Person:James Armstrong (46)

Facts and Events
Gender Male
Death? prob Lancaster Co PA

The Juniata PA families may be related to Jack Armstrong, the murdered trader. See Juniata, River of Sorrows, Chapter 10: “The Murder of Jack Armstrong,” the controversial murder of the fur trader Jack Armstrong on the Juniata in 1744 by the Lenni Lenape Indian Musemeelin and the relentless quest for revenge by Armstrong’s brother.

The Mohigan Board, <>, “I can't recommend too highly Into the American Woods: Negotiators on the Pennsylvania Frontier, by James H. Merrell. Sounds scholarly, and is (the author is a professor at Northwestern), but also very readable and immensely informative. The subject is the negotiators (including Shikellamy, Conrad Weiser, and George Croghan) who served as go-betweens for the proprietary government and the Indians during the "Long Peace" that endured in Pennsylvania until the 1750s. The book includes detailed recountings of specific incidents, such as the murder of Jack Armstrong on the Juniata River in 1744 and the efforts of Shikellamy and Weiser to contain the problem posed by that incident; provides information on such subjects as the uses of wampum and the importance of the ceremony called "AT the Woods' Edge"; and ponders why negotiations ultimately failed (because what was being negotiated was so often the Indian cession of land, and because only one of the two peoples involved could envision a future that included the other. A truly enlightening book.”

From Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice 1883 Tioga County PA History: “[John McLean] married Sarah Armstrong, daughter of James Armstrong, likewise of Scotch-Irish descent, but early settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.”

Children lived together in 1800 Jerusalem Twp, Ontario Co NY, and were listed together in church records.