus Dillon comes into court and makes oath that a certain schedule by him subscribed contains a truthful account of all his estate, and on his motion it is ordered that he be discharged from the custoy of the Sheriff at the suit of Dudley Digges. ---July Court 1730, action of trespass between James Theophilus Dillon plaintiff and John Peter Bondurant defendant, dismissed, the plaintiff not present.

Spotsylvania County, Virginia Court Orders: ---2 Sept 1735, James Theophilus Dillon, being by the Sheriff brought to the bar by virtue of Henry Willis, Gent. Dillon is relieved by the act made in favor of poor prisoners who have laid in prison above 20 days...and the sd Dillon exhibited a schedule which he signed and made oath to in open court...therefore ordered he be discharged from prison. ---2 Sept 1735, action of trespass assault and battery brought by James Theophilus Dillon plaintiff against George Poole defendant, trial referred to next court. ---Dec Court 1735, trespass assault and battery, James Theophilus Dillon plaintiff vs Henry Downs defendant, suit dismissed, agreed by parties. ---1 June 1736, trespass, James Theophilus Dillon plaintiff and George Nix defendant, special imparlance granted. ---6 July 1736, trespass, James Theophilus Dillon plaintiff and George Nix defendant, judgment for the plaintiff by nihil dicit. ---3 Aug 1736, trespass, James Theophilus Dillon plaintiff vs George Nix defendant, sd defendant prayed security for costs, the plaintiff being runaway, which was granted. ---6 Oct 1736, trespass, James Theophilus Dillon plaintiff vs George Nix defendant for 20 pounds current money, suit dismissed.

This man is something of an enigma. My current opinion is that he was probably a transported convict from Britain. He fits that general profile: he cannot be "placed" among other men of same/similar surname in which he appears (particularly in Goochland County) but, rather, appears as a "lone ranger"; the American records portray him engaging in criminal activity and living a life of general vagrancy; etc.

Bevin Creel

May 2014

  1. Hopkins, Suffolk Parish Vestry Book 1749-1784 Nansemond County, Virginia, 46.

    [Suffolk Parish paid to] "Samuel Bradley for burying James Theophelus Dillion."

  2. Estimated from Goochland County, VA Court Orders May 1730.