Person:Isabelle Baker (1)

m. 5 Jun 1861
  1. Henry Augustus Harman Baker1863 - 1865
  2. Mary Catherine Baker1865 - 1887
  3. Susan Weir Baker1867 - 1935
  4. Elizabeth Melvina Baker1869 - 1943
  5. Isabelle Baker1874 - 1945
m. 23 Dec 1897
  1. Daniel Baker Sedgwick1898 - between 1950 - 1970
  2. Mary Isabell Sedgwick1902 - 1928
  3. Henry Gustave Sedgwick1904 - 1910
  4. Lillian Sedgwick1907 - 1995
Facts and Events
Name Isabelle Baker
Gender Female
Birth? 23 Feb 1874 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA
Marriage 23 Dec 1897 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USAto Daniel Hall Sedgwick
Death[1] 5 Jun 1945 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA
Burial? 8 Jun 1945 City Cemetery, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA
Unknown? 28FPF3
Other? Somewhere Southwest and then on the right hand side or something Cemetery Description

BE-P-BIC Utah Timeline (1870,1880,1890) Emigrates to Idaho in 1904. Idaho Timeline (1900,1910,1920) Later Utah Timeline(1930,1940)

History written by Lavon Longmore/Hunt a grand-daughter

My Dear, Sweet, Grandmother

Isabelle Baker, my grandma, was born 23rd February, 1874 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She was the 5th child born to Henry Augustus Baker and Mary Sarah Harmon.

Her mother passed away before she was two years old leaving the responsibility of raising the children to her father. It was very difficult for him.

Her father Henry, had been married previously to Sarah Lucille Vicory and after the birth of their first child, she died, leaving their daughter, Emma Erilla. Two years later Henry married her mother, Mary Sarah Harmon, and they had their five children and also raised Emma Erilla. She was a wonderful mother to them all.

Her mother and father left Pennsylvania and went to Florence, Nebraska where they joined a group of Mormon Pioneers coming to Utah. They crossed the plains with the Ansel P. Harman's Co. ox team arriving in the Valley Oct. 1862.

All of their children were born while they were living in Salt Lake City. They had a good life here but, when grandma was almost two years old, her mother died, that left a heavy burden on her father.

He took his family and moved to Jerome, Idaho while living in Jerome, her father was the Justice of Peace, also Postmaster General for a while. His girls really enjoyed this because when Special Delivery Letters would come, one of them would get to ride to the destination of the letter on horseback. (I cannot imagine my grandmother on horseback!) Of coarse they would have to take short-cuts over Ditches, fences and such. No obstacle was too high or wide (that is if the horse could jump it.) Their father decided this was no life for his girls when they were rapidly becoming young ladies. He returned back to Salt Lake sometime before 1885. He bought a home on Apple St.(later known as Grape St.) and then Almond St. only about two blocks from the Temple Grounds. Later that area was known as The Marmalade District (Apricot Ave./Plum St./Quince St.) I was raised on Quince St.

Her father was a man of many talents. And he was also an exceptional hand-writer (Brigham Young's personal right-hand man for special records). He was 1 of 8 men who organized Z.C.M.I. Mercantile Store. He could also play any instrument and he worked in the old Salt Lake Theater as Prop-man, making scenery, or filling in for any musician who didn't show up. Grandma grew up loving and enjoying music. I remember her playing her harp. I loved that she loved to sing and dance.

Grandma and grandpa were married on the 23rd of Dec. 1898. Life was not always easy for them. They had many moves during their married life, (as in grandpa's history). They also lost two children.

They also had some investment disappointments, but with their faith and prayers things always seemed to work out for them. They also had some very up-lifting and wonderful times too. They were both musically gifted and sang duets together on many occasions.

I'm glad they finally made their home in Salt Lake because we were able to really get to know and love them.

I made many visits to my grandma's house. It was only about 2 blocks away. But it was straight up a steep, steep hill. It was a climb, but it was worth it. I always loved being with her she made me feel so very special. I being the oldest of 8 children at home appreciated the time I had with her. We didn't have a lot of the luxuries at home like a nice warm Bubble-bath (that was always a treat). She would wash my hair and rinse it with an egg, which would make it so soft and shiny. Then she would brush it and dry it and let it hang long! (I loved it!!) (usually my hair was done in braids), So this was special to me.

My cousin Sylvia lived with grandma for a while, so it was fun to have a girl to play with (I had seven brothers at home, no sisters!). Grandma would let us dress up and play and dance to music. Have shower-baths in the back-yard in our bathing suits, (But we must get back into our clothes before grandpa got home!). We had sleepovers. She made hot-chocolate or Mormon-tea, (which was warm water, canned milk, and sugar) actually it was very good! (My mother gave me my grandma's beautiful tea-pot, it has pink roses on it & has a matching plate). We ate grapes from the fence in the back yard, also enjoyed black walnuts from their tree.

She was a very religious and faithful Daughter of God, always active in the Church. She loved Relief Society, she was a kind generous lady (sometimes to extreme!), she made quilts, wrote poetry, was artistic, especially loved drawing flowers.

She was very, very modest to the point that she would put ruffles on pictures of ladies in magazines that showed a little too much! She stressed it always to us. I've tried to take it to heart. She always talked to me about Jesus & Heavenly Father, told me to be good and kind, and to always remember my Prayers. To be honest and never take anything, “not even a pin", she would say, “without asking!"

She was a wonderful mother and grandmother. She was always there to help my mother when she had her new babies. She would come to our home and help with all the other children, cooking meals, taking care of household duties, etc. She loved being helpful and it was appreciated by all of us.

!See details in family with her as Mother.