Person:James Bishop (5)

James R. Bishop
b.28 Jan 1798
m. 5 Jul 1795
  1. James R. Bishop1798 - Bef 1849
  2. Mary Bishop1799 -
  3. Francis (Fanny) Bishop1802 - 1879
  4. Hezekiah Bishop1808 - Abt 1881
  5. Elizabeth Bishop1811 - 1884
  6. William R. Bishop1813 - Bef 1870
  7. Misorian M. Bishop1815 - 1889
  8. Asenath E. Bishop1818 -
  9. Sarah Ann Bishop1821 -
  • HJames R. Bishop1798 - Bef 1849
  • WPeninah WALKERBef 1804 - Bef 1845
m. 13 Mar 1820
  1. Emily BISHOPAbt 1824 - Bet 1860 & 1865
  2. Ann BISHOPAbt 1826 -
  3. Mary Ann BISHOPAbt 1828 - Abt 1853
  4. Narcissa BISHOPAbt 1830 -
  5. Adaline Amanda BISHOP1834 - 1926
  6. Melvina BishopBef 1839 -
  7. Antinet BISHOPBef 1839 -
  8. Beneta Bishop1839 - 1926
m. 30 Jan 1845
Facts and Events
Name James R. Bishop
Gender Male
Birth[1] 28 Jan 1798
Marriage 13 Mar 1820 Lawrence Co., MSto Peninah WALKER
Marriage 30 Jan 1845 Union Co, ARto Nancy MILLICAN
Death? Bef Jan 1849 Union, Arkansas, United States

James R. Bishop, of Copiah County Mississippi, patented onDecember 10, 1840, the south east quarter of the north east quarter andthe north west quarter of the north east quarter of section 33in township10 north, of range 8 east, in the district of landssubject to sale at Mount Salus, Mississippi, containing seventynine acres, and 75/100 of an acre.

Dr. Tom T. Walker - James and Perniah [sic] were members ofBethany Baptist Church of Lawrence Co., MS. James may be thesame James Bishop who joined 20 July 1822 by Baptism. Assumingthat is true, James had problems both with alcohol and temper.

Minutes, 20 July 1822, p6, James joins church by baptism

Minutes, February, 1824, p15, "Brother James Bishop informed thechurch that he was very much imposed on and at length flew in apassion and pulled off his coat to fight, and the church forgavehim for the same."

Minutes, 27 April 1824, p16, "Brother James Bishop came to theChurch and acknowledged that he had drank too much cider and wasforgiven by the Church for the same."

Minutes, Saturday, 19 August 1826, p22, "Brother James Bishopcame forward and acknowledged to the Church that he had got in apassion and pulled off his coat to fight. For said charges theChurch forgave him."

Minutes, Saturday before the 3rd Lord's Day in February 1828,p27 and28, "A charge exhibited by Brother Sparks against BrotherJames Bishop for drunkenness. Brother George Granberry andBrother James Simmons nominated to cite him to our nextconference."

Minutes, Saturday before the 3rd Sabbath in September, 1829,p33,"Brother James Bishop came forward through Brother GeorgeGranberry[and] acknowledged that he had been overtaken in afault in speaking to the injury of Sister Mary Steen's feelingsand character. Upon hearing that she had caught and sold acertain wild hog, he said she had no more right to that hog thana man in England, which assertion, Brother Bishop acknowledged,he made it unthoughtly and that he does not believe that SisterSteen is a person that would take or make use of any property towhich she had no right, and for which he said, he is truly sorryon the account of the injury done to Sister Steen's feeling andcharacter, and also to the feelings of the Brethren of the causeof Christ."

Minutes, Saturday before the 3rd Sunday in February, 1831,p37,"Brother James Bishop came forward and acknowledged that hehad been drunk, which was laid over till next Conference."

Minutes, Saturday before the 3rd Sabbath in March, 1831, p37,"Took up the reference of Brother James Bishop from lastconference, upon which he was unanimously excommunicated."

  1. Jack Coffee, Baton Rouge, LA. Jack Coffee, Baton Rouge, LA.