Person:Jacob Hendricks (14)

Jacob Hendricks
d.Abt 1702-1706
  1. Jacob Hendricks1642 - Abt 1702 & 1706
  • HJacob Hendricks1642 - Abt 1702 & 1706
  • WGeesje BartlesAbt 1645 -
m. Abt 1670
  1. Catalyntie Hendricks
  2. Cornelis Hendricks
  3. Hildegone Hendricks1672 -
  4. Hendrickje Hendricks1674 -
  5. Bartelt Hendricks1676 -
  6. Hendrick Hendricks1679 - Bef 1735
Facts and Events
Name Jacob Hendricks
Gender Male
Birth? Holland
Christening? 11 Dec 1642 Haaften, Gelderland, Holland
Marriage Abt 1670 to Geesje Bartles
Death? Abt 1702-1706

That Jacob Hendricks Hafte or Hafften is the father of Hendrick Hendricks has not been entirely proven; however, the evidence currently available and summarized below makes this a strong possibility:

In an article by Wilson V. Ledley and B-Ann Moorhouse published in the NEW YORK GENEALOGICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD, Vol. 103, April 1972, entitled Early Dutch Smiths and Van Boerums, p. 75, lists Jacob Hendricks as the nephew of Adriaen Lambertsz who arrived with Adriaen's family on the ship De Rooseboom at New Amsterdam in 1663.

There is confusion regarding the surname of Jacob Hendricks. In some records he is listed as Jacob Hendricks, in others as Jacob Hendricks Hafte or Hafften.

In EARLY SETTLERS OF KINGS COUNTY, LONG ISLAND, N.Y., Teunis G. Bergen states that Jacob Hendricks used the surname Kee in a joint will he made with his wife. However, it is possible to follow the life of Jacob Hendricks in the records with reasonable accuracy. Jacob married in about 1760, Geesje Bartels, daughter of Bartel Claesen (originally from the manor of Ruynen in South Holland) and his wife Hildegonde. On 12 January 1684 Jacob paid for a grave for his deceased wife at the Flatbush Dutch Church.

The children listed in this file are taken from the listing made by Wilson and Moorhouse.

According to THE CORTELYOU GENEALOGY, Jacques Cortelyou and his brother Pieter continued to operate the Staten Island ferry started by their father, but in 1710 their brother-in-law Hendrick Hendricks tried to take away their traffic. Finally when Hendricks tried to exclude them entirely, they petitioned against him 24 September 1719, the ferry then having been operated by the family nearly fifty years. The brothers won their rights for twenty-one years, but subject to competition by others in a patent granted 7 November 1719.

Of special interest to us is the identity of Hendrick Hendricks as Jacques had two brothers-in-law of that name: Hendricks Hendricks Hafte and Hendricks Hendricks Van Boerum. However, as Hendrick Van Boerum apparently never went by his patronymic, as he was not a brother-in-law of Pieter Cortelyou (Hendrick Hendricks was described as the brother-in-law of both Cortelyou brothers), and as Van Boerum was living in New Jersey from 1714 on, it is concluded that the contestant was Hendrick Jacobse/Hendrickse Hafte. --Ledley-Moorhouse pp.145-6

This same article refers to another article in Vol. 55 of the NEW YORK GENEALOGICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD, 1924, entitled Anscestors and Descendants of Barent Hendrickse Spier and His Wife Catalyntje Jacobs Hendricks, by Howard S. F. Randolph. This article documents some of the descendants of Bartel Claesen and his wife Hildegonde through their children Geesje and Hendrick Bartels. Geesje married Jacob Hendricks Hafte and the children of this couple are set forth much the same as in the Ledley-Moorhouse article, except that the first child who died young is not listed.

Child no. 4 is listed as Hendrick who married Helena Cortelyou. That Hendrick was a twin to Catalyntje and that their parents were Geesje Bartels and Jacob Hendricks Hafte can be proved by their baptism record 18 February 1697.

Based on this information the Henry Hendricks Family Organization is tentatively accepting Jacob Hendricks HAFTE as the father of Hendrick Hendricks.

RESEARCH NOTES BY ARIE NOOT: Arrived in New Amsterdam from The Netherlands on the ship De Rooseboom on March 15,1663. He is listed as Jacob Hendrix nephew or cousin of Adriaen Lammertsen from Tielerweert, along with Adriaens's wife and six children ages 17,15,11,7,5,and 3 (in Dutch there is no difference in the word nephew and cousin both are called neef and in case of confusion nephew is called uncle sayer). Based on the difference of age he must indeed have been a nephew and Adriaen must have been an uncle of Jacob, or he was married to an aunt. As Jacob's father was Hendrick Jacobs, a brother must have been a Jacobsen and not a Lammertsen. Hence Adriaen Lammertsen must have been married to an aunt of Jacob Hendricksen. However no sister of his father Hendrick Jacobsen has been found which is due of the fact that most of the baptismal records of the Tielerwaard start too late.

He in New Holland is also mentioned as Jacob Hendricks Hafte, suggesting he from the Dutch town of Haaften in the Tielerwaard, from which Adriaen Lammertsen (see above) also must have come from.

Baptized in the Dutch Reformed Church in Haaften: Jacob son of Hendrick Jacobsen. Mother not recorded. This does perfectly fit date, name and place of the Jacob Hendricks Hafte who immigrated to New Netherlands.