Person:Isham Gwin (1)

Rev. Isham Gwin
b.1764 Virginia
d.December 1830 Orange County, Indiana
m. bef. 1788
  1. Mary "Polly" Gwin1788 - Bef 1837
  2. Elizabeth Gwin1788 - 1858
  3. William Gwin1790 - 1833
  4. John Gwin1792 - 1877
  5. Virginia Jane Gwin1795 - 1860
Facts and Events
Name Rev. Isham Gwin
Alt Name Ishom Gwin
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1764 Virginia
Marriage bef. 1788 to Mary Ann "Mary" Canterberry
Death[1] December 1830 Orange County, Indiana
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    Rev Isom/Isham Gwin
    BIRTH 1764
    Virginia, USA
    DEATH Dec 1830 (aged 65–66)
    Orange County, Indiana, USA

    Isom Gwin's date of birth is approximate. Sharon's source has ca. 1764, and mine and Michael's both have ca. 1770. Her date of death for him is unknown, but still another 5th cousin, Jim Wall, found his will and probate records that pretty much nail it down to Dec 1830.

    Isom and Mary had at least eleven children whose names (and their spouses' names) we know. Evidence places them in this approximate birth order:

    01--Polly Gwin, b. ca. 1788 (m. Tom Walker, Jr.) who remained in Indiana [FaG memorial built];

    02--Elizabeth Gwin, b. 1788 (m. David Denton) who remained in Indiana [FaG memorial built];

    03--William Gwin, b. ca. 1790 (m. Susanah Beard) who moved to Alabama [FaG memorial built];

    04--John Gwin, b. Nov 1792 (m. Jane Walker, Tom's sister) who moved to Alabama [FaG memorial built];

    05--Virginia Jane Gwin, b. 1795 (m1. Joe Tipton, m2. Ben Weathers) who remained in Indiana [FaG memorial built];

    06--Isham Gwin II, b. 1797 (m1. Mary Likens who died, m2. Betsy Snowden) who disappeared from the records and has not yet resurfaced;

    07--unknown child (Chesley?), b. 1799, about whom almost nothing is known;

    08--Richard "Dick" Walton Gwin, b. 1804 (m. Nancy Elizabeth Watson) who moved to Iowa then into Kansas [FaG memorial built];

    09--Sarah Gwin, b. 1803-1808 (m. William M. Houston) who returned to Kentucky [FaG memorial built];

    10--Nancy Gwin, b. 1805 (m. Squire Houston, Will's brother) who moved to Illinois;

    11--Minerva Gwin, b. 1807 (m. Elijah Wright) who remained in Indiana [FaG memorial built]; and

    12--Mahala Gwin, b. ca. 1808 (m. John B. Houston, Will's and Squire's brother) who moved to Illinois, then to Missouri, then to Iowa, before returning to Illinois.