Person:Jacob Kackley (1)

m. 1739
  1. Elias Kackley1740 - 1819
  2. John Kackley1743 - 1823
  3. Jacob Keckley, (Junior)Abt 1745 - 1795
  4. Benjamin Kackley1746 - 1780
  5. Mary Kackley1751 -
  6. Elizabeth Keckley1756 - 1832
Facts and Events
Name Jacob Kackley
Alt Name Jacob Keckley
Alt Name Jacob Keckley, (Senior)
Gender Male
Birth? 1702 Stamheim, Württemberg, Germany
Marriage 1739 Lancaster County, Pennsylvaniato Alice Spillman
Death? 16 February 1788 Back Creek Valley, Frederick County, Virginia
Burial? 18 Feb 1788 "Old Furnace", Fred. Co.

Jacob Keckley was born in 1702 in Stanheim, Wurttemberg. [Source: p. 11, Jacob's House.] Wurttemberg is in "today's" southwestern Germany around Stuttgart. Perhaps "Stanheim" is "Steinheim am Albuch" which is east of Augsburg.

Jacob married Alice Spillman, probably in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, about 1740. [Source: "clare" database in WorldConnect.]

"Tradition indicates Jacob Keckley . . .came to Frederick County, Virginia as early as 1741, having lived in Lancaster, Pa., prior to that date." [Source: p. 1, Jacob's House.]

In the 1761 polling for the Virginia Burgesses (legislature), Jacob Keckley voted for George Washington and Col. George Mercer. Jacob was the only Keckley voting in Frederick County. [Source: pp. 2-d and 2-i, Jacob's House.]

Jacob lived next to John Orndorff, Sr., who had his home on Furnace Run. [Source: p. 6, Jacob's House.] Jacob is also said to have lived at Mt. Williams and we know from land records that he owned property on Hog's Creek and on Cedar Creek. [Source: p. 8-a, Jacob's House.] See Research Notes.

In July 1763 there were Indian troubles in Frederick County and many of the families who had settled along Big North Mountain sheltered at the Major White Fort, a small fort and stockade on Hogue Creek about seven miles from Winchester. "Some families took no heed to the warning [to go to the fort for shelter]. Owen Thomas being one, saying he could not leave his harvest, and then rode to his neighbor Jacob Keckley, who had several sons, to propose that they arm themselves and work together at their harvest. He was shot dead on this trip." [Source: page 75 of Cartmell's "Shenandoah Valley Pioneers and Their Descendants"; see also p 98, Kercheval's "History of the Valley of Virginia, 4«sup»th«/sup» ed.]

"Jacob Cackley Senior" of Frederick County, Virginia made his Will on August 1, 1781. He gave to his son John the 100 acre tract of land where "he now lives", to his son Jacob the 80 acre Plantation where the testator was living, including the stock and farming utensils and household goods, and to his son Valentine 150 acres of land adjoining son John's tract. He directed son Jacob to pay son Elias 50 pounds of "hard spcia silver or gold of Virginia" and four sheep one year after the testator's death, to pay son Valentine two sheep and calf, to daughter Elizabeth 30 pounds "of like money" and one cow and calf one year after paying Elias's four sheep, to daughter Mary 30 pounds of "hard money" one year after paying Elizabeth, and to wife Mary "that end of the House I now live in with the privilege of the Garden and Orchard two Cows out of the flock" and various named items such as the Dutch Oven and the pewter she chooses. Jacob is also to pay her 30 pounds of hard money. She was also to get various described foodstuffs such as 10 bushels of rye. His wife and Elias were named executors. The wife's name was never used in the Will. He, Jacob Kackley, signed with an "X". Technical corrections were made in a Codicil dated May 26, 1786. [Source: pp. 8-c through 8-g, and 9, Jacob's House.] Will witnesses: Jacob Goffman, John Himmalwright & John Orndorff; Codicil witnesses: Jacob Goffman, Jacob White and John Orndorff.]

"February 18th. Buried at Old Furnace Jacob Keckley aged 86 years from Stammein, Wurtemburg. Text, Rev. 14:13", citing "This Heritage - Diary of Christian Streit" by William Edward Eisenberg 1954. [Source: p. 8-k, Jacob's House.] Streit was a minister in Frederick County for many years. Burial at Old Furnace suggests burial near Zane's Marlboro Furnace, which would seem to indicate burial near Jacob's Cedar Creek property, probably at the old Cedar Creek Presbyterian church cemetery.

Jacob's Will and a Codicil were accepted for Probate on December 9, 1789, according to records of a Frederick County, Virginia Court. The Will and the Codicil were proved to the Court by witnesses Jacob Gofman, Jacob White and John Orndorff. Elias Cackley was accepted as Executor. [Source: p. 8-h, Jacob's House.] The inventory and appraisal of the estate (appraisers Mordecai Bean, John Cooper and Jacob White) was accepted by the Court ( Judge J. A. Keith) on January 5, 1790. [Source: p. 8-j, Jacob's House.]

Jacob and Alice had these children:

  • John, 30 July 1741, who married Elizabeth Whiteman.
  • Jacob, who married ___ Snapp, and later, Margaret Secrest.
  • Elias, who married Catherine ___.
  • Valentine, who married Mary Frye.
  • Benjamin who married Katherine Rudolph.
  • Elisabeth
  • Mary

[Source: p. 11, Jacob's House.]

Jacob's House (Cackley/Kackley/Keckley Families), (A History of the Descendants of Jacob Keckley, Sr. (1701-1788) of Frederick County, Virginia), written and compiled by Elizabeth Faith Kackley Qualls, 1990, Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore.

(Research):Land information:

1751 April 18 - survey (no warrant) for Jacob Catley (sic), 400 acres where he lives on head branches of Hoggs Creek adjoining Ellis Thomas; chain carriers Ellis Thomas and Michael Spilman. Pilot (guide) - Jacob Catley. Surveyor - John Mauzy. [Source: p. 8-a, Jacob's House, referring to p. 30, of Joyner's Abstracts of Virginia's Northern Neck Warrants and Surveys, Frederick County 1747-1780, Vol. II.]

1752 February 17 - survey for John Howard referring to 202 acres on head branches of Hogs & Cedar Creeks adjoining Jacob Catley (sic) and Michael White. [Joyner, ibid., p. 78, included on p. 8-a, Jacob's House.]

1753 Sept 5 - Deed to Jacob Catley (sic) of 88 acres on the head of the main branch of Hoggs Creek, in Frederick County (on-line Land Office Grants, The Library of Virginia "Northern Neck Grants database"). Also a survey 11 April - 23 April 1753 of this acreage [Source: p. 8-n, Jacob's House.]

1755 June 16 - Deed to Jacob Cacley (sic)[also Catley in a second place in the deed] of 400 acres in Frederick County "where he now lives" on the head branches of Hoggs Creek. [Source: p. 8-m, Jacob's House.]

1762 January 14 - Deed to Harmon Spilman of 358 acres in Frederick County on both sides of a branch of Cabbon Creek a branch of Hogs Creek. [Jacob's wife was a Spillman.]

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