Person:James Campbell (135)

Sir James Campbell
d.14 Oct 1756 Arglyshire, Scotland
m. WFT Est 1682-1685
  1. Duncan Campbell1682-1689 -
  2. Dugald Campbell1682-1689 -
  3. Jane Campbell1682-1689 -
  4. Anne Campbell1682-1689 -
m. BEF 1690
  1. Lady Mary Margaret Catherine Campbell1690 - ABT 1742
  2. Susannah Campbell1691-1709 -
  3. Alexander Campbell1691-1709 -
  4. Anne Campbell1691-1709 -
  5. Elizabeth CampbellEst 1691-1694 -
  6. Gilbert Campbellest 1691-1701 - bef 1750
  7. James Campbell1691-1709 -
  8. William Campbell1691-1709 -
m. WFT Est 1707-1725
  1. James Campbell1707-1725 -
  2. Donald Campbell1707-1725 -
  3. Margaret Campbell1707-1725 -
  4. Camerona Campbell1707-1725 -
Facts and Events
Name Sir James Campbell
Gender Male
Birth? 1664 Argylshire, Scotland
Marriage WFT Est 1682-1685 to Lady Jean 'Janet' McLeod
Marriage BEF 1690 to Lady Susannah Campbell
Marriage WFT Est 1707-1725 to Lady Margaret Campbell
Death? 14 Oct 1756 Arglyshire, Scotland


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Sir James Campbell, 5th Baronet of Auchinbreck (1679 - ) was the son of Sir Duncan Campbell of Auchinbreck, 4th Bt. and Lady Henrietta Lindsay. He married,
1) Janet MacLeod, daughter of Ian 'Breac' Macleod of Macleod, 18th Chief and Florence Macdonald.
2) Susan Campbell, daughter of Sir Archibald Campbell of Calder.
3) Margaret Campbell, daughter of unknown Campbell of Carradale.
He died on 14 October 1756 at Lochgair, Argyllshire, Scotland. He held the office of Member of Parliament Scotland between 1702 and 1707. He held the office of Member of Parliament from 1707 to 1708. Thirty years later came the upheaval of the Forty Five Rebellion. Less wise than in 1715, the chief heritor of North Knapdale, Sir James Campbell of Auchinbreck had been "in correspondence with the Pretender, and in 1741 had been one of the "sept seigneurs ecossais" who signed the assurance to Cardinal Fleury that Scotland would rise in support of a Franco-Jacobite invasion. In conspiracy with Auchinbreck was Dugald MacTavish younger of Dunardry and treasonable correspondence existed between the two men.


258. James Campbell, Sir died 14 October 1756, married first- Lady Jean or Janet McLeod.


A. Duncan Campbell. B. Dugald Campbell. C. Jane Campbell. D. Anne #1 Campbell. James Campbell married second- 259. Susan Campbell, Lady. Children: 258A. James Campbell. 258B. Gilbert Campbell. 258C. Alexander Campbell. 258D. William Campbell. 258E. Susannah Campbell. 258F. Elizabeth Campbell. 258G.(Mary 8) Campbell born about 1690. 258H. Anne #2 Campbell. James Campbell married third-Lady Margaret (nee Campbell) Children: A. James #2 Campbell. B. Donald Campbell. C. Margaret Campbell. D. Camerona Campbell.

Sir James Campbell b. 1664, Argylshire, Scotland d. 14 Oct 1756, Argylshire, Scotland

Susan Campbell rel. b. 1668, Argylshire, Scotland d.

Family Group Record FamilySearch® Ancestral File™ v4.19

Husband's Name

James CAMPBELL (AFN:J422-Q3)    

Born:  1650  Place:  , Argylshire, Scotland 
Died:  14 Oct 1756  Place:  , Argylshire, Scotland 
Buried:  14 Oct 1756  Place:   
Married:    Place:   

Father:  Duncan CAMPBELL (AFN:1N27-850)    
Mother:  Harriet (AFN:1N27-866)   

Wife's Name

Susan CAMPBELL (AFN:BH92-8X)    

Born:  1668  Place:  , Argylshire, Scotland 
Married:    Place:   


1. Sex Name


Born:  12 Jan 1692   Place:  Of, , Argyll, Scotland  
Died:  20 Oct 1736   Place:  , Strichen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland  

2. Sex Name

F  Margaret CAMPBELL (AFN:1VJW-C3)    

Born:  2 Jun 1690   Place:  Edinburgh, Argyllshire, Scotland  
Christened:    Place:  Cannongate, Edinburgh  
Died:  1742   Place:  Mount Plains, Albermarle, Virginia  
Buried:  1742   Place:  , , Albermarle, Virginia  

3. Sex Name

F  Elizabeth CAMPBELL (AFN:1X80-CCX)    

Born:  < 1686   Place:  Archinbreck, , , Scotland  

4. Sex Name

F  Susanna CAMPBELL (AFN:1X80-CBQ)    

Born:  < 1684   Place:  Archinbreck, , , Scotland  

5. Sex Name

M  William CAMPBELL (AFN:1X80-C9J)    

Born:  < 1682   Place:  Archinbreck, , , Scotland  

6. Sex Name

M  Alexander CAMPBELL (AFN:1X80-C8B)    

Born:  < 1680   Place:  Archinbreck, , , Scotland  

7. Sex Name

M  Gilbert CAMPBELL (AFN:1X80-C74)    

Born:  < 1678   Place:  Archinbreck, , , Scotland  

8. Sex Name

M  James CAMPBELL (AFN:1X80-C6W)    

Born:  < 1676   Place:  Archinbreck, , , Scotland  

From post:

Re:Mary Campbell and Michael Woods Posted by: Jim Lovelace (ID *****3111) Date: December 26, 2007 at 16:22:01 In Reply to: Connection: Michael Woods of Mountain Plains and Archibald Woods of Indian Camp by Joseph Yates of 7008

It never ceases to amaze me that so much misinformation is floating around out there on our family line.

There is some other false information that needs to be cleared up. Mary Campbell b. 1688 d. 1762 who married Michael Woods b. 1684 d. 1762 is not the daughter of Sir James Campbell of Auchinbreck by his second wife Susan Campbell. The Clan Campbell Society Genealogist has checked out this information for several the descendants who are members of the Society. Mary Campbell was born in 1688, Sir James Campbell od Auchinbreck was only 6 or 7 years of age at the time of her birth, he died 14 Oct 1756 at the age of 74, this would make the date of his birth as 1681 or 1682. Records indicate he was married to Lady Susan Campbell by 18 Dec 1717.

There are several other theories floating around there that have also been disproved. The CCSNA is very much interested in the mystery that surrounds our Mary, they are also very anxious to unravel the story of her parents and ancestors.

Someone has noted that her name may be Mary Catherine Campbell, does anyone have any records that would indicate this name is correct? I have also seen the name Margaret used.

I agree that we need to help stem the ongoing flow of misinformation that exists about this line.