Person:Jacobus Christopher (1)

Jacobus Christopher
b.1724 Virginia
m. ABT 1704
  1. John ChristopherAbt 1705 - 1790
  2. Elizabeth Ann Christopher1706 - 1735
  3. William ChristopherAbt 1712 - 1772
  4. Susannah Christopher1720 - Aft 1754
  5. David Christopher1723 - 1784
  6. Jacobus Christopher1724 - 1774
  7. Mary ChristopherAbt 1726 -
m. 23 September 1753
Facts and Events
Name Jacobus Christopher
Gender Male
Birth? 1724 Virginia
Marriage 23 September 1753 Lunenburg County, Virginiato Susannah Stokes
Death? 11 August 1774 Lunenburg County, Virginia

Will and Estate Settlement summary

"Haley and Related Families" by Edward F. Haley

Jacobus Christopher, the son of Nicholas and Ann Christopher, married Susannah Stokes, the daughter of Young and Elizabeth Stokes. The Stokes family were originally from Charles City County, Virginia.

Jacobus Christopher of Lunenburg on the 29th of July, 1756, paid John Nance of Amelia £16 for a 385 acre tract of land in Lunenburg on Dry Creek.

Later, on the 4th of December, 1764, Jacobus paid Benjamin Collier of Lunenburg £16-5 for 26 acres lying on the south side of Dry Creek in Lunenburg. On these tracts the family probably resided until his death in 1774.

Jacobus Christopher's will was dated March 26, 1774, and probated August 4, 1774.

To his niece Elizabeth Blagrave, he left one negro wench. (Elizabeth Blagrave was the daughter of Susannah Stokes sister who married Henry Blagrave.)

To his sister Susannah Toone, he left a tract of land in Mecklenburg during her life, and after her death it was to pass to his nephew Jacobus Christopher, son of his brother David, together with all his books and clothes, etc.

To Susannah Christopher Thompson, he left four negroes when she was married or reached the age of 18. If she left no heirs, the negroes were to be equally divided among his and his wife Susannah's brothers and sisters. (I have not figured out the relationship of Susannah Christopher Thompson and Jacobus Christopher)

To his wife, he left the legacy left by her father, Young Stokes.

Witnesses: John Stokes, Cyrus Minor, Joseph Billups, John Hanes

Henry Stokes was the executor of the will of Jacobus Christopher, deceased. On April 9, 1778, he left to Mary Wallace and John Blankenship a tract of land which Jacobus Christopher in his lifetime had agreed to sell to Thomas Murry consisting of 50 acres on a branch of Dry Creek for £30. And whereas John Blankenship was assignee of Thomas Murry, Chancery Court granted the land to John Blankenship instead of to Susannah Christopher Thompson, to whom the land descended according to the will. John Blankenship was an infant and gave the land to Mary Wallace during her life and then to come to him.

  1.   Lunenburg Co. Will Bk. 2, 1762-78
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    Jacobus married Susannah Stokes, a daughter of Young Stokes and he identified Susannah Christopher as one of his children in his 1769 will in Lunenburg County.

  2.   Lunenburg Co. Deed Bk. 5, 175 7-60

    Young Stokes gave 1 Negro girl named Jane to Jacobus.

  3.   Sunlight on the Southside (Bell)
    pp. 156, 162.

    Jacobus was an overseer for Joseph Minor in 1750-51

  4.   Lunenburg Co. Deed Bk. 4, 1754-57
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    Jacobus bought 385 acres on the north fork of Dry Creek next to his fathers land from John Nance of Amelia County 29 July 1756.

  5.   Lunenburg Co. Deed Bk. 9, 1763 -64
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    In 1764 Jacobus purchased 26 acres on the south side of Dry Creek.

  6.   Sunlight on the Southside (Bell)
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    Jacobus paid tax on 7 tithes and 605 acres in 1764.

  7.   Sunlight on the Southside (Bell)
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    Jacobus held 605 acres in 1769. Living with him was William Tune who married Jacobus's sister Susannah. (I do not know when they were married or if she was alive in 1769, there just are no records about her, except in her father's will.)