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Facts and Events
Name Jacob Fry
Gender Male
Alt Birth[1] 7 Jan 1815 Moore Township, Northampton County, Pennyslvania
Birth? 9 Jan 1815 Moore Township, Norhtampton County, Pennsylvania
Baptism[1] 19 Feb 1815 Salem Reformed Church, Moore Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania
Marriage Abt 1836 to Lavinia _____
Death? Jul 1886 Fairfield Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania
Ancestral File Number RF8X-LG
Other[1] Jacob Schott And Katharina SchottGodparents


The 1850 census of Fairfield, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania has a listing for Jacob and Lavina. It lists the people living with them as William, age 10, Sibe, age 18, Charlse, age 5, Westley, age 1, Elizabeth, age 12, and Philip, age 7. From a letter I have from Nancy Doutt, this information is somewhat confusing. I quote the letter here:

"There are some "curious" details in this census that have always confused me. I could speculate that Sibe is Jacob's brother. I don't know who William is. Philip's age is off by several years and Dewalt is absent. I have always wanted to go through that census witha fine tooth combto maybe find Dewalt living with another family.

The only facts I'm sure of are the names of the children as found in Jacob's will and the oral history remembered by relatives I talked to.

I wish I had more time to spend in Lycoming Co. to get the answer to this puzzle, but I don't think it changes the structure of Jacob and Lavina's family. It's interesting that we have yet to know her surname."

The following is a transcribed copy of the Will of Jacob Fry (Sr) Son of Frederick and Elizabeth Frey/Fry. The original Will is located in Will Book 5, page 532, Lycoming County Register and Recorder, Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Last Will of jacob Fry, of Fairfield Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, Date of Death: 24 July, 1886

In the name of God Amen, I, Jacob Fry of Fairfield , in the County of Lycoming And State of Pennsylvania, being of sound mind, memory and understand, do make and publish this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking and making void all former wills by me at any time made.

And First, I direct that my body be decently interred in the graveyard at the "White Church" known as the "Dewald Church" according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Lutheran Church, and that my funeral be conducted in a manner corresponding with my estate and situation in life; as to such estate as it has pleased God to intrust me with I dispose of the same as follows:

Impimus, I direct all my just debts and funeral expenses to be fully paid and satisfied by my executors and executrix, hereinafter named, as soon as conveniently may be after my deceased;

Item, I will and direct that my daughter, Elizabeth Drick, shall have the privilege of taking the homestead property on which I now reside at the appraisement, should she so elect. She, the said Elizabeth, paying thereout such sum or sums as to make her share in my estate equal with my son, Dewald, and daughter, Mary jane Springman, and the heirs of Philip Fry, deceased.

Item, Second, all the rest, residue and remainder mentioned), whatsoever and wheresoever I order to be invested into money as soon as the same can conveniently be done after my decease, and for that purpose I do hereby authorize and impower my said executrix and executors hereinafter mentioned and the survivor of them to sell and dispose of all my estate including the homestead if not taken and accepted by the said Elizabeth Drick, as aforesaid, either by public or private sale or sales for the best price or prices that can be gotten for the same, and by prober deed or deeds, conveyances or assurances in law, to be duly executed, acknowledged and perfected to Grant, convey and assure the same to the purchase or purchases thereof in fee simple;and when the whole of my residuary estate shall be converted into money as aforesaid, then I will and direct that one hundred dollars thereof shall be paid to my grandchild, Augustus Fry, son of Philip Fry, deceased, provided that he, the said Augustus Fry, continues to remain with me until he arrives at the age of eighteen should I so Long live, or in or in or under the supervision or employ of my executrix or executors until he arrives at the age aforesaid. The said sum, however, is not to bar the said Augustus from obtaining an equal share of my said estate hereinafter bequeathed to the heirs of Philip Fry, deceased.

Item, I direct that my son Westley and daughter susan be paid out of my estate the sum of two hundred and twenty-five dollars each. I further direct that the sum of Two hundred and twenty-five dollars be paid my son, Charles Fry, providing he has paid or caused to be paid Mrs. Christiana Stinehelper of Montoursville, widow, a certain note or obligation due and owning the said Mrs. Stinehelper by the said Charles Fry, before or prior to my decease, but if he, the said Charles, has not paid or caused to be paid said note or obligation , then the said sum of two hundred and twenty five dollars aforesaid to be paid by my executrix and executors to the said Mrs. Stinehelper.

Item, Then I further will and direct that the remainder shall be divided into four (4) equal parts or shares and divided and disposed of as follows; viz: One full equal fourth part or share thereof, I give, devise and bequeath unto my said executrix and executors hereinafter named and the survivor of them in trust, that they or she or he do and shall put and place the same out at interest on good Real Surety or in the funded debts of the United States or the State of Pennsylvania, and pay therefrom unto Margaret Fry, widow of Philip Fry, the sum of One Hundred Dollars annually so Long as she remain the widow of the said Philip, and at her decease or in the event of her marriage, the said sum to go to my heirs, and the remainder of the said sum with the interest accrued to be paid to my grandchildren, the heirs of the said Philip Fry as the arrive at the age of twenty-one respectively, share and share alike.

One other of the said full equal forth part of share of the proceeds of my said residuary estate, I give, devise and bequeath unto my son, Dewald Fry:

One other of the said equal forth part or share of the proceeds of my said residuary estate, I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary Jane Springman.

And from and after the death of my wife, Levina, her dower at common law to be divided among all my children and grandchildren, share and share alike.

Further, I direct that al certain promissory note dated the first day of April A.D. 1874, on year after date with interest from date for one hundred and seventy-five dollars signed by Philip Fry, deceased; after deducting payments receipted on said note shall be deducted from the amount or share herein before devised to the heirs of the said Philip Fry.

Further, I direct that the note dated the first of April A.D. 1874, for one hundred and thirty- two dollars and signed by Dewald Fry, be deducted from his share herein devised to the said Dewald Fry.

Also, I further direct that the note dated 1st April, A.D. 1876, one year after date for two hundred dollars with interest and signed by John and Mary Hanner is not to be pushed or collected until after the decease of the said Mary Hanner;

And I do hereby constitute and appoint Elizabeth Drick and Jacob and Philip Drick to be executrix and executors of this my last will and testament;

In witness whereof, I Jacob Fry, the testator have to this my will written on one sheet of paper. Set my hand and Seal this 28th day of November A.D. , 1881.

CODICIL: I, Jacob, the within named testator, do hereby make and publish this codicil to be added to my last will and testament bearing date the 28th day of November, A.D. 1881, in MANNER FOLLOWING to wit: I will and direct and whereas in my said will I did will and bequeath unto my son Dewald Fry an equal share of my estate with my daughter, Mary Jane Springman, and the heirs of Philip Fry deceased, I do hereby declare that my will is that two hundred dollars be conducted from his share, together with all sums which may be owing to me by the said Dewald at the time of my death, or that I may be security for the said Dewald shall also be deducted from his share; and furthermore, my will is that the one hundred dollars mentioned in my said will to be paid my grandchild, Augustus Fry, under certain conditions be not paid to the said Augustus, he having not complied with the conditions of the said bequest. He, however, to receive an equal share with the other heirs of the said Philip Fry, deceased;

In Witness Thereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this sixth day of March A.D. 1886.

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