Person:James Boone (3)

m. 16 Aug 1689
  1. George Boone, IV1690 - 1753
  2. Sarah Boone1691/92 - bef 1738
  3. Mary Boone - 1696
  4. Mary Boone1696 - bef 1699
  5. Squire Boone, Sr.1696 - 1765
  6. Mary Boone1699 - 1774
  7. John Boone1701/02 - 1785
  8. Joseph Boone, Sr.1704 - 1776
  9. Benjamin Boone1706 - 1762
  10. Margaret Boone1707 - 1708
  11. James Boone1709 - 1785
  12. Samuel Booneabt 1711 - 1745
m. 26 May 1735
  1. Anne Boone1737 - 1807
  2. Mary Boone1738/39 - 1823
  3. Martha Boone1742 -
  4. James Boone1743/44 - 1795
  5. John Boone1746 - 1773
  6. Judah Boone1746 - 1787
  7. Dinah Boone1747/48 - 1748
  8. Joshua Boone1748 - 1835
  9. Rachel Boone1750 -
  10. Moses Boone1751 - 1823
  11. Hannah Boone1752 - 1752
  12. Nathaniel Boone1753 -
m. 20 Oct 1757
Facts and Events
Name James Boone
Gender Male
Birth[1] 18 Jul 1709 Bradninch, Devon, England
Marriage 26 May 1735 Pennsylvania[1st wife]
to Mary Foulke
Marriage 20 Oct 1757 Pennsylvania[2nd wife]
to Anne Griffith
Will[2][3] 12 Jul 1785 Berks County, Pennsylvania
Death[1] 1 Sep 1785 Exeter, Berks, Pennsylvania, United States
Probate[2][3] 17 Sep 1785 Berks County, Pennsylvania
Burial[1] Exeter, Berks, Pennsylvania, United StatesFriends Burying Ground
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Family Recorded, in Boone, James (1744-1795). Old James Boone Genealogy. (held by Historical Society of Wisconsin: unpublished handwritten manuscript, 1788), Secondary quality.

    “JAMES BOONE, Senr, (the Sixth Son of George & Mary Boone) was born in the Town of Bradninch, in Devonshire, in Old-England about ½ Hour past 2 in the Morning, on the 7th of July (Old-Stile) or the 18th of July (New-Stile), Anno Domini 1709. And in 1735 May 15 (O.S.) he married Mary Foulke by whom he had fourteen Children, and Nine of them lived to be Men & Women, namely, Anne, Mary, Martha, James, John, Judah, Joshua, Rachel, & Moses. The Said James Boone, Senior, & Mary his Wife lived together 20 Years 8 Months & 25 Days; and She departed this life on the 6th Day of the Week, at 20 Minutes past one o’Clock in the Afternoon, on the 20th Day of February 1756, aged 41 years & 11 Weeks, and was decently interred in Friends Burying-Ground at Exeter on the First Day of the next Week. And in 1757, October 20, he married Anne Griffith, being just 20 Months after the Decease of his former Wife. And here, for the Satisfaction of the Curious, I shall insert a few Chronological Remarks, viz. --

    The said Mary Boone deceased in 1756 Feb. 20, at 20 Minutes past one in the Afternoon, which wanted but two Minutes & Sixteen Seconds of 20 o’Clock according to the Italian Manner of Reckoning (for the Italians, Jews, & some others, always begin their Day at Sun-Set); which was the 20th of the Zenith Month ADAR, when the Moon was 20 Days old, and 4 Weeks before the Vernal Equinox.

    The said James Boone, Senior, married Anne Griffith in 1757 October 10, at 20 Minutes past one in the Afternoon; that is, he was married to his Second (or last) Wife exactly 20 Months after the Decease of his first, and 4 Weeks after the Autumnal Equinox.”

    “JAMES BOONE, Senior, departed this Life on the 1st Day of September, A. D. 1785, on the Fifth Day of the Week, at ten Minutes after nine o’Clock at Night, in the 77th Year of his Age; and was decently interred in Friends Burying-Ground at Exeter on the Seventh Day of the Same Week. He (with his Parents, etc.) left Great-Britain in the 9th Year of his Age, and lived Almost 68 Years in Pennsylvania. N.B. When he was born, it was between 9 & 10 at Night here in Pennsylvania (allowing for the Difference of Longitude); and he died between 9 & 10 at Night.”

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  3. 3.0 3.1 Will Abstract of James Boone, in Berks County Will Abstracts 1781-1785 [1], Secondary quality.

    BOONE, JAMES, Exeter.
    July 12, 1785 - September 17, 1785. B - 126.
    Provides for wife Ann.
    To son James £400, he having already received a deed for a tract of land over the Blue Mountains.
    To son Judah 1/2 of a tract in Alsace which I bought of George SOWERBIER. To son Joshua 5 shillings, he having received a deed for land over the Blue Mountains.
    To son Moses the plantation where we now live containing 212 acres "and the mine thereon" until his eldest son John is 21, and then I devise same unto said grandson John BOONE.
    Also to son Moses the remaining 1/2 of tract in Alsace.
    To daughter.-in-law Sophia BIDDLE 5 shillings, my son John, deceased, being her former husband, having received his full portion from me.
    To my four daughters. Anne LINCOLN, Mary LEE, Martha HUGHES and Rachel WILCOCKSON 5 shillings each, their husbands having had deeds for land.
    To grandson James, son of son John deceased, £100 and to his sister £50 when they are 21.
    To granddaughter. Hannah BOONE £50 at 21.
    Executors to sell remainder of land over the Blue Mountains.
    Mentions son-in-law Abraham LINCOLN, George HUGHES and Thomas LEE.
    Remainder divided among all children now living: James, Judah, Joshua, Moses, Ann, Mary, Martha and Rachel.
    Exrs: Sons James and Joshua.
    Wits: John BOONE, Isaac LEVAN and Thomas CHERINGTON.